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Crumm: a domination fORCe

June 18th, 2016

Aaron – DM
Joe – Welby
Patrick – Adrik
Cade – Ernie
Morgran – Rob

Crumm – B

Rob and Joe tag teamed to provide a recap of our last session.

Party used their hit dice to regain hit points. During the short rest party identifies a ring as a Ring of Protection – +1 AC and to saving throws. Morgran snatched up the ring.
Nobody in the party was able to identify the brooch.

Party travels South to Wyvern Tor on horseback. Welby announces to the party that it is officially a caravan.

At 8pm Joe finishes off his 5th dainty drink

As dusk draws near, the party decides to break for camp. The party vents their frustration at camp about their inability to find Wyvern Tor.

Before the party starts their watches, Welby’s keen eye notices a light flickering off in the distance about a half mile away. Welby, unsure of what’s causing the light, alerts the party.

Morgran investigates and as a party decides to watch closely through the night.

Watch Order:
Morgran – Unevetful
Crumm – on edge and hears a lot of noises
Cade – Uneventful
Adrik – Flickering light continues, but notices nothing out of the ordinary.
Welby – Uneventful

Party wakes up to start the day. The caravan travels toward the flickering light.
Welby with his great perception skills can still occasionally see the flickering light even during the day. The caravan decides to travel within 100 yards of the light.

Party ties off their horses and cautiously proceeds…
The faint smell of smoke enters the air. The party notices a small cave mouth opened at the top of a hill.

Keeping watch of the cave is a single Orc.

Crumm and Morgran stay 120 ft away from the camp
Cade and Adrik stay 80ft away from the camp

Welby stealthily swings around and gets into melee range with the orc sentry.
Welby, with his two short swords, hits twice dropping the orc.

Party sees the Orc drop and joins Welby off to the side of the cave entrance.

After a quick discussion, party believes this is Wyvern Tor. Welby, quietly and silently, enters the cave mouth.

Inside he sees a couple torches, a bigger glow from the top, and at this time no sounds or movement from other creatures.

Party enters behind Welby as he stealthily moves towards the bigger glow. Party continues following Welby.

As the party travels further into the cave, they begin to hear loud conversation and movement. Crumm, loathing everything about the Orcs, his blood begins to boil.

Welby, uses his gem of Brightness to help see down a dark tunnel. Welby approaches a small rock. He sees multiple orcs around a bonfire.
Welby telepathically tells Cade to bring party up.

Crumm and Morgran rush towards Orcs, surprising them. Morgran enters the battle throwing two handaxes, hitting one and bloodying the orc.

Adrik misses with Crossbow. Crumm and Cade move 50ft closer.

Welby fires a hand crossbow at another Orc. Hits and drops his second orc of the cave. Welby slides quietly back behind the rock.

Morgran, entering a rage, attacks and kills two orcs.

Orcs react to the attacks and attack back – misses Morgran.

Adrik misses again with the crossbow.

Crumm uses his hunters mark and hits twice killing another Orc.

Orc attacks Morgran and crits! Slices him in stomach, leaving a bloody opening.

Brughor Axebiter charges at Morgran and attacks. Morgran swiftly sidesteps narrowly missing his great axe.

Orc misses Crumm.
Orc shoots a volley of arrows – Missed all
Adrik, Morgran, and Crumm were the subjects of the arrows.

Gog, the Ogre, charges Crumm, hits him for minor damage.

Cade misses…

Welby uses his hand crossbow and hits Gog for 22 points.
Morgran slices Brughor with his great axe and bloodies him.

Orc – misses Crumm but connects on two with Morgran.

Cade, telepathically lets party know where the volley of arrows are coming from, and fires an Eldritch Blast.

Welby’s perception finds two more orcs, fires his crossbow and kills another Orc, then rehides.

Morgran swings twice at Brughor Axebiter, hits and drops him!

Morgran leaves threatening square and takes an attack of opportunity and staves off both.
Adrik hits an Orc, finally contributing to the battle.

Crumm, moved Hunter’s mark, bloodied and killed the orc!

Orc returns favor attacking Crumm and misses.
Another Orc charges at Crumm and misses.

Orc shoots arrows at Crumm and crits him for damage and slowing his movement.
Orcs are starting to heat up!
Orc crits Cade. Cade has disadvantage on WIS/INT based ability checks until a rest.

Cade uses his Wand of Magic Missile and drops an orc.

Welby crits an Orc and kills him.

Morgran not able to clear the cavernous area with his boots of springing and striding decides to double move 70 ft.

Adrik casts bless on Welby, Crumm, and Cade
Crumm moved Hunter’s mark, hits with Hew for 24 points dropping another Orc.

The 3 remaining orcs send a volley of arrows hitting Cade twice.

Cade drops an Orc with an Eldritch Blast.

Welby triple moved to a landing over the shooting Orcs.

Morgran leaped the chasm.

Adrik, always willing to be the team player, casts Prayer of Healing Cade restoring some hit points.

Crumm – double moved

Orc shoots two arrows at Morgra and hits once.
Cade moves closer and attacks, dropping an Orc.

Welby stands from his prone position and fires with disadvantage. Welby needs Bless from his team player, Adrik, to help him hit.

Morgran hits with two javelins and kills the final Orc.

Crumm dismantles the Orcs, putting their heads on stakes and lines them up at the cave entrance.

Party searches… Finds a chest containing:
750 cp
180 sp
62 ep
30 gp
3 vials of perfume (10 gp)

Party successfuly takes a short rest
Crumm, Morgran, and Cade use Hit dice
410 xp for Wyvern Tor and Old Owl Well
Party still 4000xp from lvl 6

The Party collects their wagon and horses and the caravan heads towards Pinetree Ridge in search of Lady Van Pelt.

Caravan starts their slow journey towards Pinetree Ridge.

Party encounters snow, slowing their travel time.

Welby heard faint noises.
Stealthily moves up and looks and spots 5 Bugbears bullying a single goblin.

Bugbear charges the party, showing no fear. He attacks Crumm with a morningstar and hits twice.

Morgran hits one bugbear

Cade, Hunger of Hadar, does 17 damage to a bugbear and killed a goblin.

Adrik casts Bless on Welby, Crumm, and Morgran.

Welby drops a bugbear with his hand crossbow.

Crumm hits twice with long sword dropping another bug bear.

Morgran hits a bugbear with his first crit ever splitting him through the chest

Cade, hit a bugbear with Eldritch Blast, crits and kills.

Adrik casts Guiding Bolt and hits a bugbear.

Welby finishes off the bugbear with a crossbolt.

Party searches, but finds nothing of any value.

A giant flaming deer being ridden by an unknown female race telepathically tells travelers:
“Beware of the Stones!”

The party, paying a little attention to the advice, continues traveling.
As the continue forward, Adrik is attacked and critted causing disadvantage to any thing requiring him to use his left hand.

Morgran clawed out of the snow and takes damage.
Cade also hit for damage.
Crumm, not having any of it, attacks a Yeti for 27 points damage.
The Yeti’s attack Crumm and Adrik and miss.

Morgran is paralyzed taking damage.

Yeti attacks and stares at Cade! Cade saves his constitution check.

Cade reacts with a Hellish Rebuke.
Morgran saves and is no longer paralyzed.
Welby hits a Yeti with a hand crossbolt.

Cade takes a potion of greater healing and restores HPs.

Adrik takes a potion of great healing and restores HPs.

Crumm attacks the first Yeti – and hits once.

Yeti attacks Adrik and paralyzes him.
Morgran withstands the Yeti’s stare.

Yeti attacks Cade and misses…
Morgran attacks Yeti and hits… dropping him!

Welby stays hot with his crossbolt and hits a Yeti.

Cade fires a magic missile and a Yeti and drops him.

Adrik, stil paralyzed from the Icy stare.

Crumm hits with two handaxes

Yeti looks at Crumm and paralyzes him with an Icy stare, attacks Cade and hits for 10.
Cade reacts with a Hellish Rebuke.

Morgran crits the Yeti and drops him.

Adrik restores 16 hp with cure wounds.

Crumm gives Adrik, Cade, and Morgran hit points by laying on hands.

Session ends…


Nice work Patro.

Crumm: a domination fORCe
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