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Crumm's Life Debt to Droop

3 cheers for Droop

January 21, 2017
Technical difficulties cause a delayed start.
The new tokens to identify players are very sharp.

After the party rests, they gather information and find that Van pelt’s mansion is south of Pine Ridge. We are told to hit the marshes and go towards the mountains.
We head to Lady Van Pelt’s mansion.
We are introduced to inspiration cards… A change to the inspiration point usage once again. Everyone seems to really like the change.

We arrive at Lady Van Pelt’s mansion after a ½ day of dreary travel. We come upon an old ranch sign that lets us know that we are in the correct place.
As we arrive a steady rain starts to fall. We approach the mansion and the door opens for us. A human man servant (not named Jason) greets us and tells us the Lady of the house would be along when she is able.

We wait in a sitting room. Much to our chagrin, they offer us no sweet meats.
After a short wait, LVP arrives. She is a very imposing figure and the Tosscobbles are visibly frightened.

She tells us about the mad necromancer that killed her husband and forced her off their lands.

She offers us each 300 gp to go to the forest and kill the necromancer.
She gives us a map to help us locate the necromancer. She makes it very clear to Cade that she does not require a scalp as proof of death. She says she will know when death becomes him. She tells us that the necromancer has taken over her other manner.
!0 years ago, this very skilled necromancer tried to summon his Mad God, but the brave villagers stopped him. LVP is quite certain he will try again very soon. As a matter of fact, she tells us that it is only 1 week before the convergence(when all of the starts align). She feels that this is when he will attempt to summon his Mad God and she thinks he has the power he needs to be successful this time.
We set out and follow the very crude map. Necromancer can be found past the town of Pine Tree. It is still drizzling as we travel. On our way out of town a human gravedigger calls to us. He asks” Hey, What are you all doing?”
When we tell him we are setting out to kill the Necromancer, he adds some information that we can put in our dossier. He lets us know that he has been in the dame woods forever, and that many strange thinks have been known to happen in the woods where he resides. He tells us that the woods are really more of a swamp. He tells us that if we follow the old road in the forest, we will find the necromancer.
So the mighty band of adventurers start out the old road in search of greatness and renown. The day is a very dreary day to travel. After being on the old road for about an hour, the road becomes much swampier and difficult to traverse. As we continue on, we keep getting the feeling that we are constantly being watched. Not only do we feel we are being watched, we have a very strong feeling that whoever has the wandering eyes, wants us dead.
At this point it is noted that Ernie really struggles with technology. We carry on.
As they continue walking into the marsh cautiously, Adrik, Crumm and Morgran notice white shapes darting in and out of the woods around them. It is now mid-afternoon. We keep moving on and on and on, we keep on moving.
As we march on, the group comes to the realization that Droop is destined for greater things.

9:47 Coach Snapp connects.
10:16 technology issues persist
We roll initiative
At this point it is noted that we have heard the words “Count to 10 and reconnect” way too many times for one evening. To which is quickly shortened too, Hit the reconnect Joey.
10:32 First Blood is drawn!!!
We are attacked by shambling mounds.
Morgran is critted and engulfed. Restrained and even blinded, he attacks back and scores two hits.
Crumm lays the smacketh downeth on the earthy mound and it bursts into flames.
Droop launches a javelin and scores a critical hit.
Welb lands a solid shot with his crossbow. Another shambling mound enters the fray and engulfs Crumm.

Shamash uses his breath weapon and hits both mounds.
Adrik’s fireball strikes both as well. Cade misses with both of his Eldritch blasts.
A thirs shambling mound makes an appearance. SM #1 moves to attack Shamash. Morgran hits SM#1 twice.
Crumm hits SM #2 once. Droop disengages right before Welby fires a bolt that kills SM #1. The death frees Morgran, who is very grateful.
Welby uses his bonus action, but misses with a dagger. SM#2 attacks Adrick and hits. Shamash casts Thundering Strike and hits twice. Adrick pulls another spell out of his arsenal as casts Wall of Fire, butning both mounds.
SM#2 hits Adrick once. Shamash takes advantage of his attack of opportunity and deals out some more fire damage. Shamash hits SM#2 twice but Cade misses with both of his blasts. Sm #3 takes a huge amount of fire damage from the wall of fire.
SM#4 attacks Cade and hits, Cade casts hellish rebuke and fight sback.
Morgran finally gets a chance to move into melee and wredk havoc
Crumm hits 2 times with the trusty Hue.
Droop kills SM#2 and saves Crumm. Crumm owes a life debt to Droop. Droop will not forget.
Welby misses with short sword and runs away. (Party not even surprised by this)
Adrik casts burning hands at SM#3 and burns him. Shamash casts hunters mark on SM#3 and moves into the battle. He scores two hits.
Cade finally hits, two times…
SM3# hit Shamash one and #4 hits Cade once.
Morgran lands tow blows to #4, Crumm vanishes and reappears in striking range. He lands one hit. Droop misses with a javelin.
Adrik, a true team player, casts prayer of healing.
Shamash hits, but Cade misses. Fortunately # 3 misses with both attacks. #4 hits Morgran once.
Morgran retaliates with a hit of his own. Crumm scores two hits.
Droop, always looking out for his friend Crumm, saves his tail once again and kills the shambling mound.
The adventures focus fire on the remaining Shambling mound and Cade’s hellish rebuke finishes the battle. The group erupts with 3 cheers for Droop… and Metallica’s “Hero of the Day” plays in the background. Session over.


Good stuff Rob.

Crumm's Life Debt to Droop
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