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Session 15

July 16

Welby – Joe
Adrik – Patty
Cade – Ernie
Morgram – Rob
Crum – B

The party of adventures continue on toward Pinetree Ridge in a blizzard.
The party breaks camp load up their two wagons, Welby driving the front wagon, and Cade driving the back wagon.
By evening the snow picks up as the party breaks to camp for the evening.
The night goes uneventful.
As the party breaks camp in the morning Cade and Adrik notice that items are missing out of their backpacks.
Morgram scouts the area for clues, and finds tracks of small humanoids travelling the same direction as the party.
The party finds travelling in the snow slow and difficult, but the days goes uneventful.
As evening approaches, the party plans to break camp in middle of road.
The night goes uneventful.
As the party break camp again, Adrik finds items missing from his pack again.
Morgram again scouts area to find prints of small humanoids in the snow around the campsite.
Morgram takes the parties magic lantern that can detect invisible creatures to scout ahead to look for the small humanoids.
As Morgram scouts about two hours out from the party and still finds no clues, as he heads back to the party he spots a flickering light coming from a rocky outcrop up on a ridge along the side of the road, and identifies two husky humanoids at the mouth of the encampment.
Morgram make his way back to the party.
The party decides to leave the camp to go confront the humanoids on the ridge encampment.
As the party approaches the humanoids camp, the party inadvertently alerts the creatures of their presence.
Welby flanks the gnolls and brings his crossbow to bear on the enemy.
The now alerted gnolls draws weapons and prepares to defend against us.
Welby gets a shot off, and moderately wounds one of the gnolls.
Three of the gnolls with spears rush onto Morgram as he charges up the ridges, only one gnolls was able to land a successful hit, but just lightly scratches him.
Two other gnolls armed with bows fire on Crumm and Cade, but were unsuccessful in landing their shots.
Morgram becomes enraged!

His mighty swing now kills one gnoll and critical injuries another one.
Aldrik cast Faerie Fire and highlights one of the gnoll archers in green.
Cade cast Eldritch Blast on the injured gnoll on Morgram and kills it, then moves into melee combat.
Crumm cast Misty Step and moves into combat with one of the archers.
Welby shoots one of the injured gnolls and kills, then hides.
The gnoll in h2h with Cade attacks and slightly injures him.
Morgram cleaves a gnoll to death.
Aldrik shoots his crossbow and injures a gnoll.
Cade follows up with another Eldritch Blast on Aldrik’s gnoll and damages it slightly more.
Crumm follows with a critical hit, and kills the last gnoll.
The party is victorious.
The party search the gnoll’s encampment and finds nothing.
The party returns to their previous camp.
The party takes a long rest.
The party breaks camp and trudges on toward Pine Ridge.
Aldrik and Crumm hear scuffling off to the right.
Aldrik hears a squeaky voice from the scuffling.
The party decides to investigate, leaving Cade behind to protect the wagons.
The investigating party sees bugbears and a gnoll roughing up a goblin.
The investigating party rushes the bugbears and a gnoll and surprises them.
Morgram uses the surprise to charge in and moderately hurts one of the bugbears.
Crumm runs and then misty steps to get into h2h with one of the bugbears, slightly damaging it in the attack.
Welby stick and moves and misses with his crossbow.
The goblin huddles in fear.
Morgram attacks one of the bugbears with two attacks, but only landing one hit.
Welby is hit by an arrow from an unknown assailant, but is able to use his uncanny dodge to avoid being hit.
The two bugbears on Morgram misses him on return attacks.
One of the open bugbears moves into combat with Crumm and hits.
Crumm using his THUNDEROUS SMITE hits and kills one of the bugbear attacking him.
The other bugbear on Crumm swings and lands his blow on Crumm, Crumm is visibly damaged.
The two bugbears on Morgram attack him, both hit, but one is able to land a critical blow on him.
Welby shoots at the bugbears and misses.
Morgram goes into a FRENZY!
Morgram misses twice and one hit, doing minor damage to gnoll.
Gnoll attacks Welby, misses once, then hits for light damage.
Bugbear misses Morgram.
Crumm cast Hunter’s Mark on bugbear, and hits Chief bugbear.
Bugbear hits Crumm.
Cade and Aldrik enter the battle.
Welby shoots anf hits gnoll.
Morgram hits bugbear three times, killing it.
Cade fires two Eldritch Blast and hits gnoll.
Gnoll shoots and hit Cade.
Crumm attacks and hits bugbear.
First Bugbear misses Crumm, but second bugbear lands a hit on Crumm.
Bugbear on Morgram misses his attack.
Aldrik fires beam of fire and hits three bugbears and kills one.
Welby fire and hits the gnoll lord and kills it.
Morgram hits bugbear and kills it.
Cade fire a Eldritch blast and hits bugbear.
Crumm hits bugbear and kills it.
Party is victorious!
Part searches area and finds 30 gp.
Cade tries to talk to golblin telepathically and scares the living shit out of it.
Goblin tries to run away.
Crumm cast hold person on goblin.
Party ties up goblin.
Welby talks to goblin.
The goblins name is Droop.
Droop ask the party for help.
Aldrik heals party.
Party hides wagons, takes horses and takes small tents.
Party follows Droop to great goblin kingdom.
Party follows Droop through a secret passage to start their journey toward the kingdom.
The party sees a mound of skeletal remains.
The party feels dangerous about moving forward on this journey.
As the party moved forward through the room, they were attacked by thorns.
The party fought their way through the attacking thorns into a chamber were a giant green gem being held up by a gnarled tree.
The party gets attacked by a shambling mound
Cade cast poison spray but does not damage shambling mound.
Crumm attacks and damage shambling mound.
Morgram attacks the shambling mound.
Welby shoots crossbow and misses.
Aldrik hits but is ineffective against shambling mound.
Cade cast poison spray on the shambling mound and successfully damages it.
Crumm attacks and damage shambling mound.
Morgram attacks the shambling mound.
Welby moves in an attacks the shambling mound.
Aldrik attacks and missed the shambling mound.
Shambling mound attacks and stun Crumm.
Shambling mound engulfs and grappled Welby.
Cade uses full charges on magic missile wand against shambling mound.
Morgram attacks and kill the shambling mounds.
The party jumps through green light and lands on solid light.


Once again Welby is locked into an epic battle with a foe and comes out on top victorious. This time the unfortunate chap was a gnoll lord.

Session 15
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