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Krag Kragen take 2

Cade launches Eldrich Blast but kobold remains standing. Welby, hiding behind a table, fires off a long-range shot and finishes off the commando. Then tries to jump back into shadows. Another fireball explodes amid the party. Crumm, Adrick take the full brunt of the explosion. Droop falls screaming. Morgran moves into the hall into another room and drinks a potion of healing. Two kobolds in the room fire at him, one connecting slightly. Shamash lays hands on himself and starts climbing out of the pit. Adrik heals himself and Droop. Two more Kobolds fire at Morgran and one scores a solid hit. Crumm strides into the barroom and bursts into the mist. Reforming over a kobold, he puts his ax in its dumb skull.

Cade moves up and pops off a sniper magic missile volley and blasts a kobold near Crumm. Welby, in the far back near the entrance, sprints forward, into the bar room and across a pair of tables along the wall. The kobold caster pops out behind a curtain and firebolts Crumm with a strong blast and hides behind curtain on the stage. Morgran runs to the side of the stage and looks behind the curtain. He watches one of the two doors. The kobold behind the bar scarfaces up and shots two crossbows at Morgran . Another kobold, that Welby ran passed, drops his crossbow and charges Welby, scoring two hits. Shamash tumbles out of the pit with much showmanship. He runs into the room and blurs to the side of the kobold on Welby. He easily splits it mostly in half. Adrik heals himself again and moves into the room and behind cover. A kobold shots at Welby and hits him. Crumm moves behind the bar toward a kobold and heals himself on the way.

Cade moves into the room and uses his want to blast a kobold into oblivion near Welby. Welby sprints across the bar and shoots the kobold behind the bar but does not drop it. Welby runs into the backstage area and finds an empty room. He moves up to guard exit. Kobold attacks Crumm and knicks Crumm. Droop launches a javelin at the kobold behind the bar. A kobold behind a table is intimidated by Shamash and runs behind the curtain. Shamash gives chase, marking him. Adrik runs up behind Droop, kinda hiding, and heals him. Droop gazes longingly at Adrik as they share a special moment with a promise for more later in private. Crumm strikes twice and takes his head and moves toward the stage.

Cade move toward the stage. Welby gets behind the curtain and corners a kobold with his sword in its back and out the front. Welby drinks his potion of greater healing which seemed to be past its best by date. Droop heads backstage. Shamash enters the backstage room and past Morgran. Adrik follows Droop like a lovestruck puppy. Crumm heads to double doors to the main hall.

Cade investigates an odd smell and finds the privey. Backing away he moves to the next door. Welby moves into the backstage room and guards the corner of the hallway. Morgran down the hall and sees a drake and charges. But falls into a pit. Droop sprints to see down the hall. Shamash moves and sees the drake and first a crossbow shot but goes wide. Moving up, he too finds a pit of his own. Realizing he cannot catch his love, Adrik decides to follow Crumm. Crumm moves into the hall and goes north and heals himself.

Cade drinks a healing potion (a fresh one) and opens the door to his south to reveal a kitchen. Welby peaks over the edge of the pit and giggles and takes a long shot at the drake. Unfortunately, misses horribly. Then jumps back around the corner. Morgran climbs out by brute force and moves up to the drake and scores a solid hit. Droop leaps the first pit and throws a javelin but misses. Shamash uses all of his efforts to get out of the pit and marks the drake. Drake bites Morgran but misses with the claws. More drakes attack Morgran taking pieces out of him. Adrik moves up the hall and opens the door. Crumm moves past and blurs to engage a group of drakes on Morgran.

Cade moves after Crumm and Adrik. Welby jumps a pit to meet up with Shamash and Droop. Steps up and first a warning shot at the drakes. Adrik gets blasted with four beams of light in his back. Morgran hits once and the followup misses but puts him off balance. He misses with the backswing as well. Droop throws but misses. Shamash blurs to beside Crumm and chops at a drake with solid hits. Two drakes claws at Morgran. Drake misses Shamash. Adrik heals himself and crosses the hall into another room. Crumm swings wildly but the drake is able to barely avoid him.

Cade runs with all his little heart to find the party as he is scared to be alone. Welby shots and finishes one drake that was mostly dead anyway. And hides behind the lowly goblin henchman who signs…“Not again…”. Morgran scores two strong hits on a drake, killing it. Droop moves forward and throws his last javelin weakly, missing. Shamash marks the last drake and scores one hit. The drake spins and misses Morgran. Adrik moves into hallway and guards the door with his crossbow. Crumm slashes the drake.

Cade makes it to the hallway and uses Eldrick “Blast” to tickle the drake lightly. Welby shots and stings the drake and chases Droop down to hide under his loincloth. Cade feels a sharp pain in his back and his back sprouts a knife. Shrugging off pain, Morgran finishes off the last drake. Droop stands guard. Shamash checks out one room and then moves down the hall. Adrik opens the closed door he was guarding to reveal a bedroom. Crumm moves down by Cade.

Cade drinks his last healing potion (another fresh one). Welby jumps the pit and strides through dead drakes. Morgran takes his last potion of greater healing and moves down to the end of the hall. Droop clears the pit and moves up to Cade. With info from Adrik, Shamash goes in search of a backstabber. Crumm pairs up with Morgran to search as well.

Finding no threats, we hold up in a room for a rest. But do not heal our wounds yet.

Krag Kragen
Monsters, traps and wind Oh My!!!

May 26, 2018

After several of our courageous party were blown off the ledge to the tune of a 50 ft drop, Morgran and Crumm, the strong warriors they are,. Survive the gusts of wind and make into the structure. As we first enter, we gather a quick glance at the sneaky little shits who were responsible for the wind gusts. As soon as we are firmly situate in Krag Kragen, we are met with enemies.
Cade, who was blown below, surveys the situation and decides to run for the stairs, hoping to join his allies in the passage up top.
Welby, an experienced climber from his shadier days, climbs all the way up to the ledge, stands on a statues head, and peers in. Seeing no immediate danger, he still decides to not go over the ledge into the passage.
While they are waiting on help Morgran and Crumm come under attack. Morgran is hit by a bolt fired by what looks to be a kobold. Crumm is attacked as well, but he is too lithe and the bolts fly by.
Morgran, still battling a strong gust of wind, tries to push forward. As he struggles to make headway, a hurricane force wind blows him out of the passage and down below. The resilient barbarian, stands up, shakes off the fall and heads for the stairs.
Crumm, the only target left that the enemy can see, takes a bolt to the chest. After watching Morgran get swept away by the wind, he pull out a 5o ft. hemp rope and ties himself off. He then hands the rope to Adrick.
Droop and Shamash, who had both fallen, double move to get back to the action.

Adrik who is on the stairs, about to enter the structure, ties himself off using Crumm’s rope.
Cade double moves to get rope from Adrick. Welby emerges over the ledge, but chooses not to tie himself off to the others. He raises his crossbow, ready to attack if he sees an enemy.
Morgran keeps on moving forward and makes it back to the hallway. As he rushes up the hallway, he dodges a bolt and makes it to the entrance of the room. He notices some cowards hiding behind an overturned table.
Crumm holds his ground, waiting on Adrik. They are right behind Morgran. The brave and heroic Droop, rushes into the heat of the battle and jumps in front of Crumm. He will continue to protect his “friend” at all costs. Even if the love is never repaid.
Shamash rushes into the hallway. As he is running he is attacked by a hidden figure behind the door, but is missed.
As they look up to see where the bolt is coming from, Morgran, Droop and Shamash notice a big ball of fire coming at them. Still not sure which one, but someone cries “Oh Shit” “ That ain’t good”
All three of them are engulfed by flame, Morgran and Crumm take a lot of damage.
Determined to find the wizard who is whooping their ass, Crumm and Adrik still holding hands, move in together.
Crumm is hit by a bolt as he approaches.
Cade awakes from a nap, and finally does something productive. He cast black tentacles in the room. Welby inspired by his brother to action, finally decides to use the crossbow as something other than a walking stick and comes up a firing. He feels like he scores a hit and possibly a kill, but he can’t be sure because as soon as he fires he hides behind Droop. That’s right the goblin, Droop.
Shamash is blasted by a firebolt. Morgran already wounded, chugs a potion of healing and moves up. Just as the healing energy washes over him, he is pinged by another bolt.
Droop is pushed back by another gust of wind. Cade’s tentacles continue to do damage. Shamash is able to make it into the room and he hits twice. In retaliation, a kobold commander attacks twice, but misses both times.
Crumm, more worried about the wind and holding onto his buddy Adrick, finds himself falling 20 ft into a spiked pit. He drags Adrick into the pit and he lands on top of Crumm.
Kobold Commander fires two more bolts at Shamash, but misses with them both.
The wind seems to be very minimal at this point and movement is no longer hindered.
Shamash is attacked 2 ore times, but both miss.
Cade rushes up and offers a helping hand to Adrik / Crumm with getting out of the pit.
Welby hits with a bolt. As he finishes up his attack, he notices a secret door that opens on the left of the hallway.
We see a figure sneak out of the back of the room.
Kobold attacks Welby and misses. Morgran kills a kobold with his first attack, but misses badly on 2nd.
A 3rd kobold shows up in the secret room. He misses with a crossbow, but connects with a short sword.
At this point in the battle, kobolds seem to be coming from every crack and crevice. Another pops in and fires two bolts at Morgran, connecting with 1.
Droop charges into the room and hits a kobold with a javelin, Shamash finishes off a kobold, moves and misses a second one.
Crumm throws his rope up to Cade, but is truly worried that the weakling can’t pull him out. But, surprisingly to all, Cade is up to the task.
Morgran, living up to the term tank, is attacked again but missed.

Adrik starts climbing out of the spiked pit on his own. He is making progress.
Cade is able to help Crumm out of the pit and back into action. The ultimate multi-tasker, while pulling Crumm out of the pit, Cade is also able to fire a magic missile that kills one of the kobolds in the secret room.
Welby misses a kobold with his crossbow, but avenges his failed attack with a dagger that kills another one of the kobolds in the secret room.
Adrik is drilled with a bolt of fire. Morgran hits twice killing a kobold. The one left near Morgran attacks and misses. Droop, on his turn launches a javelin, but misses.
Shamash moves his mark, kills a kobold and heads to the room in the north.
Crumm attacks kobold in secret room and kills him. Adrik aims his crossbow and waits for an enemy to show himself. Cade jumps the pit and heads to the north room.
Welby jumps the pit and behinds a table in the room.
Welby and Adrik both see a figure trying to be shady. They both fire an attack. Welby misses, but Adrik hits.
Droop, Morgran, Crumm and Cade are hit with another fireball. Crumm not able to dodge takes the full brunt of the blast.
Morgran leaps over the pit and moves into the room at the end of the hallway.
Shamash open door on left of hallway and finds a room. He also finds 3 enemies waiting. Shamash breathes fire at the enemies and damages all of them. Kobold charges out of the room to escape the heat and misses Shamash. Crumm moves into the North room.
Adrik moves further up the hallway and drops the kobold commander. Seeing the commander go down, a kobold rushes out of a room and attacks twice, missing with both attacks.
Cade fires his wand of magic missiles at the kobold in the hallway and is laughed at.
Welby lays the smack down on another commander dropping him dead in his tracks.
Several kobolds pop out of the doors in the hallway and all attack Shamash and miss.
Morgran has had all he can take and goes into a frenzy. He kills 1 kobold with his great axe and two more with hand axes.
Kobolds in the hallway continue to attack Shamash, but only one hits. Another kobold fires a bolt at Cade and misses. Droop drops a kobold. Shamash continuing his progress up the hallway, kills another kobold and the falls in a trap.
Crumm lays hands on his own person and moves forward. Adrik fires fireball and the jobber kobolds filling the hall and secret room. He thins the herd significantly. There is one kobold left. (top of the Round)

It's the Great Pumpkin!

The party gets to the manor and decides to send Ace off to get the kite eating tree.

We decide to enter the garden of the manor. The garden’s vegetation seems to be well groomed. We see a figure in a circle chanting.
He looks like one crazy mutherfucker and then throws something to the circle.

He starts blaming his sister for sending us to stop him.

Then Linus turns into the Great Pumpkin.
Cade immediately changes into a T-Rex, because that is all he can really do.

The party is then attacked by stick creatures.

Crumm using his magic tree killing sword critically strike a tree creature, and then kills another one.
Aldrik being a little less useful than normal, uses Lightbringer to kill a stick creature.
Smosh burps up some fire and toaties two more of the stick creatures.

The Great Pumpkin (for now on will be referred as GP) cast some sort of arcane spell that cause Cade, as a T-Rex, to become scared. Then the GP summons a swarm of inserts to pester Cade some more.
Morgram being more stupid than most, charges across the garden at the GP, but stupidity always needs company so Droop and his faithful companion Crumm joins Morgram’s parade.

Aldrik always ready to avoid combat prays to his god for a giant ball of fire to shoot at the GP, his prayers are answered, and the party discovers that GP is vulnerable to fire.

The ground around the party trembles and more stick creatures emerge to annoy the party even more.

Morgram being immune to common sense continues his charge toward the GP. Droop and his sidekick Crumm engage with the stick creatures. As Morgram mindless charges forward like a rapid honey badger, a vine emerges from the ground and slashes him across the back.

Aldrik the pyromaniac not having played enough with fire, summons a wall of flame to surround the GP. The GP being cleverer than we thought, decides to burrow underground to escape his flaming prison, and comes up right in the middle of the party!! Surprise Mutherfuckers!

Welby always ready to engage an enemy in hand to hand, shoots his toy crossbow at the GP, and then hides behind something.

Cade no longer afraid of the GP, lands a critical hit with his enormous tail and lands a bite on his enemy.

Aldrik gets an attack of opportunity because of Cades critical hit, who knows why?!

GP having Taco Bell for lunch, launches a gas attack on the party and poisons us.

Smosh being a brainless lizard that only knows how to kill things, kills a few more easily killable twigs, and then moves into battle with GP.

GP being one with all nature things, casts an entanglement over the immediate area, and entangles Welby and Droop.
Crumm under orders from Droop kills a few more twigs, moves into combat with GP, but is over match by a giant pumpkin.

Aldrik trying not paying attention get whacked in the back by a giant vine but is still able to get a heal off on the party. The GP knowing how parties work, decides its time to end the healing factor and attacks Aldrik for damage.

Welby finally breaks free from the GP and entanglement and uses the rest of his action to find a new hiding place.

The might T-Rex Cade who is engaged in ferocious combat with the GP, is unable to land any hits.

Smosh trying to help our cleric moves over to him and uses his Lay on Claws to aid the health of our healer.

GP brings for another cloud of bugs.

Morgram finally gets into bases to base with the GP smashes away at him.

Droop even tries to attack the GP but is unable to land a hit. Crumm seeing his lover Droop in combat with the GP fights to get up his lovers’ side.

Aldrik only knowing how to burn things cast burning hands on the GP, everything smells like pumpkin pie.

GP irritable bowl syndrome acts up, and he decides to gas the party again. This allows GP an attack of opportunity on Aldrik and drops him like a boss.

Welby pops up from his new hiding place and whacks the GP with a nerf bolt from his toy.

T-Rex Cade bites into the GP!

More twigs pop up from the ground, but to no avail as Morgram hits the GP stealing the reward from Cade for all his hard work.

Linus reappear screaming and yelling.

Crumm confronts him and gives him an opportunity to surrender.

Aldrik seems to drift toward death a little more.

Welby pops out of hole and shoots an arrow at Linus.
Smosh runs over and tries to save Aldrik by using one of his crappy paladin heals.

Morgram, like a wild dog, charges at Linus, and end his attack with a javelin toss! Like it’s the fucking Olympics or something.

Linus being a necromancer cast paralyses on Crumm, but Crumm being a Paladin is able to resist.

Droop throws a stick at Linus too, but misses.
Basically, everyone left charges toward Linus. Aldrik even throws a fireball, but to no avail.

Linus cast something an Cade pops out of existence, cheesy DM cheating to keep me from my prize for storyline crap.

The Ent appears and kills Linus.

The party cuts off the head of the necromance and burns his body. Morgram has sex with the necromancer’s head claiming it to be some barbarian custom to ward of evil spirits.

We find a bunch of letters, some from his sister, and one from the spider wishing him good luck bring their lord into the plane, then goes on about, ’this time next year Fallcrest under their control’, and then warns him to beware of us because we are badasses!

We find a small lockbox, small objects, a symbol of snake hair lady, 3 small vials, a small rod (must be Welby), 16 GP, 2 Gems, and a key.

Party heads to Pinetree to see Lady Van Pelt for our reward, but the bitch won’t pay without proof. The key seems to be proof enough for her and we get paid.

Party heads on to Fallcrest.

The Tiring Journey

To start the night Jason got screwed by the entire party with a welcome back gift of keeping notes. What a way to treat a friend!!!!

Menu: 1lb, 1.5” thick hamburgers, hot dogs, and chips.

Manhood Challenge: 2 and 2 – To stay off the “Puss Wall” you must eat 2 burgers and 2 dogs! Robin, Joe, B, and Jason have stayed wall free!!!

The group woke from a long rest to start off on their journey. After speaking with Tra’Elki the journey begun. Tra’Elki told the group to follow Ace, The White Wolf, and that he would be there when the time is right.

The group noticed that the deeper they traveled into the swamp the longer it took them to travel. The first day and night was uneventful yet the group feels as if they were up half the night. The deeper into the marsh the more the group felt uneasy and sense of hostility.

While enjoying their lunch Adrick noticed that their guide, Ace, was nowhere to be found. The group searched the area for him, but they were unsuccessful in finding him.

Once lunch was over the group started off again and Shamash felt sluggish as if he was starting to suffer from exhaustion.

The group continued to travel in the correct direction while looking for Ace. At one point Morgran climbed a tree to get a better view but still nothing. While they traveled Crumm’s mind became clouded from the mental stress of the journey. At dusk the group decided to bed down. Another uneventful night of little rest. Crumm and Welby join Shamash with dancing on the edge of exhaustion even after their night’s rest.

As the team began to gather their gear in the morning Cade notices paw prints around the fire. He spoke with everyone to see if anyone noticed Ace through the night as they kept their watch. No one did.

As the group continued to travel SE they would still find no signs of Ace. After lunch as they walked through some brush they come up on 5 Swarms of Beetles and 3 Shambling Mounds. Shamash matched up against one of the Shambling Mounds and was engulfed. The team joined forces and quickly got him released. Adrick reaches into his bag of tricks and casts Wall of Fire which separates part of the enemy from the group to buy them some time. 4 of the swarms were a little too close and suffered singed wings.

On the other side of the battle swamp Morgran takes out a Shambling Mound before it has an opportunity to cause too much damage. As the battle continues the Swarms of Beetles are swatted around and the Shambling Mounds are leveled. Crumm stands toe to toe with the enemy and destroys 1 Shambling mound and 2 Swarms of Beetles. Cade does his part and gives a final blow to a Shambling Mound, and Shamash, after wiping himself off from the slobber of the Shambling Mound that engulfed him swings his axe and takes out the last Swarm of Beetles.

Once the group removed the “bodies” of the dead from the area they decided to set up camp for the night. All is going well until Shamash and Cade were on their watch and noticed movement coming from all directions. Shamash woke the team and they prepared for battle. Coming in from the W were 4 large Crocs, from the N, S, E a Shambling Mound.

Cade polymorphs into a T-Rex and heads N to attack a Shambling Mound. Adrik and Droop charge towards the Crocs. Adrik let’s a Fireball loose and puts a hurting on all 4 of the Crocs killing 2 while Droop moves in and takes out the other 2.

Crumm attacks a Shambling Mound but was engulfed. Morgran noticed that Crumm was swallowed whole and ran over to take out the Shambling Mound. Once Crumm is able to speak he cries out: “ I hate plants….Salads are EVIL!”

The rest of the group takes out a Shambling mound while Cade (T-Rex) made light work of the last one.

Once again the team started to rest. Once they were completely rested they see Ace standing next to a cobble road. The group followed Ace down the cobble road to find the Manor that they had been searching for!

The Tosscobble Gang Visits The Old Mill
Session 21

The Tosscobble Gang Visits The Old Mill
Session 21

- Marco’s Pizza is ordered and delivered. Jax runs outside and around the corner of the house as Joe tries to pay the pizza delivery man.
- 7:30-ish start time

The powerful adventurers make their way through a dark thick forest towards the Necromancer’s location when they are attacked by a large group of shambling mounds. After a few minutes of furious fighting, the party emerges victorious. They make preparations and begin a short rest with Cade evoking his “one with the shadows” spell. All does not go as planned, however, as halfway through their quick respite, the comrades are once again attacked by another wave of shambling mounds (four to be exact). Welby successfully hides behind his large dragonborn friend, Shamash. The halfling’s cover does not last long, though, as the paladin is soon engulfed by one of the shambling mounds. Welby looks around startled. “Hey, where did my hiding spot go?” he asks feeling instantly exposed.

- Joe notices the note keeping journal is smeared with a substance the color of poo. Ernie had the journal last.
- 7:50 PM. The beginning of frequent remote technology woes. Patrick loses his Roll20 connection.
- Aaron is heard at the top of the stairs trying to coax his dog not to run away so it can be carried downstairs.
- 8:10 PM. Patrick loses Roll20 connection again.
- Someone is heard saying out loud, “Look how big it is!”

The battle continues with Crumm and Cade being engulfed by the plant creatures as well. Adrik releases his burning hands evocation as Welby critically wounds a shambling mound, returning it to the earth from where it came. Being in melee with one of the plant monstrosities, and seeing Crumm in danger, Droop disregards his own life and launches a javelin at the shambling mound that engulfed Crumm. The goblin warrior kills the foe, releasing Crumm and thus saving the holy fighter’s life once again. The encounter lasts a few more rounds with the resourceful group handily finishing off the rest of the opponents.

- 8:35 PM. Patrick loses Roll20 connection again. A pause is put on the game as the decision is reached to switch to the more stable Discord for voice chat.
- Aaron disputes Welby’s sneak attack roll because there are too many of Robin’s dice in the rolling box and the DM cannot tell what is what.
- The rolling table cannot be kept level and it is disturbing Robin.
- Robin puts the party in a shitty marching formation on the map.

The band continues on the forest path deeper into the woods when Welby and Cade (just the Tosscobbles, once again) notice a white figure flanking the party dashing in and out of the trees. The halfling brothers discern it to be a very large white wolf. It finally comes into full view and seems to want the team to follow it. The crew follows the quick agile canine for a couple miles to a clearing which holds a small farm house surrounded by a field containing a bunch of pumpkins.

The wolf trots toward the farm house and the party is soon greeted by an aging lady with blonde, turning white, curly hair. “Oh yes big brother, I know. I see them too,” she says looking to her left and then back the group. A ghostly man in leather armor appears beside the white wolf. “Hello, I am Charles and this is my sister.” Introductions are made and Crumm makes mention the adventurers are after the Necromancer. When the lady hears this, she begins to cry and runs into her house. “I am sorry for my sister,” Charles says. “She is still in love with the Necromancer.”

Charles explains the Necromancer was his best friend but he started to turn to a dark side. Twenty years ago, the Necromancer tried to take over the world. Charles went to talk some sense into the Necromancer and the dark mage killed him in a rage. “Now I run with Ace here,” he says pointing to the great white wolf. “The convergence is coming up again soon and I fear the Necromancer will try to rule the land once again.” Charles discusses that he knows who Lady Van Pelt is. They used to be close friends, but he feels she has lost her way as well. After a little more conversation, Charles offers, “Ace will take you to someone who may be able to help you defeat the Necromancer for I am no longer able to fight.”

- Party hits 8th level. Yahoo!
- Ernie gets called out doing a weird throat dance which included various burps and farts.

The magnificent white wolf leads the gang through a shorter less traveled way for about an hour until they come upon a large tree with a face. The face suddenly animates. “So, Ace, who have you brought today?” it says looking over the team. The adventurers notice a lynching rope hanging from the tree. Dialogue is exchanged. The squad learns the old tree’s name is Tra’Elki and if they could help get its powers back, then it could help them defeat the Necromancer. To recover Tra’Elki’s powers, the band must defeat an abomination called The Devourer that lairs in the Old Mill not far from here. The monster was magically created using a limb from Tra’Elki and holds most of Tra’Elki’s power. To help in this quest, there is a magical club, located somewhere in the lair, made by an elf from the thigh bone of a black dragon. The club’s name is El’kayr and it can help defeat the abomination.

- At this point, someone says “Ernie chose to swallow”. B retorts, “He usually does. Ernie is a loud swallower.”

The party follows Ace to the Old Mill. They observe the water wheel is still turning and hear the buzzing sound of a saw. The comrades enter the mill building and see the still operational saw, which occupies most of the otherwise empty room. They head down the steps into a chamber with corpses and other remains strewn across the floor. The bodies look to have been killed and mostly eaten. The group is about to push onward to a tunnel leading south but Welby has a strange feeling the area should first be explored more thoroughly. The team begins a grid search of the room and Mogrann finds a curious thigh bone which is larger than any of the skeletons scattered around. Upon further inspection, the party has indeed discovered the magical club El’kayr. Shamash takes possession of the great bone club, stowing away his shield. Adrik brings out his trusty mace, Lightbringer, for some light and they take the tunnel leading south.

The next room contains a large pit full of plants and corpses in various stages of decay. The mighty crew starts to search the room when they are ambushed by two twig horrors. The plant monstrosities cast conjuration spells on the group, entangling Cade and Welby. A large plant horror also enters the fray and attacks. This must be The Devourer. Cade polymorphs into a frost giant and breaks his entangle enchantment. Droop takes out a twig horror that was harassing his buddy Crumm, which in turn also releases Welby from his bondage. The team continues its coordinated assault on the remaining twig horror and The Devourer. Welby finishes off the twig horror. Cade, masquerading as a frost giant, soaks up a great deal of The Devourer’s damaging attacks. Adrik casts wall of fire and fireball, seriously hurting the boss enemy. A raging Morgrann delivers the final deadly blow. The party searches the area, finding nothing of value or interest.

- Patrick loses connection a few more times, falls asleep twice, and then finally just drops off for the night due to storms in his area.

The gang makes back to Tra’Elki and finds the venerable tree can move again. It is very appreciative and complementary of the team as it flexes its branches after such a long time of immobility. Tra’Elki sends Ace back to inform Charles the party has proved very resourceful and powerful indeed. Tra’Elki and Charles have had their differences but Tra’Elki should never have let Charles confront the Necromancer alone. Feeling rejuvenated once again, the formidable living tree begins to ready itself for the battle to come against the Necromancer. To kill him once and for all.

- The party gets a LONG REST in the clearing as Tra’Elki watches over them.
- Another session with ZERO TREASURE.

Crumm's Life Debt to Droop
3 cheers for Droop

January 21, 2017
Technical difficulties cause a delayed start.
The new tokens to identify players are very sharp.

After the party rests, they gather information and find that Van pelt’s mansion is south of Pine Ridge. We are told to hit the marshes and go towards the mountains.
We head to Lady Van Pelt’s mansion.
We are introduced to inspiration cards… A change to the inspiration point usage once again. Everyone seems to really like the change.

We arrive at Lady Van Pelt’s mansion after a ½ day of dreary travel. We come upon an old ranch sign that lets us know that we are in the correct place.
As we arrive a steady rain starts to fall. We approach the mansion and the door opens for us. A human man servant (not named Jason) greets us and tells us the Lady of the house would be along when she is able.

We wait in a sitting room. Much to our chagrin, they offer us no sweet meats.
After a short wait, LVP arrives. She is a very imposing figure and the Tosscobbles are visibly frightened.

She tells us about the mad necromancer that killed her husband and forced her off their lands.

She offers us each 300 gp to go to the forest and kill the necromancer.
She gives us a map to help us locate the necromancer. She makes it very clear to Cade that she does not require a scalp as proof of death. She says she will know when death becomes him. She tells us that the necromancer has taken over her other manner.
!0 years ago, this very skilled necromancer tried to summon his Mad God, but the brave villagers stopped him. LVP is quite certain he will try again very soon. As a matter of fact, she tells us that it is only 1 week before the convergence(when all of the starts align). She feels that this is when he will attempt to summon his Mad God and she thinks he has the power he needs to be successful this time.
We set out and follow the very crude map. Necromancer can be found past the town of Pine Tree. It is still drizzling as we travel. On our way out of town a human gravedigger calls to us. He asks” Hey, What are you all doing?”
When we tell him we are setting out to kill the Necromancer, he adds some information that we can put in our dossier. He lets us know that he has been in the dame woods forever, and that many strange thinks have been known to happen in the woods where he resides. He tells us that the woods are really more of a swamp. He tells us that if we follow the old road in the forest, we will find the necromancer.
So the mighty band of adventurers start out the old road in search of greatness and renown. The day is a very dreary day to travel. After being on the old road for about an hour, the road becomes much swampier and difficult to traverse. As we continue on, we keep getting the feeling that we are constantly being watched. Not only do we feel we are being watched, we have a very strong feeling that whoever has the wandering eyes, wants us dead.
At this point it is noted that Ernie really struggles with technology. We carry on.
As they continue walking into the marsh cautiously, Adrik, Crumm and Morgran notice white shapes darting in and out of the woods around them. It is now mid-afternoon. We keep moving on and on and on, we keep on moving.
As we march on, the group comes to the realization that Droop is destined for greater things.

9:47 Coach Snapp connects.
10:16 technology issues persist
We roll initiative
At this point it is noted that we have heard the words “Count to 10 and reconnect” way too many times for one evening. To which is quickly shortened too, Hit the reconnect Joey.
10:32 First Blood is drawn!!!
We are attacked by shambling mounds.
Morgran is critted and engulfed. Restrained and even blinded, he attacks back and scores two hits.
Crumm lays the smacketh downeth on the earthy mound and it bursts into flames.
Droop launches a javelin and scores a critical hit.
Welb lands a solid shot with his crossbow. Another shambling mound enters the fray and engulfs Crumm.

Shamash uses his breath weapon and hits both mounds.
Adrik’s fireball strikes both as well. Cade misses with both of his Eldritch blasts.
A thirs shambling mound makes an appearance. SM #1 moves to attack Shamash. Morgran hits SM#1 twice.
Crumm hits SM #2 once. Droop disengages right before Welby fires a bolt that kills SM #1. The death frees Morgran, who is very grateful.
Welby uses his bonus action, but misses with a dagger. SM#2 attacks Adrick and hits. Shamash casts Thundering Strike and hits twice. Adrick pulls another spell out of his arsenal as casts Wall of Fire, butning both mounds.
SM#2 hits Adrick once. Shamash takes advantage of his attack of opportunity and deals out some more fire damage. Shamash hits SM#2 twice but Cade misses with both of his blasts. Sm #3 takes a huge amount of fire damage from the wall of fire.
SM#4 attacks Cade and hits, Cade casts hellish rebuke and fight sback.
Morgran finally gets a chance to move into melee and wredk havoc
Crumm hits 2 times with the trusty Hue.
Droop kills SM#2 and saves Crumm. Crumm owes a life debt to Droop. Droop will not forget.
Welby misses with short sword and runs away. (Party not even surprised by this)
Adrik casts burning hands at SM#3 and burns him. Shamash casts hunters mark on SM#3 and moves into the battle. He scores two hits.
Cade finally hits, two times…
SM3# hit Shamash one and #4 hits Cade once.
Morgran lands tow blows to #4, Crumm vanishes and reappears in striking range. He lands one hit. Droop misses with a javelin.
Adrik, a true team player, casts prayer of healing.
Shamash hits, but Cade misses. Fortunately # 3 misses with both attacks. #4 hits Morgran once.
Morgran retaliates with a hit of his own. Crumm scores two hits.
Droop, always looking out for his friend Crumm, saves his tail once again and kills the shambling mound.
The adventures focus fire on the remaining Shambling mound and Cade’s hellish rebuke finishes the battle. The group erupts with 3 cheers for Droop… and Metallica’s “Hero of the Day” plays in the background. Session over.

Hero's of Phandalon find Pinetree

12-3-2016 – Cade Tosscobble Esquire

The party started off looking at runes etched into a stone that they believed could be used for teleportation. Cade investigates the stone and makes no discovery on the nature of the runes, but for some reason one rune reminds him of Transcendor Manor back in Phandalon.

When Aldrik says “Transcendor Manor”, a rune lights up.

After multiple tries, stating and restating names of known locations, the party is unsuccessful in activating the teleportation ability of the stone.

Studying the runes more closely we can make out some of the following primitive shapes, a mountain, Transcendor Manor, and a town.
Using Smoosh’s knowledge of the surrounding area, we take a guess at “Dawnridge Mountains”, and the mountain rune lights up.

Trying out a few more local locales the party is successful in getting the Fallcrest rune, and the Hammerfast rune, and Harkonwold ruined to light.

Now the party starts to try different combinations to get the stone to teleport.

After additional research, the language of the stone looks very similar to giant, so Morgram being fluent in giants starts to try different locations in giant.
The successful formula seems to be {current location} {desired location} in giant.

The party’s first test is to Fallcrest, so after speaking, “Dawnforge Fallcrest” the party appears exhausted in a field off a road just south of Fallcrest.
Fallcrest is a small town built out of the ruins of a larger town, history of the larger town is unknown. A rough estimate of the population would be around two thousand people. The city stands among the Moon Hills at the Nentir Falls.

Party being exhausted from the teleport, finds a local Inn named the “Red Dragon” After some discussion with the Inn Keeper, the party finds out a few locations that may help them in their endeavors to get information on Pineridge. The Temple and the Exchange are recommended as locations that may help get more insight on Pineridge.

The party meets a Trader named Aethart at the exchange, the party is able to sell a sword for 900 gp, but was not able to find any information out about Pinecrest.

At the Temple of Pelor the party meets a Priest Jamas, we purchase three potions of healing, and 3 potions of greater healing, but unable to find any information about Pineridge.

The party rest that night at the Inn to recover from their exhaustion, and Morgram and Crumm get lucky that night, Morgram with a sleazy Inn whore, and Crumm with a slow-witted sheep.

The party does a quick inventory of all the locations available for them to teleport.

Dawnforge – Original location found in the mountains after leaving the goblin city.
Harkonwold – Unknown
Fallcrest – Present city.
Hammerfast – Dwarven city/forge – never visited
Transcendor Manor – “Home” in city of Phandalon.

The party returns to the teleportation stone outside Fallcrest and attempts to teleport to Harkonwold. The attempt is a failure as the party remains at their present location, but they are still affected by the attempt with exhaustion and Crumm pukes on his shoes.

Aldrik has an idea that we may only be able to visit cities that someone in the party has been to before.

The party makes a second attempt, and tries for Transcendor Manor, this time the party appears in complete darkness with only the sound of Crumm’s whimpers to be heard. The party finds themselves in the basement of Transcendor Manor to the reeking smell of rotting bodies, or from Crumm’s emptied bowels from his fear of darkness.

The party finds beds and sleeps for the first night in the manor do to the level of exhaustion of double transporting, after removing the rotting corpses from the rooms.

The party makes its way into town to follow-up on a few matters. Welby stops by his aunt’s house to warn her about the ungodly nature of Morgram’s junk. The rest of the party goes to the Town Hall to meetup with Sildar. Who is now the acting “mayor” of Phandalon.

Sildar informs the party that Sister Graele left Phandalon for parts unknown, and helps the party find the location of Pinecrest.

Sildar tells the party that the town has freed up the title of Manor for the party to purchase. The party purchases the manor for two hundred gold and gives
Sildar another five hundred gold to clean and fixes the roof.

The party goes to the Inn for a more comfortable night of sleep, but is informed that Droop is unwelcomed, so they drop him off at Welby and Cade’s aunts barn.

Welby decides to investigate Sister Graele’s house to discover information about where she might have gone, to find that she left for Dawnforge.

The next day the party decides to outfit Droop in the finest armor and weapons a goblin has ever worn.

The party goes the teleport stone in the basement of Transcendor Manor and teleport back to the Dawnforge Mountain from where they started.

The party continues on the original path that they were travelling to reach Pinecrest when they are ambushed by numerous gnolls and two giants! Most of the party is caught off guard by the surprise attack, Welby and Cade being seasoned adventures are able to read the signs and see the ambush just before the gnolls attack. Morgram pushes his way through the confusion and the chaos by using his rage to drive him to the closes enemy.

The party is immediately attacked by a rain of arrows from the gnoll archers, Crumm and Cade are hit by arrows. Welby detects gnolls off to the side of the party and moves behind some stone to confront them, but is unsuccessful with the quick melee. Morgram rages forward into the fray to find an enemy worthy to die by his axe, and drives his axe deep into the enemy.

Cade reaches out across the astral plane to pull energies from an ancient god that now slumbers in the ether to reform his body into that of a black dragon. Spreading his newly formed wings, Welby lifts himself up high into the air.

Cade is immediately hit with a large rock thrown from a nearby giant, and followed by multitude of arrows from surrounding gnolls, Cade is injured, but the new form is much more resilient to the damage.

Welby continues his battle with the gnolls among the rocks with slight success, this combat style on one on one is unfamiliar to Welby.

Smosh rushes over to support Welby, to draw attention away from Welby and allow him to find better attack angles against the gnolls.

Cade lines up and breaths a line of acid that covers one giant and a few gnolls. The damage injures the giant, but completely dissolves the gnolls.

Crumm runs along the edge of the ravine to attack two gnolls that have been shooting at Cade in his dragon form.

Aldrik summons a fireball and explodes it on both dragons and a host of gnolls, killing the previously injured giant and cooking two gnolls.

Welby with Smoosh’s help is now able to start finishing off the gnolls among the rocks.

Crumm moves into combat with the two gnolls across from cades and engages them in combat.

Cade almost close of losing the dragon form flies down to attack the last giant, he lands two claws, but was unable to kill it.

Cade takes another arrow hit from a gnoll, and reforms back into his Halfling form at the feet of the giant.

The giant rears back and clubs Cade with a might blow, but luckily in Cade’s original form he has barely been hurt and is able to endure.

Aldrik summons up the energy for another fireball, this time catch the last giant and a few more gnolls, the gnolls are killed immediately, but the giant remains.

Cade pulling out his Wand of Magic Missiles and fires all but one of his charges finally delivers the kill blow to the final giant.

Crumm kills one of the gnolls on the top of the ravine, and now only has the other one left to battle.

Welby and Smosh kill the last of the gnolls among the rocks, allows Welby to switch to his hand crossbow.

Aldrik moves up into the heart of the battle to get close enough to heal as many of the party members as he can.

AS the final minutes of the battle rages on, even Droop is able to land a killing blow on the gnoll ambushers.

After the battle the party finds many interesting items among the gnolls, a necklace with a serpent haired head of a lady,

Aldrik using the party Helm of Languages is able to decipher the note. It was orders to the gnoll leader Smosh to kill the party from the Black Spider.

The party decides to return the favor and scribble are own note,” We are coming for you!” and left it stabbed in Smosh’s chest.

The party continue down the path for two additional days and finds the small settlement of Pinetree. Where the tired party visits the Inn for a room and information on Van Pelts location.

The party is informed that the Van Pelt Mansion is just south of Pinetree, when you reach the marshes head toward the mountains.

Goblin Charity continues

Goblin Charity :

As I step around the room and over severed body parts, I wonder what has come to this “fellowship”…working for a goblin, to save a goblin king…. At least I get to kill other scum. And accidents can always happen to a goblin or three….

Mogrann moves into an adjacent room behind an opened pivoting wall. Inside was a statue of a dwarf noble holding a longsword and a set of chainmail of an unknown metal. Our resident thief moves to acquire the loot, but Droop jumps in front of him and warns him of great danger. He takes care but sees not traps but claims something “sucked” his soul. He called in his crazed brother to investigate and “tactically” runs to the corner. Cade mumbled gibberish and raised a stink but only answered vaguely about some spirit/magic crap.
Brave Morgrann loses patience with the lot and easily picks up the mail and sword. All the halflings and goblin are stunned but Morgrann merely moves the next room like a true drawf.

The next room revealed an old chest. Welby quickly moves to look for treasures but botches the lock. Again, the dwarven method is used and out of the rubble many coins are scooped.
The next corridor appear normal but an incredibly well hidden/crafted trap is triggered (not placing blame)…. The party takes minor scratches from the darts. Again, we stumble in traps that our “friend” goblin said nothing and this is a trap someone had modified. I am thinking he wants us to perish; easier to loot the dead. Could he be in league with the thief? Now easily seeing the trigger that Crumm discovered, we avoid the rest of traps.

Welby unlocks the connecting door and investigates the next corridor. Course, he finds a pendulum trap the old fashion way and narrowly escapes. This keeps up, we are going to have to train Droop as our backup thief.

In the next rooms, we find the rest of the goblin tribe. I always wondered how many goblins you could smash into a small room. Looks like about 45. The rooms seem to have been some sort of magical silence on them. After freeing (against my better judgement) the mob, we are still unable to find the king.
We move into an old area of the mines via a hidden door that Cade spots. Cade mumbles to himself as walks into a cave chamber. At the far end, half hidden amongst rubble and stalagmites, he spots a chest that seems to have fallen apart. Welby investigates and proceeds to annoy a fuckin next of rust monsters! Welby stabs on with his shortsword and maneuvers out of the room.

Up come the casters. A godly fireball and vile energy blasts pummel the creatures. Morgrann jumps in crushes one of the damned creatures with is hands while shrugging of their hits. Crumm jumps to his friends aid but is unable to completely close the gap. He throws his axes into the back of one, killing it. Welby shots and finishes off the last smoldering one (it may have already been dead but no matter). We have up a host of gems from the remains of the chest and move on. Still think Welby owes me two good hand axes…

The next chamber has a regular size ceiling, for a dwarf mine. The tall one, Shamash, is quite bent over here. Size matters.
Another chest is seen and we move into the chamber. Welby’s rushes forward and is not at all supervised when he stirred up swarm up swarm of pecker gnats. He swings at one swarm and runs off to the other side of the cave. Course, he fell for the pecker gnat’s trap. Up popped three or four more swarms. Cade lets fly vile bolts into the swarms. Crumm and Morgrann swing wildly into the masses of insects. They swarm Crumm and Morgrann but do little damage.

Welby has learned to fear the pecker gnats. Barely left standing, he stumbles out of the pecker gnat trap, dispersing a cloud of well feed bugs as he goes. Other swarms are dispersed but in come the pecker gnats for another strike. They viciously get past Crumm’s armor and inflict some nasty bites.
Adrik and Shamash unless fire to burn away the pecker gnats. Welby opens the chest to find rotten clothes but in the bottom, he finds a breastplate made of an unknown metal and a cheap necklace with a ring attached.

The next chamber had piles of snakes. Anyone else sensing a vermin theme here? We quickly kill the things and search the room but nothing other than dead snakes.
With this section completely explored, we consult our crude map and back track to check the last know area near the front entrance. We come to a new door which Morgrann keen dwarven senses feels is not right. Welby fails to find anything and ignores the dwarf wisdom. He easily unlocks the door and goes in. Stumbling, he is barely avoids the barrage of poison darts.

Moving on, we go past the pit room and into the room with the ledge where the bodies of our victims have started to smell a bit. Up the wall to ledge we go. Welby scouts ahead and finds a storage room with a body in the middle of it. We have found the goblin “king” who is now mostly dead. Being exhausted of healing magic, Morgrann poors a precious healing potion into the creature to restore it.

After much translating via Droop (and maybe editing), the king relates his tale to use of a dark elf female who was meeting with the big nasties when we showed up. She was the one who stabbing him and left him here when we got close. Adrik spots a torn piece of silk cloth with what could be a partial symbol of the snake lady.
The king is returned to his tribe and a celebration ensues with us and Droop as guest of honor.

We learn that the “nasties” had moved into the region recently and were working with (if not for) the dark elf lady. We learned that this is really too early for this type of continued snowstorm. We learned that the flaming elk lady is a legendary figure as are the stones she spoke of. Usually a bad omen to see her. The stones seem to be traveling great distances via magic. We learned that there might be goblin/halfling hybrids running around in a few months.

The next day we gather our things to leave and Droop states he is going with us to learn of the world for his king. We pickup our horses and let Shamash lead the way has he knows this area better (and he is big enough to break a trail in the snow). It is during the first night’s watch, Crumm finds a circle rune stone that is large enough to stand on. With some prompting, Droop does do but nothing happens. Is this one of the stones the Elk lady spoke of?

The Big Bads and the Dragonborn
Session 17


Present: Aaron, Ernie, Jason, Joe, Patrick (remote), and Robin
Not Present: B

The session gets started after Jason and Robin’s nap-nap time, a character creation, setting up Patrick to play remotely, the DM re-working some logistics regarding the adventure, and finally, some Jimmy John’s ordering shenanigans. Whew.

The party proceeds cautiously down the hallway, but unfortunately the front and middle ranks set off a pit trap. Crumm, Mogrann, and Welby deftly avoid falling in the pit. Cade is not so lucky and down the pit he goes, taking significant damage. Adrik is able to stop in time. Droop, in the back ranks with Adrik, does not offer any warnings of the possible danger.

The comrades help Cade up from the pit and continue down the passageway, entering into a large, mostly empty, room. The only item of interest is a defaced statue of the god Moradin. Welby, using his superior investigation techniques, astutely observes the statue was only recently vandalized.

Cade, angered by Droop’s seeming ignorance of the details of his supposed home, intimidates the small goblin with crazed eyes. Droop becomes very afraid but still does not offer up any new knowledge and pleadingly reiterates he knows nothing more. Crumm scrutinizes the poor creature, as he is being brow beaten by the mad halfling, and believes Droop to be telling the truth. The rest of the party, with the exception of Cade, agrees. The warlock remains skeptical.

The team continues navigating the area and locates a campsite containing six bugbears. The group launches an offensive. Crumm critically hits and kills a bugbear. Welby successfully connects on a sneak attack and kills another. Adrik is able to get off a fireball spell which severely damages several bugbears. Crumm and Welby are able to down two more opponents respectively. Cade calls upon other worldly energy in the form of an Eldritch Blast and disposes of a foe. Mogrann, in a barbarian fervor, delivers the killing blow to the two morningstar-wielding bugbear chief. The bugbear campsite is searched but contains no treasure, only filth.

At this point in the session, it is discovered the group’s hit point tally, being kept by Jason, is abnormally small. It is pointed at and ridiculed laughingly.

The party continues exploring the lair when they are ambushed by a group of six gnolls. Everyone is surprised except for the ever alert nimble Tosscobbles. One particular nasty gnoll is able to administer massive damage to Crumm (two critical hits). The gang dispatch the gnolls in grand fashion and then search the room. Again, no treasue, but Welby does discover a secret door. The halfling rogue checks for traps and locks. Finding neither, he opens the door to find a throne room containing a multitude of gnolls and orcs staring him down. Across the room, sitting on a throne, is a large gnoll warlord with a beaten half dead dragonborn lying at his feet. The gnoll leader stands and angrily says, “You intruders have infiltrated my lair. I demand your surrender or you will die.” Welby, looking unaffected by all the enemies in the room, holds up a finger, and replies, “Your demand is noted. Let me discuss your conditions, and our options, with my companions and I will get back to you post haste.” Welby then closes the door.

Welby relays to the party what he just experienced. Droop fearfully confirms, “yes, these are the big bads I told you about. And that is the leader, Dragor, the biggest bad!”

The band of adventurers quickly discuss a strategy and then move in place to implement their plan. Crumm opens the secret door and Adrik blasts a fireball into the throne room, killing five of the opposition immediately. Cade looks to place the Hunger of Hodar spell into the room, but the squad notices half of their adversaries are no longer there. Welby insights correctly they must be trying to attack the party’s flank or attack from behind.

At this point in the session, Patrick gives an extreme clown face close up in the Roll20 video chat. He is also making disgusting fart noises. He is fading fast.

Morgrann and Crumm enter the room and engage in melee combat with a huge orc wielding a greataxe while Adrik, Cade, and Welby provide effective ranged support. The orc captain trades blows back and forth with Mogrann and Crumm, but finally succumbs to a well-placed Eldritch Blast from Cade.

The gnoll warlord, seeing his troops being massacred before his eyes, gives one final threat that he will kill the dragonborn if the party does not stop their brutal onslaught. The crew does not even blink an eye, choosing to ignore Dragor’s idle threats, and continue their carnage.

After dealing with the orc captain, Mogrann hastily runs to the defeated dragonborn and pours a potion of healing down his throat. The paladin is revived! Cade then turns the dragonborn into a gaseous form so he can no longer be hurt. The adventurers hit Dragor with a few powerful shots. Dragor retaliates with a strike on Cade, who reacts with the Hellish Rebuke spell, dealing the killing blow to the gnoll warlord.

The other five monsters finally appear in a doorway behind the heroes, trying to flank the party as expected. Welby, in anticipation of such a tactic, had already smartly left the room and hid behind a column in the throne chamber.

Seeing the band of orcs and gnolls attack from behind, the Tosscobbles, weary of doing most of the killing so far, holler out to their fellow comrades, "get up there and get’cha a couple.” They take their own advice and each kill an orc. Cade also bags a gnoll. The halfling brothers were indeed a force to be reckoned with on this fine day. Mogrann finishes off a gnoll. A wild eyed Droop flies in and kills the last remaining orc with his pointed stick. Droop, seeming to have gained some confidence, goes around sticking the other dead enemies with his pointed stick. The group congratulates him on his fine kill and carries him on their shoulders for finally doing something of worth, even though it was too little too late. The small goblin is overwhelmed and full of joy at being accepted by this formidable powerful band of adventurers.

At this point in the session, it is noted Crumm took like 5 or 6 critical hits from these monsters and still survived like a champ.

The party collects a nice looking greataxe from the big orc. They also collect a necklace and 200 pieces of gold from Dragor.

The group makes introductions with the badly beaten dragonborn paladin. “Welby Tosscobble. Double s, double b, double fun.” His face reminds Welby of hamburger. They all think he is really tall. His name is Shamash and he vows to the Fellowship of Phandalin that he owes them a life debt for saving his life. He was tracking a green dragon, named Venomfang, through the mountains when a magical blizzard set upon him. He wound up in this lair due to his falling through the ground. The holy warrior is from Fallcrest and was making his way to Phandalin. He had heard tale of a mighty band of adventurers from Phandalin that had recently slain a green dragon in the abandoned town of Thundertree and he was on his way to investigate these heroic deeds. The Fellowship informs Shamash they are indeed the mighty band he is looking for and they indeed slew a green dragon named Venomfang. The dragonborn paladin happily nods his head at the astonishing news and says he is indebted yet again to the Fellowship of Phandalin. Dragonbornservant.

The party could use a short or long rest. They also need to ask Droop where his king is being kept captive and what is the REWARD for freeing the king and clearing the lair of the big bads.

Fellowship of Phandaelin is born

August 27, 2016
The Fellowship of Phandaelin is coined. From now on Aaron we will only answer to this. Please adjust your DM’ing accordingly to give us the respect we have earned and deserved.
As we came through the light we landed on even ground.
We then to a second to discuss that the hags and the female drow both had ties to the snake head cult.

Back to play: We enter into a grove of trees with a rock face and Groop is sure we need to go towards the rock face through a glade. As we approach we start to hear grumbling. We soon find out that the noises were the trees coming to life, and we are quickly under attack. The FoP is up for the challenge.
Cade springs into a defensive stance on his turn, Morgran lands two strikes with his great axe and badly injures one of the trees.
With “Hue” growing strongly, Crumms slices a tree for two hits to injure another tree.
Welby, using the fire and hide tactic he has become famous for, pops his head out, scores a hit with a crossbow and bolt and ducks back into cover.
Adrik casts sacred flame on one of the injured tress and adds to its damaged condition.
The trees begin to fight back. Two trees attack Morgran and one hits and the other misses. Two tress attack Crumm and they both whoop up on him doing some nice damage to the paladin.
Now that the FoP has had time to formulate a better strategy, the battle starts to swing in their favor. Cade blasts one of the trees attacking Crumm and hits once .
Morgran kills the tree on him and moves forwards and slashes the other tree he can get to on his move.
Crumm, still dazed from being rooted by two trees, chugs down a potion of healing to rejuvenate him for the rest of the battle.
Welby pops out of hiding long enough to score another hit with his crossbow.
Adrik, misses everything with his attack, but he is able to heal Adrick, which was his main focus anyway.
The trees continue to battle. One slaps Crumm around, and he deflects the second tress attack with his shield. A tree attacks Morgran, but he is able to dodge out of harms way.
Cade continues his magical barrage to the tune of 2 blasts.
Morgran does what he does best and kills another tree before striding off to assist Crumm.
Welby appears out of nowhere once again to pelt the tree with another bolt and the Adrik finishes off on of the remaining trees with his sacred flame.
The last tree standing smacks Crumm with its longest branch and drops him. The tree can be heard singing gleefully, “It’s raining men” to celebrate his take down of Crumm.
Cade now focusing (hex) on the remaining tree delivers a blast.
Morgran hits the tree with a solid hit after moving into melee with it.
Crumm saves against dying
Welby trips on a tree root as he tries to bob and shoot and fumbles his cross bow.
Adrik, the ultimate multi tasker, flames the tree and heals Crumm to save him from dying.
Tree, still full of joy, swings at Morgran and misses.
Cade, gushing with excitement over the possibility of a rare kill, fumbles his first blast, but recovers to kill the last tree with his second one.
The FoP , fresh off another victory, continue following Droop. Droop triggers a secret door in a rock wall and we go through the crack.
We enter into a chamber, and Droop quickly warns us to be quiet. The crew, sans Cade, who is in la la land, quickly realizes why Droop was begging for silence when they notice the large swarm of bats overhead.
Adrik sees the swarm of bats, but his lumbering is anything but quiet. The swarm quickly attacks. Cade starts off the battle with a blast at the swarm. Crumm rushes into the battle and scores with one of his two attacks.
We interrupt your regularly scheduled program to bring you this historic breaking news:
Now back to our regularly scheduled program:
Welby scores a solid hit, disengages and moves out of the fray.
Morgran wades into battle, lands two vicious blows and kills one of the swarms.
Adrik attacks and hits the swarm of bats.
The swarms attack. They fly in and miss Adrick, Crumm and Morgran.
Cade hits with both of his blasts, Crumm delivers to mighty blows, Welby liking the feeling of his sword snking into an enemy , moves back into melee and scores two hits, one causing critical injuries and killing a swarm.
Morgran scores two more devastating blows and kills off another swarm.
Adrick, stays hot with his mace and scores a hit.
Swarm attacks Crumm and misses.
Cade fires a spell at the last swarm and blasts it right out of the sky, killing it.
Droop continues leading the group, taking us to a ledge with a small 5 ft drop. Droop drops down first, and we follow our fearless guide. Welby pulls out his gem of seeing to provide a light source for the ones who can’t see in the dark.

The group continues through a door and once they enter it, our fearless guide turns cowardly and wants to hide in the back.

We try to sneak past the entrance to the front of the cave, but Crumm is anything but stealthy. We continue on east away from the entrance and find a locked door. Welby, using his skills, unlocks the door. Crumm moves forward to open it and…….wait for it……… a little longer…… and finally he gets hit with an axe trap.

As the axe slams into the wall, we notice that the guttural voices that we were hearing stop suddenly. Morgran immediately charges and sees figures up ahead.

Mrogran enters a familiar battle rage, strikes an orc twice and kills him. The orcs blood spraying on him seems to just enrage him even more.

An orc attacks Morgran with a great axe and he misses. Another orc attacks Cade with a spear, and Cade casts entropic ward to stave off the attack.

Two orcs misses Morgran, and one hits Cade with a great axe.

Morgran fueled by the violence around him kills another orc. It is becoming very obvious that Mrogran is in his happy place.

Adrik blasts off a well-aimed fireball and torches all of the enemies.

Crumm takes advantage of the wounded orcs around him and kills two orcs on his attack.

Gnolls enter the battle. One shoots two arrows at Crumm and hits with both. Another gnoll fires two arrows at Morgran, but misses.

The orc war chief cries out to rally his troops, sensing the tide has turned against them. The reputation of the FoP precedes them. He then strikes Crumm with a spear.

Welby back at a distance he is more comfortable with fires a bolt and kills an orc.

Cade locks onto the orc war chief and starts frying him with the connection

An another orc, trying to defend his chief, misses Cade.

Morgran, rushes in to face off against the orc chief. He stops on the way to smack an orc out of his way, and then continues on to the chief who he hits with his great axe.

Adrik readies his spell, stubs his toe, cusses loudly and fires three scorching rays straight up into the air, hitting absolutely nothing.

Crumm kills the orc in front of him, charges at a gnoll and hits him with his second attack.

Gnoll misses Crum with both a swing and a bite. Another gnoll swings his weapon at Morgran and misses, but hits with a bite.
Orc war chief hits Morgran with one of his two attacks.

As the battle continues, 2 more gnolls and orcs close in from the back side.

Welby, being very astute, hits the front gnoll that is closing in.

Cade, still frying the orc war chief, finishes him off.

2 orcs attack Adrick and they both miss. The FoP is on fire.

Morgran kills a gnoll with his first hit and injures another badly with his second hit.

Adrick steps up and fire shoots from his hands as he burns the two orcs in front of him.

Crumm kills the gnoll he is battling with.

Both gnolls miss Adrick with arrows.

Welby kills an orc and hides ( In the latest rankings, Welby has just moved ahead of Osama Bin laden In the world Hide and seek rankings. He still trails Nessy, the lochness monster and Big Foot.)

Cade blasts an orc and kills it.

Morgran seeing enemies on the ledge, leap frogs Crumm, using his head as the extra push he needs to make it onto the ledge. Crumm is not pleased with his performance.

Adrik misses with his crossbow

Crumms finally makes it up the ledge, misty steps to an enemy, attacks and scores a hit.

Gnoll misses Morgran, the other gnoll hits Crumm. Welby and Cade get into a defensive stance and watchthe warriors work.

Morgran hits the gnoll, Adrik hits with a bolt, and Crumm finishes him off leaving one gnoll standing.

Gnoll bites Crumm. Welby and Cade begin to dance with each other. These damn Tosscobbles with do anything to avoid a fight.

Morgran scores to massive hits on the last gnoll and Adrik strikes the finishing blow ending the battle with the FoP victorious once again.

We see doors and they aren’t locked.

To be continued….


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