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The Code of Ernierabbi

Since I can’t decipher these notes, I’m going to type them as is!

Members Present:
Crumm – (via Google Hangouts)

Gundron – Dwarf – NPC

  • Escort Gundrun back to Phandalan then to Wave Echo Cave
  • Out of front gates of Cragmaw, turn south
  • Cade looks to the east and sees a group of goblinoids coming down the path from the side Cragmaw.
  • Goblinoids attack party
  • Crumm runs at goblinoids. Adrik tries guiding bolt, but his God forsaked him! Morgran runs at Goblinoids.

2 – wolves charge
4 – humanoids draw boys (I think he meant bows, but must have had little boys on his mind)

  • Wolves missed with their pack tactics

4 Humanoids

  • Cade, Adrik, and Cade get hit.
  • Cade hexes a goblinoid, but misses.

*Welby shoots, misses, and then hides.

*Crumm swings at wolves and hits.

  • Morgran swings and hits wolves.
  • Adrik hit with arrow from Goblinoid (Pretty picture accompanies this)
    *Cade kills goblinoid with power from his master!

*Welby maneuvers through ruins!

  • Crumm swings, misses on a 1 and hits Morgran in the arm
    *Adrik burns a wolf with, the righteous power of his God.
  • Morgran forgives Crumm and hits a wolf—- Killing it!

*Goblinoids shot at Cade and Adrik, hitting Adrik.

*Cade misses goblinoid

*Welby sneak attacks a hobgoblin and does 11 points.
*Disadvantage Crumm is able to hit the wolf and kill it!

*Adrik runs and hides and heals himself.
*Hobgoblins surrender – gives up Vera – remale drow

*Crumm kills one hobgoblin

*Vera was a black elf (another pretty picture)

*Crumm gets gutted by other hobgoblin

(Insert another picture)

*Adrik hits hobgoblin

  • Crumm finally finishes his psychotic killing spree
    *Party heads south toward Phandalen

*Run across a wagon with a broken wagon wheel (Insert another picture)

*Cade, Welby, and Morgran stay the night at Welby and Cade’s aunts. (Insert another picture)

I also believe Morgran had more fun at Cade and Welby’s aunts house than they did

Shopping in town

*Sister Garaele – young elf

*Crowd of people in the city

*Sildar has been injured

*Battle in town. Master Hall
– Corpse of Harbin Webster “mayor”
– Sildar came in and found a female standing over Harbin’s body. – “Dark Elf”

*Returned Sildar’s equipment

  • Welby sneaks something out of Harbin’s hand
    *Sherif (I think it has two F’s but Ernie doesn’t) – believes that the “person” will not return.

(Insert pretty picture)

Welby found a cloak clasp from Harbin’s hand.

(Insert picture)


*Sildar gives party their reward for clearing out Cragmaw Castle.
(Insert picture)
Mirna – Cottage in town
*Returned Mirna her necklace
*Went down to Miner (I guess that’s what he’s trying to write) Exchange to see Halla.

Adrik knows an obscure religious sect tied to the brooch – bringing an evil power into the prime material world.

(Insert a collage of pictures)
*Gundrun leads the party toward Echo Wave Cave
*15 Miles east of Phandalan beginning of the Sword Mountains.

Day 1 to Echo Cave is uneventful.

Entered Echo Wave Cave
*Dead Dwarve Cave
*Thardin – Gundaran’s brother
Multiple wounds weapons.
(insert pretty picture)

*Morgran and Adrik wrap up Thardin body.
*Morgran steal the boots off the dead dwarf.

Party successfully climbs down rope into pit, besides Welby, who falls and busts his ass.

Traveling Northeast in hallway.
(Insert a doodling of some kind)
The Party continues to venture north
*Adrik was attacked in the back of the party
*Cade attacks the slime with lightning
*It splits into multiple jellies.
*Welby attacks the jellies with arrows
*Crumm goes around corner and throws hand axe
*Adrik enhances his hammer and hits the jelly
*Welby shoots the slime with arrows and kills the original jelly.
*Welby runs around the corner to Crumm
*Crumm grabs Welby’s sword from his belt.
*Crumm uses Welby’s sword from his belt and stabs the Jelly.
*Morgran smashes another jelly with his war hammer.
*Jellies attack Crumm and miss
*Jellies try to attack Adrik and Morgran and hit Morgran twice.

  • Cade unsuccessfully tries to poison slime
    *Adrik blesses Morgran, Cade, and himself.
    *Welby fires his new, shiny hand crossbow.

*Crumm smashes through more jellies
*Jellies peter smack Morgran and Crumm.
*Cade kills jelly with outer planar power of death.
*Adrik summons the power of his God and heals the party.
*Welby fires more bolts and barely hits a jelly.
*Crumm continues his killing spree and barely scratches a jelly.
*Morgran goes into a blood driven rage and completely misses a jelly.
*Jelly smacks Morgran and Adrik
*Cade sends Alien energy into Jell.
*Adrik summons his Godly power to heal his damage.
*Welby sends bolts into jelly ending his existence
*Crumm pokes jelly with the pointy end.
*Morgran opens a can of whoop ass on a jelly and kills it.

  • Cade unleashes Mystic fury into jelly.
    *Adrik kills jelly and ends its existence.
    *Welby fires bolts and kills the last jelly.


Nice Job Patrick. Welby forbids Morgran to have “relations” with his aunt!

The Code of Ernierabbi
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