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Wave Echo Cavern Completion

"Time is not on our side"

The evening starting at about 6:30 with Ernie giving us a very detailed re-cap.

Crew barricaded themselves in an office and completed a much needed long rest. Before we head back out into Wave Echo Cave, Cade is designated as the groups MAP Tracker.

We have a strange feeling as we re-start our adventure that “Time is not on our side.”

During the long rest it was noted that we continued to hear waves crashing somewhere in the distance. This has been happening the whole time we have journeyed this cave, but we have not been able to locate the source of this noise.

Our objectives remain the same:

  • Continue our search for Nundro Gundrin
  • Find Info on the Black Spider
  • Determine identity and whereabouts of female Drow Elf that has been stalking us (picked up some info that Drow are up north)

Our new day begins with Cade the Cartographer pointing out that there are still 4 paths that we haven’t investigated yet. (Morgran, being the team player he is, eats 2 pieces of chocolate to keep Adrik from getting the diabetes)

As we head towards one of the unsearched paths we walk into a dim glow that brightens as we draw nearer.

As we continue we notice an old friend who we have already detroyed (or at least we thought) once…. Skully (glowing green skull that floats in the air) has returned. Walking into the bright like, the skull surprises us and fires off a fireball at us. We are desperately trying to get north into an old water room, and even though we are surprised our instincts are strong and we are able to save for half damage.

We hold our ground and begin to fight back. Gundrin readies his crossbow, and waits patiently for the right moment to fire(the rest f us wonder if that moment will ever come) Crumm engages the skull, but misses with a might cut. Morgran smacks his old friend with his great axe, and Welby follows up with a nice hit from his crossbow. Adrik, being the giving Cleric he is, casts bless on Crumm. Morgran and and Welby. Adrik is a team player. Cade moves into an advantageous position and fires 3 pink bolts from his wand of magic missles…. the skull with some enacted magic shield deflects the missiles.

The skull attacks again… he blurs and then fires one fire bolt and Morgran and one at Crumm. Morgran dodges the bolt, but Crumm is drilled to the tune of 7 points of damage.

The battle continues…. Gundrin, now fully prepared fires and scores a critical hit. Crumm misses on his next attack, but Morgran, staying hot with his great axe, deals a killing blow to the skull for a second time. We are quite certain the skull will return again, but Cade isn’t able to tell us any surefire way to destroy it.

Adrik heals Crumm to get him ready for the rest of the journey through this treacherous cave.
Party continues moving North up the water pipe until they come to a bend. Welby moves ahead of the group stealthily to investigate.

The Tosscobbles continue to entertain us and keep spirits high as we merrily stroll along. Following the water pipe, we find a small rift with stakes and ropes embedded that lead to a chasm floor. The ropes take us down 20 feet and across the chasm.

We carefully descend down the ropes to the chasm below. As always, Ernie is constantly engage in grab-assing. At last check he was a nationally ranked grabasser.

Crumm heals himself in anticipation of more battles to come.

After checking out the chasm, Welby heads to climb back up the ropes, but Cade notices something shady with the rock placement. he then quickly tells Welby to freeze, when he notices an aura coming from the dirt. Welby remains oblivious to the aura, but stays still.
Cade cleans the rocks away to find a crushed dwarf skeleton with shiny gloves (possibly magic)

After the discovery, Welby easily makes his climb up the ropes. Morgran follows Welby up ropes to offer him a level of protection. They begin to check the area. After a few minutes the rest of the party climbs the ropes and joins Welby and Morgran… In there searching, they find a door heading North, but Morgran doesn’t hear anything from behind the door.
Welby notices a nearby rubble pile and checks it but come up empty handed. Welby checks locked door for traps and finds none. Welby tries to unlock door, but is unable at his current skill level. In frustration at his lack of performance in many areas of his life, (insert commercial for little blue pill here) he begins to scat, because scatting makes Welby happy.

Crumm, with the assist from Morgran forces open the locked door. It opens into a hall with 6 cracked marble pillars lining the hall. There is a 9 ft statue of a Dwarf king sitting on a throne with emerald eyes. He has an impressive stone war hammer sitting on his lap.

We also notice 1/2 dozen bed rolls / packs and a newly stoked fire and campsite. Finally we see a very disturbing site. Our nemesis, the female drow elf, has Nundro and is holding him with a dagger to his throat. What will our band of heroes do next?

We quickly announce ourselves the Champions of Phandalen.

Real time at this point is 8:45 and my notes read one word…. NONSENSE

Cade attempts to intimidate the drow telepathically. During some discussion with the drow elf, we determine that this is Nesner, “The Black Spider” After a few minutes of discussion, it is obvious that we are not going to be able to reach a peaceful accord and fighting must commence.

4 spiders appear out of nowhere and attack. They manage to web Welby and Adrik. Crumm misses his attack on Nesner. Cade moves into position to cast witch bolt and he misses. Morgran who is entranced, defends Nesner and attacks Cade for attacking Nesner. Luck must be on Cade’s side because Morgran misses for the first time in this cave. How fortuitous. Adrik fights to get out of the web, but can’t. Welby pokes at the spider that has him encased, but misses. He then attempts to hide in the web. Cade is barely missed by a spider web shot at him. Welby, Cade and Crumm get attacked by a spider. Crumm avoids the attack, but Welby and Cade get bitten. They not only take damage, but they are poisoned.

Cade reacts with a hellish rebuke and burns the spider for 20 points of damage. Morgran(still under a spell) swings at Gundrin and misses. Gundrin, unsure of what is going on, disengages and leaves the room. Adrik continues to attack his web without any luck. Welby quaffs a healing potion in preparation of the next round of attacks from our enemies.

Spider hits Cade and knocks him out. Another spider hits Welby and drops him. The drow sends three bolts at Crumm and connects to the tune of some minor damage. Have things ever looked so bleak for our champions?

But, the tide starts to turn…. Crumm attacks a spider with Thunder smite and gives him a good smackin’… Morgran, thinking clearly now the rain has gone, enters a frenzied rage and kills the spider closest to him. Adrik, heals his fallen allies and brings Cade and Welby back to their feet. Welby whacks himself out of the web (hey his words not mine) Just as he sighs in relief, a spider slams him, knocking him back to the ground… the party does notice he at least has a smile on his face this time.

A spider webs Crumm, and another spider attacks Morgran but misses.

Crumm breaks out of the web. Cade hexes a nearby spider, casts witch bolt but misses. Morgran gives a spider a good slice, and Gundrin reenters the fray by critting a spider with his crossbow.

Adrik, once again showing what a team player he is, gathers the team in a circle, pivots amongst them, and brings an intense feeling of healing over them.

Welby misses on three attacks, wastes his inspiration and hides in embarrassment. It has definitely been a rough day for Welby.

Spider attacks Morgran and hits for 12 points of damage.

Side note: Party discusses that although Welby feels quite useless right now he has definitely contributed to the battle efforts. He has soaked up both hit points and healing.

Crumm attacks a nearby spider, fumbles embarrassingly and about hits Cade.

Cade casts magic missile and kills a spider.

Morgran hits a spider twice and cuts him in half. Gundrin misses with his crossbow and Adrik finally rips free from his web.. For some reason at this point…. B grabs Ernie sack.

Welby, after much self reflection on his inadequacies, responds by killing a spider. Crumm heals Nundro for five points .

Somehow in my notes I have no idea what happened to the drow and when it happened.**** all of a sudden I have Nundro being healed.

Welby pops out both Emerald eyes. (gems) Looking through all of the packs, we find potions of healing and clothes… 3 elf sizes, other three very large sets. Found 50 gp, 20 sp, 3 ornate packs…. in the packs we found Travelling spell books, cloaks (magic), Pearl(magic) and lanterns.

Party decides to take a short rest. Gundrin gives Nundro a potion of healing.

4 Magic Items
- Cloak of Elvinkind Welby
lantern of revealing Cade
Pearl of power Adrik
Gauntlets of ogre Power Morgran

Spell book

Cantrips: mage hand, ray of frost, shocking grasp

1st level: mage armor, maggic mirror, shield

2nd level: invisibility, suggestion

Nundro: youngest of three rockseekers, has been interrogated harshly, spared to get information

Investigate one final room and Wave echo cavern is complete.

Gundrin and Nundro are very appreciative of us helping them find the mines and saving their family. They will give of 10% of all mine profits.

Arrive in Phandaelin as a storm is brewing. We arrive at the Stone Hill Inn.

All level up to 5th level

New day: Headed to see Syldar.

Travel to Pine Tree Ridge and talk to Lady Van Pelt. She is looking for adventurers to rid the area of a necromancer.

Northeast-on Tribor Trail past the ruins on Conyberry- sets near a marsh.

Head out NE on the Tribor Trail

We follow trail to Agaths’s lair— lair is adorned with old elven shelves and chests. The air grows cold and a female elf appears…. She was once beautiful, but now she is old and ugly.

Request to know the location of Bogentles spellbook—- She tells us she traded it to the Necromancer TSERNOTA in the town of Iriaelor over 100 years ago. she says to start there and wishes us good luck. We will deliver this info to Sister Gariel. Before we head back we complete an long rest in an old inn in Conyberry.


Good write up Robin. The Kelsch brothers love to mention they are team players and Crumm can’t hit shit. Lol.

Wave Echo Cavern Completion

Good write up Rob. a couple of points.
1. the drow at the end was male. not the female elf that you believe to be stalking you.
2. The male drow escaped by throwing up an area of darkness and slipping out while you fought the spiders. you couldn’t find hide nor hair of him.
3. just to clarify – you are travelling to Pine Ridge to speak to Lady van Pelt, you have not done so just yet.

Wave Echo Cavern Completion
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