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Session 12

The party finding themselves again feeling like they were being controlled and manipulated by an angry asshole of a god that took twisted humor in driving their fate through unforeseen hardships.

The party came upon the scene of what only could be described as a site of a previous ritual and sacrifice to powers or creatures of great evil.

Cade who had studied much upon the magic of rituals studied the macabre symbols and accrutoments that made up the scene around the fire. Not sure of the nature of the ritual all he was able to unearth were images of a lady with serpents for hair.

Adrik and Crumm recognized that the symbol, a lady face with serpents for hair, was also from on the medallion.

The group followed Welby’s tracks into the woods. The trailed became very difficult to follow, by Morgam’s excellent tracking ability kept the party on track. The party followed the trail into a dark and overgrown part of the woods. This area of the woods began to give the party eerie and dreadful feelings.

Crumm using the powers gifted to him by his god reached out his divine senses to get a better understanding of hf his surroundings. The evil was so great that it cause Crumm to double over and wretch out his guts. Crumm’s conclusions was that the woods were not natural.

Morgram’s in depth knowledge of nature also supported Crumm’s conclusion.

The presence of evil would not stop this hearty band of adventures from rescuing their friend.

The party continued to move deeper into the evil woods as its presence continued its assault of dread on the party.

The density of the woods grew unnaturally dense the deeper the party moved into its depths.

As the party struggled to move through the dense and overgrown woods, the woods become alive with movement. The undergrowth became alive and snared and netted brave little Cade on his mission to rescue his wayward brother. Out of nowhere three monstrous size wolves charge the party growling and biting in a raging froth of madness.

Adrik was first to feel the long tooth bite of these possessed creatures. The wounding of his companion and his skills of arms drove Morgram to flayed one of the attackers as it jumped over the party, raining down its organs upon the party.

Crumm advanced on another of the fiends and sliced into the creature with two swings of his mighty ax, but this one was too evil to die yet, and continued its assault on the brave band.

Adrik still recovering from his earlier wound tried to fight back against his attacker, but was unable to successfully in drawing the creatures blood through its heavily furred skin.

The party occupied with the three wolves didn’t notice their master laying in the darkness watching for the right moment to strike.

The large, twisted and disfigured humanoid made his presences known the tree this creature wielded as a weaponed fell upon Adrik’s preoccupied attentioned and smashed past his armored defenses and directly into his head.

Poor brave Cade watching helpless as his brothers in battle were being cutdown. He reached for his dagger to try and cut himself free, but the tightness of the devil weeds made it impossible even in his skilled hands to cut his binds.

Morgram covered in the blood and organs from his previous victim turned his attention to this new invader among the party. Grabbing his weapon with both hands, he charged this humongous disfigured enemy slicing deeply into it glutinous body. Yet, a wound that would lay any man asunder barely phased his new foe.

Crumm still facing down on of the wolves he had previously injured was unable to recover himself from his previous onslaught and was unable to bring his weapon to bear again upon his enemy.

Adrik through the might of his god was still standing after the horrendous hit he had taken and exacts swift revenge of one of the wolves that had wandered too close.

Poor brave Cade was still completed entangled by the bewitched vegetation and was still unable to free his dagger to free himself from his binds.

Morgram anger had grown to a boil as the insult of the laughing abomination who had taken one of Morgram’s best hits and ignored it as one would a mosquito bite. This enraged Morgram to continue his hopeless fight with this monster till either only Morgram or it were the last to stand this bloody ground.

Crumm regaining his fighting stance was guide by his deity to expect his attacker’s next move and was able to slide his axe in at the appropriate time to end it life.

Adrik was standing and adrenaline rushing but was still dazed to do more than try to defend himself in this melee.

The giant humanoid lept forward rushing its entire massive body in a charge directed at Morgram, but Morgram taking a blow that would of flipped a full cart or even dropped a stonewall only slightly affected the might of Morgram in his full boiled rage.

Poor, poor, brave Cade still restricted from freedom by this infernal trap of hell spawn weeds.

Morgram returned his attackers brute force with greater force, and again drove his weapon deep into his enemy to no prevailing affect.

Crumm knowing the level of evil the party now faces beseeches his god for divine inspiration to deliver his party from such foes. Crumm using the guiding hand of his master to drive the kill blow to this monstrous creature and sends its soul back to the abyss.

Adrik doing his best to keep conscious and weapons up, is overcome by the quick snapping bite of the last foe.

Poor, poor, poor, brave Cade still entrapped in this devilious entanglement.

The party able to pull together under Morgram’s leadership and drive in the killing blow on the finale wolf.

The party with much difficult and extraordinary effort manage to free Cade from his predicament.

The party knowing that they are in no spot to rest push forward and finds a small area where their previous enemies used as a lair. Quickly scouring the area they find nine rubies, a ring, and another Amulet with the head of a female with serpents for hair.

Cade’s constant struggling against his binds had taken a toll on his energy and found himself extremely tired and exerted. It took all he had to continue his movements through the thick forest.

Morgram attention is drawn off by the distant howling of a wolf. Morgram felt concern that this meant more attackers were on the way.

The party pushed on through the heaviest thickets and trees any of them had ever seen when all of the sudden they unknowingly broke through into a clearing to find an entrance to a cavern.

The party not wanting to stay out in the open for long get into lightning bolt position with five foot spacing between each of them.

As the party enters a large cavern where they instantly attacked by two more large humanoids, exactly like they one they had just faced earlier, and three humongous, hungry, rabid wolves.

Morgram always prepared for battle slays the wolf that had foolishly choose him as a target. Swing his mighty axe through the air, left only the creature’s head to actually reach Morgram’s feet.

Adrik fearing for the safety of his friends drew upon the power of his god to protect them in his graces.

Crumm fearing nothing but failing his god, draws on his power to identify any weakness in his enemy and surges forward to attack his newly marked foe.

One of the large humanoids charges forward carrying his massive body over great distance with its huge power strides to reach Adrik, but was unable to overcome the protections his god had granted him and fell short of landing a blow.

Cade feeling like he had failed his friends earlier by not being able to assist while trapped in a net of living vegetation, now draws upon some of his deepest and darkest power of open a portal into the utter chaos of cosmic horror directly on top of the humanoid creature and his pet that threaten his party.

Cade concentrating on his powers didn’t notice that a new humanoid, a blue one, had appeared out of thin air and smashed its weapon into Cade.

Morgram still in the fury of battle continues his dance of death by redirecting the flow of his axe down upon the neck of another wolf, cleaving yet another head free from its oppressing body, to join the now growing gruesome altar of heads growing at his feet. Morgram’s growing momentum moves him further into battle as his axe seems to attack with a while of its own to continue the fight to the next contestant. Bring the axe around his body in an act of total gymnastic feat he slices it into the new combatant that had dare to pick on poor defenseless Cade.

Adrik sliding out from the reach of one of the large humanoids to gain advantage on an unsuspecting and vulnerable to slay it.

Crumm turns his attention to one of the large humanoids and several wounds the creature, but was unable to kill it.

Cade recovering from the power blow from the blue creature releases dark energy from a negative dark plane that wretches some of the life energy away from his attacker.

Morgram’s dance of death had built to such a blurry flurry of motion that it seems as if his axe and himself merge into a whirlwind of death blowing through the room. Not only slaying the blue humanoid but robbing Crumm of the death of the last of the other humanoid.

The party takes a moment to briefly rest and search their assailants before continuing their search deeper into the cave for Welby.

As the party moves down through the caverns, cade notices a strange unnatural looking outcrop.

The party investigates and decides that it is possible a secret passage of hidden room, but are unable to find any mechanism that can open it.

The party continues on down the tunnel being lead by their intrepid leader Morgram, who unknowingly steps on a pressure plate that sends two spring loaded stone cages up from the ground to entrap Crumm and himself.

The party responds quickly to try and free their imprisoned partners, but to no avail, as the party doesn’t have Welby skills available to unlock them, and the party lacked the strength to physically overcome the lock.

Crumm remembers a lesson he learned from his training as an adept to move himself through space by drawing his energies to move from one shadow to another. As mist forms around the ground around him, it engulfs him briefly to allow him to escape his stony entrapment.

As Cade and Adrik try their best to free Morgram a distinct smell of ozone appears in the air as a quick flash of light leaves the three of them recovering from a lightning strike.

Adrik still recovering from his previous jolt, feels a magically presence trying to petrify his body, but his god’s gifts to him allow him greater resistance than the average person, allowing him to resist the spell’s effect.

Cade seeing their assailant but being low on power draws his wand of last resorts to batter the attack with unseen spheres of magic.

Crumm now free from the trap rushes the attacker and drawing heavily upon his holy might smites his foe with godly might.

Crumm ‘s body suddenly becomes rigid as his will fails to save him from the effects of another spellcaster that appear out of the north, he had not noticed the new attacker before his frantic rush into battle.

Morgram seeing his party being attacked and outnumbered strains his muscles against the confinement of his stone cage, but still unable to break its grip.

Cade starts to feel the dark encroachment of magic trying to freeze his body, but is able to draw upon his knowledge of the arcane to resist its effects.

The attackers focus their arcane power on Crumm, but he remains resistant against waves of magic trying to steal his freedom.

Adrik release his growing anger at the attackers by focus his rage through his god’s might and erupts forward with a thunderous roar.

Morgram constant straining of muscle versus the earthly strength of stone finally wins out as he shatters his confinement.

Crumm stills batter with even more evil waves of dark magic trying to overcome him.

Cade still low on energy draws dangerous heavy again from his emergency wand as he directs more magic missiles at another foe attacking the party. He is able to squeak out just enough energy to dispatch the enemy.

Crumm free from the previous effects lashes out at his enemy, but the early attacks have taken a heavy toll on him, and he is unable to land a damaging attack.

Crumm and Adrik both find themselves in the direct line of another lightning bolt as it jolts through both of their bodies.

Adrik being drained and extremely hurt finds only enough energy to launch a simple bolt of divine energy at his opponent.

Morgram rage from being trapped has grown to a full berserker rage as he flings himself without any self perseverance into the heart of battle. His lack of any sane tactic takes these new foes by surprise allowing him to sink his axe viciously into them.

Cade not able to safely use his wand anymore draws dangerous power from deep inside and lashes out at his attacker with raw uncontained chaotic power.

Crumm’s body and mind being bashed constantly by spells finally takes it toll as he crumples unconsciously to the floor.

Adrik seeing Crumm body fall helplessly prays to his lord to grant what healing he can to the party. The positive energy draws Crumm back around and allows him to stand again.

Cade pulling what energy he had left to summon energy from the negative planes to course through his body to flow out of his fingers as dark lightning that attaches its itself to the last enemy drawing what life it can from its form.

Crumm barely standing with blood running from every part of his body finds enough strength to sink his weapon into the last enemy to kill it.

The party searches the bodies to find what treasure it can.


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