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The Green Dragon Goes Down!!

First of Many!!!

After dispatching some mutated plants on the way into the The Ruins of Thundertree, we stumbled upon Reidoth’s current dwelling. Reidoth, a druid, was said to have answers concerning the whereabouts of some dwarves we have been looking for. Although he did not seem to have a lot of information concerning the last known location of said dwarves, he was able to provide us a plethora of information concerning the Ruins of Thundertree.

Thundertree is where I was born. My family was chased away by a volcanic eruption when I was very young. I have always wanted to return these Ruins to the thriving town it once was, but the green dragon has held all of us at bay for long enough. When I heard that the green dragon was roosted in the old tower, I was going to do my part to rid the world of this foul beast. I thank the the gods, that this band of adventurers I am running with was willing to help me on this personal quest. We knew the risks were large, but hoped the reward would be even grander.

Our first mission in these ruins was to help an old friend who had lost a family heirloom behind in Thundertree. Mirnah had told us where to find the necklace beset with a fine emerald pendant., all we had to do was find the building and hope that it hadn’t been claimed by the cultists, or even worse ash zombies. As we search the buildings carefully, Welby with his keen senses and eagle eye discovered the necklace right under the shelf where Mirnah had said it would be. With necklace secure it was time to head north to the tower and send this dragon packing.

As we were checking out the crumbling ruins that used to be the homes and shops of my people, I was surprised and clawed by a pair of zombies. I don’t know if it was the fear or the pain, but these attacks sent me into a rage. WIth the help of my companions we quickly dispatched the zombies. One thing we noticed was that when the zombies are hit for the first time they emit a puff of gas that is very deadly. We will be ready for them the next time.

As we continued to search the building, we came across one building that seemed to be better taken care of than most of the ruined buildings in Thundertree. I was taken by surprise when I knocked, and I actually heard someone, or something knock back. We used our strength to pull open the window, and that led to a conversation with what we assumed was the black masked cultists. Now I was well aware that Reidoth has said that he would handle these low lifes, but hey who am I to pass up an opportunity to help rid the world of filthy slime. When they rejected our hospitality by not inviting us in through the front door, we decided to improvise and go through the window. I sprang through first and surprised the cultists, laying one at my wake before they even knew what hit them. Adrith and Crumm quickly joined the battle and before you know it we had taken out all 6 of the cultists hidden away in this hideout. Cade and Welby provided fire power as well with spells and daggers. Our search of the building netted us 3 diamonds and a potion of flying. (According to Cade)

We continued to the north and were once again pestered by 6 twig blights (these appear to be mutated plants). The victory of several recent battles in our minds, the movements were becoming very coordinated and we were starting to anticipate each others moves. Morgran’s axe continued to slice through foes, and once Wleby decided to quit tossing daggers and enter the fray he was able to dispatch of the Boss Twig with a mighty killing blow.

We discovered a statue of Paelien, a noted hero that had killed several monsters in Neverwinter Wood. I wonder what they will carve for us once we slay this mighty dragon. I’ll get Cade, our self proclaimed artist, to get to work on that.

As we were searching what appeared to be the old Thundertree barracks, Welby came across 4 zombies. At first I thought the squeal I heard was the excitement of discovering a huge chest, but knew I was wrong when Welby came running passed me yelling something about more zombies. A combination of Morgran’s mighty axe and Adrik’s ability to paralyze the zombies with fear we were quickly able to finish off our foes and search the old barracks. Our search proved futile.

We’re off to kill the Dragon, the horrible dragon of green.

We spend several minutes scouting out the tower before entering. We know this battle, just like Dungeons and Dragons 5E, can quickly prove lethal. We want to have a strategy firmly in place, and all of us on the same page. After some deliberation, we decide that Welby will ascend to the top of the tower and scout out the situation. We have a strong feeling that we have caught the dragon sleeping. Welby climbs to the top and confirms our thoughts. he then gives us a thumbs up and Cade fries off a spell at the dragon to start the battle. Realizing how close I am to running this dragon off and helping reclaim my homeland sends me into a fit of frenzied rage. My first attack strikes true and I claim a huge chunk of the green dragon. Just enough to anger the large, winged beast.

He slashes his first claw through me, and misses Cade with another claw. He then roars his head back, opens his mighty jaws, and bites Cade almost in half. The bite is the most vicious attack I have ever witnessed, but Cade with nothing but intestinal fortitude shrugs off the bite and responds with a hellish rebuke as he laughs in the dragon’s face. While the dragon is looking on in disbelief at the small warlock still standing in front of him, Adrik takes the initiative and fires off a guided bolt at the green. Crumm immediately follows the bolt into melee range and scores a massive hit on the dragon. Welby, still perched on the top of the tower, lets arrows fly when opportunity presents. After Welby nearly misses with his first arrow, Cade swings his glass staff and pops the dragon right in the side. As I ready my next attack, I have lost all of my bearings. Nothing matters to me, but striking a deadly blow to this beast. I swing my mighty axe twice, and record to fine blows. The dragon is about to fall, I can feel it in my bones. As I complete my primal scream from the satisfaction of delivering a mighty blow, I see an arrow fly by me and finish off the might green Dragon. Welby has delivered the killing blow from high atop the tower. The dragon lays dead at our feet. That is the last thing I remember, as I collapse against the far wall in complete exhaustion. Cade, who was able to shrug off the massive dragon bite during the excitement of the battle, has fallen as well. he seems to have suffered a horrible internal injury. The rest of the crew searches the tower to the tune of 800 sp, 150 gp 4 silver goblets set with moon stones (60 gp each), 2 spell scrolls and a rusty old battle axe inscribed with the letters HEW. Cade thinks it will prove valuable against plant like creatures. We decided to rest here where we felt we would be protected. We feel we have struck evil a mighty blow on this day and deserve the rest.


Very well written!
—Adrick Ironfist

The Green Dragon Goes Down!!

Nice write up! Way to start us off.

The Green Dragon Goes Down!!
luethian deucek195

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