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Session 15

July 16

Welby – Joe
Adrik – Patty
Cade – Ernie
Morgram – Rob
Crum – B

The party of adventures continue on toward Pinetree Ridge in a blizzard.
The party breaks camp load up their two wagons, Welby driving the front wagon, and Cade driving the back wagon.
By evening the snow picks up as the party breaks to camp for the evening.
The night goes uneventful.
As the party breaks camp in the morning Cade and Adrik notice that items are missing out of their backpacks.
Morgram scouts the area for clues, and finds tracks of small humanoids travelling the same direction as the party.
The party finds travelling in the snow slow and difficult, but the days goes uneventful.
As evening approaches, the party plans to break camp in middle of road.
The night goes uneventful.
As the party break camp again, Adrik finds items missing from his pack again.
Morgram again scouts area to find prints of small humanoids in the snow around the campsite.
Morgram takes the parties magic lantern that can detect invisible creatures to scout ahead to look for the small humanoids.
As Morgram scouts about two hours out from the party and still finds no clues, as he heads back to the party he spots a flickering light coming from a rocky outcrop up on a ridge along the side of the road, and identifies two husky humanoids at the mouth of the encampment.
Morgram make his way back to the party.
The party decides to leave the camp to go confront the humanoids on the ridge encampment.
As the party approaches the humanoids camp, the party inadvertently alerts the creatures of their presence.
Welby flanks the gnolls and brings his crossbow to bear on the enemy.
The now alerted gnolls draws weapons and prepares to defend against us.
Welby gets a shot off, and moderately wounds one of the gnolls.
Three of the gnolls with spears rush onto Morgram as he charges up the ridges, only one gnolls was able to land a successful hit, but just lightly scratches him.
Two other gnolls armed with bows fire on Crumm and Cade, but were unsuccessful in landing their shots.
Morgram becomes enraged!

His mighty swing now kills one gnoll and critical injuries another one.
Aldrik cast Faerie Fire and highlights one of the gnoll archers in green.
Cade cast Eldritch Blast on the injured gnoll on Morgram and kills it, then moves into melee combat.
Crumm cast Misty Step and moves into combat with one of the archers.
Welby shoots one of the injured gnolls and kills, then hides.
The gnoll in h2h with Cade attacks and slightly injures him.
Morgram cleaves a gnoll to death.
Aldrik shoots his crossbow and injures a gnoll.
Cade follows up with another Eldritch Blast on Aldrik’s gnoll and damages it slightly more.
Crumm follows with a critical hit, and kills the last gnoll.
The party is victorious.
The party search the gnoll’s encampment and finds nothing.
The party returns to their previous camp.
The party takes a long rest.
The party breaks camp and trudges on toward Pine Ridge.
Aldrik and Crumm hear scuffling off to the right.
Aldrik hears a squeaky voice from the scuffling.
The party decides to investigate, leaving Cade behind to protect the wagons.
The investigating party sees bugbears and a gnoll roughing up a goblin.
The investigating party rushes the bugbears and a gnoll and surprises them.
Morgram uses the surprise to charge in and moderately hurts one of the bugbears.
Crumm runs and then misty steps to get into h2h with one of the bugbears, slightly damaging it in the attack.
Welby stick and moves and misses with his crossbow.
The goblin huddles in fear.
Morgram attacks one of the bugbears with two attacks, but only landing one hit.
Welby is hit by an arrow from an unknown assailant, but is able to use his uncanny dodge to avoid being hit.
The two bugbears on Morgram misses him on return attacks.
One of the open bugbears moves into combat with Crumm and hits.
Crumm using his THUNDEROUS SMITE hits and kills one of the bugbear attacking him.
The other bugbear on Crumm swings and lands his blow on Crumm, Crumm is visibly damaged.
The two bugbears on Morgram attack him, both hit, but one is able to land a critical blow on him.
Welby shoots at the bugbears and misses.
Morgram goes into a FRENZY!
Morgram misses twice and one hit, doing minor damage to gnoll.
Gnoll attacks Welby, misses once, then hits for light damage.
Bugbear misses Morgram.
Crumm cast Hunter’s Mark on bugbear, and hits Chief bugbear.
Bugbear hits Crumm.
Cade and Aldrik enter the battle.
Welby shoots anf hits gnoll.
Morgram hits bugbear three times, killing it.
Cade fires two Eldritch Blast and hits gnoll.
Gnoll shoots and hit Cade.
Crumm attacks and hits bugbear.
First Bugbear misses Crumm, but second bugbear lands a hit on Crumm.
Bugbear on Morgram misses his attack.
Aldrik fires beam of fire and hits three bugbears and kills one.
Welby fire and hits the gnoll lord and kills it.
Morgram hits bugbear and kills it.
Cade fire a Eldritch blast and hits bugbear.
Crumm hits bugbear and kills it.
Party is victorious!
Part searches area and finds 30 gp.
Cade tries to talk to golblin telepathically and scares the living shit out of it.
Goblin tries to run away.
Crumm cast hold person on goblin.
Party ties up goblin.
Welby talks to goblin.
The goblins name is Droop.
Droop ask the party for help.
Aldrik heals party.
Party hides wagons, takes horses and takes small tents.
Party follows Droop to great goblin kingdom.
Party follows Droop through a secret passage to start their journey toward the kingdom.
The party sees a mound of skeletal remains.
The party feels dangerous about moving forward on this journey.
As the party moved forward through the room, they were attacked by thorns.
The party fought their way through the attacking thorns into a chamber were a giant green gem being held up by a gnarled tree.
The party gets attacked by a shambling mound
Cade cast poison spray but does not damage shambling mound.
Crumm attacks and damage shambling mound.
Morgram attacks the shambling mound.
Welby shoots crossbow and misses.
Aldrik hits but is ineffective against shambling mound.
Cade cast poison spray on the shambling mound and successfully damages it.
Crumm attacks and damage shambling mound.
Morgram attacks the shambling mound.
Welby moves in an attacks the shambling mound.
Aldrik attacks and missed the shambling mound.
Shambling mound attacks and stun Crumm.
Shambling mound engulfs and grappled Welby.
Cade uses full charges on magic missile wand against shambling mound.
Morgram attacks and kill the shambling mounds.
The party jumps through green light and lands on solid light.

Crumm: a domination fORCe

June 18th, 2016

Aaron – DM
Joe – Welby
Patrick – Adrik
Cade – Ernie
Morgran – Rob

Crumm – B

Rob and Joe tag teamed to provide a recap of our last session.

Party used their hit dice to regain hit points. During the short rest party identifies a ring as a Ring of Protection – +1 AC and to saving throws. Morgran snatched up the ring.
Nobody in the party was able to identify the brooch.

Party travels South to Wyvern Tor on horseback. Welby announces to the party that it is officially a caravan.

At 8pm Joe finishes off his 5th dainty drink

As dusk draws near, the party decides to break for camp. The party vents their frustration at camp about their inability to find Wyvern Tor.

Before the party starts their watches, Welby’s keen eye notices a light flickering off in the distance about a half mile away. Welby, unsure of what’s causing the light, alerts the party.

Morgran investigates and as a party decides to watch closely through the night.

Watch Order:
Morgran – Unevetful
Crumm – on edge and hears a lot of noises
Cade – Uneventful
Adrik – Flickering light continues, but notices nothing out of the ordinary.
Welby – Uneventful

Party wakes up to start the day. The caravan travels toward the flickering light.
Welby with his great perception skills can still occasionally see the flickering light even during the day. The caravan decides to travel within 100 yards of the light.

Party ties off their horses and cautiously proceeds…
The faint smell of smoke enters the air. The party notices a small cave mouth opened at the top of a hill.

Keeping watch of the cave is a single Orc.

Crumm and Morgran stay 120 ft away from the camp
Cade and Adrik stay 80ft away from the camp

Welby stealthily swings around and gets into melee range with the orc sentry.
Welby, with his two short swords, hits twice dropping the orc.

Party sees the Orc drop and joins Welby off to the side of the cave entrance.

After a quick discussion, party believes this is Wyvern Tor. Welby, quietly and silently, enters the cave mouth.

Inside he sees a couple torches, a bigger glow from the top, and at this time no sounds or movement from other creatures.

Party enters behind Welby as he stealthily moves towards the bigger glow. Party continues following Welby.

As the party travels further into the cave, they begin to hear loud conversation and movement. Crumm, loathing everything about the Orcs, his blood begins to boil.

Welby, uses his gem of Brightness to help see down a dark tunnel. Welby approaches a small rock. He sees multiple orcs around a bonfire.
Welby telepathically tells Cade to bring party up.

Crumm and Morgran rush towards Orcs, surprising them. Morgran enters the battle throwing two handaxes, hitting one and bloodying the orc.

Adrik misses with Crossbow. Crumm and Cade move 50ft closer.

Welby fires a hand crossbow at another Orc. Hits and drops his second orc of the cave. Welby slides quietly back behind the rock.

Morgran, entering a rage, attacks and kills two orcs.

Orcs react to the attacks and attack back – misses Morgran.

Adrik misses again with the crossbow.

Crumm uses his hunters mark and hits twice killing another Orc.

Orc attacks Morgran and crits! Slices him in stomach, leaving a bloody opening.

Brughor Axebiter charges at Morgran and attacks. Morgran swiftly sidesteps narrowly missing his great axe.

Orc misses Crumm.
Orc shoots a volley of arrows – Missed all
Adrik, Morgran, and Crumm were the subjects of the arrows.

Gog, the Ogre, charges Crumm, hits him for minor damage.

Cade misses…

Welby uses his hand crossbow and hits Gog for 22 points.
Morgran slices Brughor with his great axe and bloodies him.

Orc – misses Crumm but connects on two with Morgran.

Cade, telepathically lets party know where the volley of arrows are coming from, and fires an Eldritch Blast.

Welby’s perception finds two more orcs, fires his crossbow and kills another Orc, then rehides.

Morgran swings twice at Brughor Axebiter, hits and drops him!

Morgran leaves threatening square and takes an attack of opportunity and staves off both.
Adrik hits an Orc, finally contributing to the battle.

Crumm, moved Hunter’s mark, bloodied and killed the orc!

Orc returns favor attacking Crumm and misses.
Another Orc charges at Crumm and misses.

Orc shoots arrows at Crumm and crits him for damage and slowing his movement.
Orcs are starting to heat up!
Orc crits Cade. Cade has disadvantage on WIS/INT based ability checks until a rest.

Cade uses his Wand of Magic Missile and drops an orc.

Welby crits an Orc and kills him.

Morgran not able to clear the cavernous area with his boots of springing and striding decides to double move 70 ft.

Adrik casts bless on Welby, Crumm, and Cade
Crumm moved Hunter’s mark, hits with Hew for 24 points dropping another Orc.

The 3 remaining orcs send a volley of arrows hitting Cade twice.

Cade drops an Orc with an Eldritch Blast.

Welby triple moved to a landing over the shooting Orcs.

Morgran leaped the chasm.

Adrik, always willing to be the team player, casts Prayer of Healing Cade restoring some hit points.

Crumm – double moved

Orc shoots two arrows at Morgra and hits once.
Cade moves closer and attacks, dropping an Orc.

Welby stands from his prone position and fires with disadvantage. Welby needs Bless from his team player, Adrik, to help him hit.

Morgran hits with two javelins and kills the final Orc.

Crumm dismantles the Orcs, putting their heads on stakes and lines them up at the cave entrance.

Party searches… Finds a chest containing:
750 cp
180 sp
62 ep
30 gp
3 vials of perfume (10 gp)

Party successfuly takes a short rest
Crumm, Morgran, and Cade use Hit dice
410 xp for Wyvern Tor and Old Owl Well
Party still 4000xp from lvl 6

The Party collects their wagon and horses and the caravan heads towards Pinetree Ridge in search of Lady Van Pelt.

Caravan starts their slow journey towards Pinetree Ridge.

Party encounters snow, slowing their travel time.

Welby heard faint noises.
Stealthily moves up and looks and spots 5 Bugbears bullying a single goblin.

Bugbear charges the party, showing no fear. He attacks Crumm with a morningstar and hits twice.

Morgran hits one bugbear

Cade, Hunger of Hadar, does 17 damage to a bugbear and killed a goblin.

Adrik casts Bless on Welby, Crumm, and Morgran.

Welby drops a bugbear with his hand crossbow.

Crumm hits twice with long sword dropping another bug bear.

Morgran hits a bugbear with his first crit ever splitting him through the chest

Cade, hit a bugbear with Eldritch Blast, crits and kills.

Adrik casts Guiding Bolt and hits a bugbear.

Welby finishes off the bugbear with a crossbolt.

Party searches, but finds nothing of any value.

A giant flaming deer being ridden by an unknown female race telepathically tells travelers:
“Beware of the Stones!”

The party, paying a little attention to the advice, continues traveling.
As the continue forward, Adrik is attacked and critted causing disadvantage to any thing requiring him to use his left hand.

Morgran clawed out of the snow and takes damage.
Cade also hit for damage.
Crumm, not having any of it, attacks a Yeti for 27 points damage.
The Yeti’s attack Crumm and Adrik and miss.

Morgran is paralyzed taking damage.

Yeti attacks and stares at Cade! Cade saves his constitution check.

Cade reacts with a Hellish Rebuke.
Morgran saves and is no longer paralyzed.
Welby hits a Yeti with a hand crossbolt.

Cade takes a potion of greater healing and restores HPs.

Adrik takes a potion of great healing and restores HPs.

Crumm attacks the first Yeti – and hits once.

Yeti attacks Adrik and paralyzes him.
Morgran withstands the Yeti’s stare.

Yeti attacks Cade and misses…
Morgran attacks Yeti and hits… dropping him!

Welby stays hot with his crossbolt and hits a Yeti.

Cade fires a magic missile and a Yeti and drops him.

Adrik, stil paralyzed from the Icy stare.

Crumm hits with two handaxes

Yeti looks at Crumm and paralyzes him with an Icy stare, attacks Cade and hits for 10.
Cade reacts with a Hellish Rebuke.

Morgran crits the Yeti and drops him.

Adrik restores 16 hp with cure wounds.

Crumm gives Adrik, Cade, and Morgran hit points by laying on hands.

Session ends…

Session 13
My DM Likes to Post Duck-faced Belfies on MySpace

My DM Likes to Post Duck-faced Belfies on MySpace
Session 13
April 9th, 2016

Aaron (DM)
Ernie (Cade)
Joe (Welby & Crumm)
Robin (Mogrann and Adrik)

Pregame chatter:

  • Discussed the DM’s fondness of taking and posting duck-face belfies on MySpace
  • Multiple issues with printing new character sheets using HeroLab including bad ink output and wrong character stats
  • Shitty presidential candidates
  • Augusta senior trip to New York
  • The federal government’s debt
  • Maybe our last time ordering Jet’s pizza
  • The cost of Brad Daniel’s cab rides to and from band practice ($60) and the fact he has bought 3 different scooters in the last few years. Two are broke down, so he bought a third one. This new one is only a 50cc engine so he to use roads with a 45 MPH or less speed limit.
  • Aaron selling his house and negotiating to buy a new one
  • DM had to resolve a few Roll20 map shenanigans as usual

8 PM start time with Ernie giving a recap of the previous session.

The party heads down a long hallway, still trying to locate their missing comrade, that lovable rascal halfling rogue, Webly Tosscoble. After walking about fifty feet, the group notices a small shadowy figure sneaking towards them. It is Welby at long last! The friends all engage in a tight embrace as Welby fills them in on his latest adventure.

Here are some of the particulars:

  • The night of his disappearance, he went to inspect some noises he heard and came upon a ritual being performed in a building by three humanoid creatures (he now knows as hags). He could not discern the language, but was able to disrupt the ritual.
  • He recognized one of them was wearing the same symbol as the one he found by the dead body of the mayor of Phandalin, a woman’s head surrounded by vipers.
  • He was ambushed by four large wolves and two ogres. He almost made good his escape but was captured and shoved in a burlap sack.
  • The ogres took him to a back room of this cave and left him tied in the burlap sack where he overheard a conversation take place between two females. One voice he recognized as the female drow elf from Cragmaw Castle who was in league with the bugbear leader. The other voice he never heard before but it was smooth, subtle and feminine. The new voice wanted to sacrifice the halfling trickster, but the female drow elf said “No! I need him and his bungling group of heroes still. There is much to do. Just keep him out of the way for the next two days. I have to take care of Lady Van Pelt before she ruins everything. Just dump him in the woods later for his party to find."

After information is exchanged and everyone is up to speed, the adventurers head back the way Welby came to better investigate the room where he was kept. They conclude this is a lair of a coven of hags, which the band had engaged in battle earlier. While in their lair, a hag’s actions are much more powerful, similar to a dragon in its lair. They also deduced they killed the green hags but believe the nightmare hag made good its escape. They search the room and furniture for clues. Various books, papers, vials, and a pit of bubbling red liquid all point to part of a very dark ritual. The group confiscates four scrolls on top of a desk, nine potions in a desk cabinet, a brooch, and a traveling spell book. (The potions are four healing and five greater healing which are distributed appropriately among them). The party realizes these dark rituals require two to five hags to complete and the ritual items found in this room are not really valuable to the outside world. “We need to put an end to this wretched evil,” Crumm declares, and with Mogrann’s help, begins to sanctify the heart of the hag lair. They start a fire quicker than “two shakes of a peter” and then observe the desks, papers, books and other ritual items burn in strange pallid green flames.

The party makes their way back out of the cave and Welby takes a minute to kick the dead ogres that captured him. “Good riddance,” he mutters to himself. Somebody suggests Welby “take a poop” on the dead ogres, but he thinks better of it. It is dusk as the gang leaves the cave and heads back towards Conyberry to regroup. After a long rest, they will continue their journey to Pinetree Ridge in search of Lady Van Pelt who is looking to hire adventurers to take care of “the Necromancer”.

Along the trail back to Conyberry, the front ranks of the marching order, Crumm in particular, get mixed up in some webbing that has overtaken the path. As the others try to free Crumm from his entanglements, the crew is ambushed by three giant spiders and an ettercap. Everyone is surprised except Welby. Mogrann is grabbed around the neck with webbing and he is unable to breath. After being the “tank” in the last battle at Wave Echo Cave and then recently being taken captive, Welby decides he wants to go full offensive. He puts on an amazing display of swordsmanship and footwork and kills two spiders quite quickly, jumping on the back of one and stabbing it through the back of the head with both his swords. Adrik kills the third spider with a guiding bolt of divine power while Mogrann breaks free of the webbing and finishes off the ettercap. The band of friends burn a path through the webs and Welby searches the immediate vicinity for other possible dangers. They arrive at their Conyberry campsite, set watch, and bed down for a long rest. Welby is happy to see his equipment is all still there.

NOTE: At this point, there was session disturbance due to hit point and hit dice discrepancies.

The gang wakes up in the morning refreshed and break camp. They decide to investigate the ruins at the Old Owl Well since it is not far off the path to Pinetree Ridge. Daran Edermath, retired adventurer, had asked them to check it out. He had heard of prospectors digging at the Old Owl Well ruins but were run out by the undead. Daran inferred the party could possibly gain favor with the Order of the Gauntlet for performing this deed. If time permitted, the comrades also agreed to examine the orc outpost, Wyvern Tor, as Crumm has been very vocal about bringing down vengeance on any orc tribes.

The band arrives at the Old Owl Well. The area is covered in brush and ruins. The watch tower is mostly destroyed and gone. There is a horrible stench permeating the surroundings. Three colorful tents, one large and two small, have been erected with some empty carts parked outside. Welby uses his expert stealth skills to sneak up to the two smaller tents and peek inside. The first tent is full of supplies and neatly organized. The second tent is half filled with supplies and also neatly organized. The masterful halfling thief begins to make his way to the large tent when a multitude of a dozen zombies come shambling from the tower ruins towards the party. They have discovered the cause of the stench! The agile rogue scurries up to the roof of the large tent while his warlock brother casts Hunger of Hadar and puts a dark void upon all the walking dead, causing darkness and area of effect damage. Welby blindly fires his hand crossbow into the void and hears it connect, and then a thud, hopefully taking one out. Crumm and Mogrann each drop a zombie as the creatures come out of the darkness. Cade misty steps to the top of the tent beside Welby. His brother gives him a quick look of disapproval as he hopes the tent can support both their weight. A human in red robes with a bald tattooed head suddenly steps out of the tent. “What is the meaning of this?” he says. Noticing necromancy symbols and using their arcane knowledge and history lore, the party recognizes him as a red wizard of Thay, which is a land far to the east run by a lich king. Crumm kills a zombie, Adrik casts a Spirit Guardian spell, and Mogrann takes out two more opponents. Welby scores a critical hit on a walker with a dagger and then finishes it off with a bolt from his hand crossbow. The necromancer, sensing himself in mortal danger if he stays too close to the crazed halflings on top of his tent, misty steps thirty feet away and casts a spell on Mogrann. The dwarf barbarian suddenly feels “like a brick”.

NOTE: At this point everyone breaks into a stirring rendition of “He’s a brick…house….”.

As the Hunger of Hadar and Spirit Guardian spells continue to wreak havoc during the skirmish, Adrik and Welby each polish off a zombie. Mogrann still cannot function due to his brick-like nature. Cade hits the enemy mage with a full complement of pink magic missiles from his wand. Welby seizes the opportunity and fells the red caster with a tremendous head shot from a hand crossbow bolt. Welby is kicking some serious ass! Adrik’s spirit guardian and Cade each dispose of an undead enemy. With the red wizard no longer in the battle, Mogrann finally shakes off the effects of the heaviness spell. He decides he better get useful in this fight and kills a rotting foe. Welby jumps down from his perch on top of the tent and plants double daggers deep in the last zombie’s head, finishing it with pizazz. Welby is still kicking some serious ass!

Cade performs a deep cavity search on the red wizard of Thay and finds nothing but a brown hole. Crumm, vengeful paladin his is, scalps the bald tattooed head of the dead necromancer on the off chance this is the same one Lady Van Pelt is looking to exterminate. Seeing Crumm perform the grisly deed, Mogrann proudly proclaims, “I am into animals, not scalping”. This statement gets a few raised eyebrows from his fellow comrades. Welby and Adrik investigate the large tent. It is well organized and looks to be living quarters.

They find in the tent:
- A medium sized chest containing 35 sp, 20 ep, 20 gp, 5 pp, 1 pearl (100 gp), a potion of healing, and scroll of darkness in a bone tube (Aaron, please confirm this)
- A tiny jeweled box (25 gp) containing a ring

They also take:
- 1 large tent with two side tents attached
- 2 small tents
- 2 horses
- 2 wagons
- Ink, quill, and 20 pieces of parchment
- 20 days iron rations
- Tinderbox
- General equipment and supplies

NOTE: The party finishes a short rest at this campsite. (The crew still needs to spend any hit dice and still needs to identify the ring found in the tent.)

Session 12

The party finding themselves again feeling like they were being controlled and manipulated by an angry asshole of a god that took twisted humor in driving their fate through unforeseen hardships.

The party came upon the scene of what only could be described as a site of a previous ritual and sacrifice to powers or creatures of great evil.

Cade who had studied much upon the magic of rituals studied the macabre symbols and accrutoments that made up the scene around the fire. Not sure of the nature of the ritual all he was able to unearth were images of a lady with serpents for hair.

Adrik and Crumm recognized that the symbol, a lady face with serpents for hair, was also from on the medallion.

The group followed Welby’s tracks into the woods. The trailed became very difficult to follow, by Morgam’s excellent tracking ability kept the party on track. The party followed the trail into a dark and overgrown part of the woods. This area of the woods began to give the party eerie and dreadful feelings.

Crumm using the powers gifted to him by his god reached out his divine senses to get a better understanding of hf his surroundings. The evil was so great that it cause Crumm to double over and wretch out his guts. Crumm’s conclusions was that the woods were not natural.

Morgram’s in depth knowledge of nature also supported Crumm’s conclusion.

The presence of evil would not stop this hearty band of adventures from rescuing their friend.

The party continued to move deeper into the evil woods as its presence continued its assault of dread on the party.

The density of the woods grew unnaturally dense the deeper the party moved into its depths.

As the party struggled to move through the dense and overgrown woods, the woods become alive with movement. The undergrowth became alive and snared and netted brave little Cade on his mission to rescue his wayward brother. Out of nowhere three monstrous size wolves charge the party growling and biting in a raging froth of madness.

Adrik was first to feel the long tooth bite of these possessed creatures. The wounding of his companion and his skills of arms drove Morgram to flayed one of the attackers as it jumped over the party, raining down its organs upon the party.

Crumm advanced on another of the fiends and sliced into the creature with two swings of his mighty ax, but this one was too evil to die yet, and continued its assault on the brave band.

Adrik still recovering from his earlier wound tried to fight back against his attacker, but was unable to successfully in drawing the creatures blood through its heavily furred skin.

The party occupied with the three wolves didn’t notice their master laying in the darkness watching for the right moment to strike.

The large, twisted and disfigured humanoid made his presences known the tree this creature wielded as a weaponed fell upon Adrik’s preoccupied attentioned and smashed past his armored defenses and directly into his head.

Poor brave Cade watching helpless as his brothers in battle were being cutdown. He reached for his dagger to try and cut himself free, but the tightness of the devil weeds made it impossible even in his skilled hands to cut his binds.

Morgram covered in the blood and organs from his previous victim turned his attention to this new invader among the party. Grabbing his weapon with both hands, he charged this humongous disfigured enemy slicing deeply into it glutinous body. Yet, a wound that would lay any man asunder barely phased his new foe.

Crumm still facing down on of the wolves he had previously injured was unable to recover himself from his previous onslaught and was unable to bring his weapon to bear again upon his enemy.

Adrik through the might of his god was still standing after the horrendous hit he had taken and exacts swift revenge of one of the wolves that had wandered too close.

Poor brave Cade was still completed entangled by the bewitched vegetation and was still unable to free his dagger to free himself from his binds.

Morgram anger had grown to a boil as the insult of the laughing abomination who had taken one of Morgram’s best hits and ignored it as one would a mosquito bite. This enraged Morgram to continue his hopeless fight with this monster till either only Morgram or it were the last to stand this bloody ground.

Crumm regaining his fighting stance was guide by his deity to expect his attacker’s next move and was able to slide his axe in at the appropriate time to end it life.

Adrik was standing and adrenaline rushing but was still dazed to do more than try to defend himself in this melee.

The giant humanoid lept forward rushing its entire massive body in a charge directed at Morgram, but Morgram taking a blow that would of flipped a full cart or even dropped a stonewall only slightly affected the might of Morgram in his full boiled rage.

Poor, poor, brave Cade still restricted from freedom by this infernal trap of hell spawn weeds.

Morgram returned his attackers brute force with greater force, and again drove his weapon deep into his enemy to no prevailing affect.

Crumm knowing the level of evil the party now faces beseeches his god for divine inspiration to deliver his party from such foes. Crumm using the guiding hand of his master to drive the kill blow to this monstrous creature and sends its soul back to the abyss.

Adrik doing his best to keep conscious and weapons up, is overcome by the quick snapping bite of the last foe.

Poor, poor, poor, brave Cade still entrapped in this devilious entanglement.

The party able to pull together under Morgram’s leadership and drive in the killing blow on the finale wolf.

The party with much difficult and extraordinary effort manage to free Cade from his predicament.

The party knowing that they are in no spot to rest push forward and finds a small area where their previous enemies used as a lair. Quickly scouring the area they find nine rubies, a ring, and another Amulet with the head of a female with serpents for hair.

Cade’s constant struggling against his binds had taken a toll on his energy and found himself extremely tired and exerted. It took all he had to continue his movements through the thick forest.

Morgram attention is drawn off by the distant howling of a wolf. Morgram felt concern that this meant more attackers were on the way.

The party pushed on through the heaviest thickets and trees any of them had ever seen when all of the sudden they unknowingly broke through into a clearing to find an entrance to a cavern.

The party not wanting to stay out in the open for long get into lightning bolt position with five foot spacing between each of them.

As the party enters a large cavern where they instantly attacked by two more large humanoids, exactly like they one they had just faced earlier, and three humongous, hungry, rabid wolves.

Morgram always prepared for battle slays the wolf that had foolishly choose him as a target. Swing his mighty axe through the air, left only the creature’s head to actually reach Morgram’s feet.

Adrik fearing for the safety of his friends drew upon the power of his god to protect them in his graces.

Crumm fearing nothing but failing his god, draws on his power to identify any weakness in his enemy and surges forward to attack his newly marked foe.

One of the large humanoids charges forward carrying his massive body over great distance with its huge power strides to reach Adrik, but was unable to overcome the protections his god had granted him and fell short of landing a blow.

Cade feeling like he had failed his friends earlier by not being able to assist while trapped in a net of living vegetation, now draws upon some of his deepest and darkest power of open a portal into the utter chaos of cosmic horror directly on top of the humanoid creature and his pet that threaten his party.

Cade concentrating on his powers didn’t notice that a new humanoid, a blue one, had appeared out of thin air and smashed its weapon into Cade.

Morgram still in the fury of battle continues his dance of death by redirecting the flow of his axe down upon the neck of another wolf, cleaving yet another head free from its oppressing body, to join the now growing gruesome altar of heads growing at his feet. Morgram’s growing momentum moves him further into battle as his axe seems to attack with a while of its own to continue the fight to the next contestant. Bring the axe around his body in an act of total gymnastic feat he slices it into the new combatant that had dare to pick on poor defenseless Cade.

Adrik sliding out from the reach of one of the large humanoids to gain advantage on an unsuspecting and vulnerable to slay it.

Crumm turns his attention to one of the large humanoids and several wounds the creature, but was unable to kill it.

Cade recovering from the power blow from the blue creature releases dark energy from a negative dark plane that wretches some of the life energy away from his attacker.

Morgram’s dance of death had built to such a blurry flurry of motion that it seems as if his axe and himself merge into a whirlwind of death blowing through the room. Not only slaying the blue humanoid but robbing Crumm of the death of the last of the other humanoid.

The party takes a moment to briefly rest and search their assailants before continuing their search deeper into the cave for Welby.

As the party moves down through the caverns, cade notices a strange unnatural looking outcrop.

The party investigates and decides that it is possible a secret passage of hidden room, but are unable to find any mechanism that can open it.

The party continues on down the tunnel being lead by their intrepid leader Morgram, who unknowingly steps on a pressure plate that sends two spring loaded stone cages up from the ground to entrap Crumm and himself.

The party responds quickly to try and free their imprisoned partners, but to no avail, as the party doesn’t have Welby skills available to unlock them, and the party lacked the strength to physically overcome the lock.

Crumm remembers a lesson he learned from his training as an adept to move himself through space by drawing his energies to move from one shadow to another. As mist forms around the ground around him, it engulfs him briefly to allow him to escape his stony entrapment.

As Cade and Adrik try their best to free Morgram a distinct smell of ozone appears in the air as a quick flash of light leaves the three of them recovering from a lightning strike.

Adrik still recovering from his previous jolt, feels a magically presence trying to petrify his body, but his god’s gifts to him allow him greater resistance than the average person, allowing him to resist the spell’s effect.

Cade seeing their assailant but being low on power draws his wand of last resorts to batter the attack with unseen spheres of magic.

Crumm now free from the trap rushes the attacker and drawing heavily upon his holy might smites his foe with godly might.

Crumm ‘s body suddenly becomes rigid as his will fails to save him from the effects of another spellcaster that appear out of the north, he had not noticed the new attacker before his frantic rush into battle.

Morgram seeing his party being attacked and outnumbered strains his muscles against the confinement of his stone cage, but still unable to break its grip.

Cade starts to feel the dark encroachment of magic trying to freeze his body, but is able to draw upon his knowledge of the arcane to resist its effects.

The attackers focus their arcane power on Crumm, but he remains resistant against waves of magic trying to steal his freedom.

Adrik release his growing anger at the attackers by focus his rage through his god’s might and erupts forward with a thunderous roar.

Morgram constant straining of muscle versus the earthly strength of stone finally wins out as he shatters his confinement.

Crumm stills batter with even more evil waves of dark magic trying to overcome him.

Cade still low on energy draws dangerous heavy again from his emergency wand as he directs more magic missiles at another foe attacking the party. He is able to squeak out just enough energy to dispatch the enemy.

Crumm free from the previous effects lashes out at his enemy, but the early attacks have taken a heavy toll on him, and he is unable to land a damaging attack.

Crumm and Adrik both find themselves in the direct line of another lightning bolt as it jolts through both of their bodies.

Adrik being drained and extremely hurt finds only enough energy to launch a simple bolt of divine energy at his opponent.

Morgram rage from being trapped has grown to a full berserker rage as he flings himself without any self perseverance into the heart of battle. His lack of any sane tactic takes these new foes by surprise allowing him to sink his axe viciously into them.

Cade not able to safely use his wand anymore draws dangerous power from deep inside and lashes out at his attacker with raw uncontained chaotic power.

Crumm’s body and mind being bashed constantly by spells finally takes it toll as he crumples unconsciously to the floor.

Adrik seeing Crumm body fall helplessly prays to his lord to grant what healing he can to the party. The positive energy draws Crumm back around and allows him to stand again.

Cade pulling what energy he had left to summon energy from the negative planes to course through his body to flow out of his fingers as dark lightning that attaches its itself to the last enemy drawing what life it can from its form.

Crumm barely standing with blood running from every part of his body finds enough strength to sink his weapon into the last enemy to kill it.

The party searches the bodies to find what treasure it can.

Session 11
Wave Echo Cavern Completion
"Time is not on our side"

The evening starting at about 6:30 with Ernie giving us a very detailed re-cap.

Crew barricaded themselves in an office and completed a much needed long rest. Before we head back out into Wave Echo Cave, Cade is designated as the groups MAP Tracker.

We have a strange feeling as we re-start our adventure that “Time is not on our side.”

During the long rest it was noted that we continued to hear waves crashing somewhere in the distance. This has been happening the whole time we have journeyed this cave, but we have not been able to locate the source of this noise.

Our objectives remain the same:

  • Continue our search for Nundro Gundrin
  • Find Info on the Black Spider
  • Determine identity and whereabouts of female Drow Elf that has been stalking us (picked up some info that Drow are up north)

Our new day begins with Cade the Cartographer pointing out that there are still 4 paths that we haven’t investigated yet. (Morgran, being the team player he is, eats 2 pieces of chocolate to keep Adrik from getting the diabetes)

As we head towards one of the unsearched paths we walk into a dim glow that brightens as we draw nearer.

As we continue we notice an old friend who we have already detroyed (or at least we thought) once…. Skully (glowing green skull that floats in the air) has returned. Walking into the bright like, the skull surprises us and fires off a fireball at us. We are desperately trying to get north into an old water room, and even though we are surprised our instincts are strong and we are able to save for half damage.

We hold our ground and begin to fight back. Gundrin readies his crossbow, and waits patiently for the right moment to fire(the rest f us wonder if that moment will ever come) Crumm engages the skull, but misses with a might cut. Morgran smacks his old friend with his great axe, and Welby follows up with a nice hit from his crossbow. Adrik, being the giving Cleric he is, casts bless on Crumm. Morgran and and Welby. Adrik is a team player. Cade moves into an advantageous position and fires 3 pink bolts from his wand of magic missles…. the skull with some enacted magic shield deflects the missiles.

The skull attacks again… he blurs and then fires one fire bolt and Morgran and one at Crumm. Morgran dodges the bolt, but Crumm is drilled to the tune of 7 points of damage.

The battle continues…. Gundrin, now fully prepared fires and scores a critical hit. Crumm misses on his next attack, but Morgran, staying hot with his great axe, deals a killing blow to the skull for a second time. We are quite certain the skull will return again, but Cade isn’t able to tell us any surefire way to destroy it.

Adrik heals Crumm to get him ready for the rest of the journey through this treacherous cave.
Party continues moving North up the water pipe until they come to a bend. Welby moves ahead of the group stealthily to investigate.

The Tosscobbles continue to entertain us and keep spirits high as we merrily stroll along. Following the water pipe, we find a small rift with stakes and ropes embedded that lead to a chasm floor. The ropes take us down 20 feet and across the chasm.

We carefully descend down the ropes to the chasm below. As always, Ernie is constantly engage in grab-assing. At last check he was a nationally ranked grabasser.

Crumm heals himself in anticipation of more battles to come.

After checking out the chasm, Welby heads to climb back up the ropes, but Cade notices something shady with the rock placement. he then quickly tells Welby to freeze, when he notices an aura coming from the dirt. Welby remains oblivious to the aura, but stays still.
Cade cleans the rocks away to find a crushed dwarf skeleton with shiny gloves (possibly magic)

After the discovery, Welby easily makes his climb up the ropes. Morgran follows Welby up ropes to offer him a level of protection. They begin to check the area. After a few minutes the rest of the party climbs the ropes and joins Welby and Morgran… In there searching, they find a door heading North, but Morgran doesn’t hear anything from behind the door.
Welby notices a nearby rubble pile and checks it but come up empty handed. Welby checks locked door for traps and finds none. Welby tries to unlock door, but is unable at his current skill level. In frustration at his lack of performance in many areas of his life, (insert commercial for little blue pill here) he begins to scat, because scatting makes Welby happy.

Crumm, with the assist from Morgran forces open the locked door. It opens into a hall with 6 cracked marble pillars lining the hall. There is a 9 ft statue of a Dwarf king sitting on a throne with emerald eyes. He has an impressive stone war hammer sitting on his lap.

We also notice 1/2 dozen bed rolls / packs and a newly stoked fire and campsite. Finally we see a very disturbing site. Our nemesis, the female drow elf, has Nundro and is holding him with a dagger to his throat. What will our band of heroes do next?

We quickly announce ourselves the Champions of Phandalen.

Real time at this point is 8:45 and my notes read one word…. NONSENSE

Cade attempts to intimidate the drow telepathically. During some discussion with the drow elf, we determine that this is Nesner, “The Black Spider” After a few minutes of discussion, it is obvious that we are not going to be able to reach a peaceful accord and fighting must commence.

4 spiders appear out of nowhere and attack. They manage to web Welby and Adrik. Crumm misses his attack on Nesner. Cade moves into position to cast witch bolt and he misses. Morgran who is entranced, defends Nesner and attacks Cade for attacking Nesner. Luck must be on Cade’s side because Morgran misses for the first time in this cave. How fortuitous. Adrik fights to get out of the web, but can’t. Welby pokes at the spider that has him encased, but misses. He then attempts to hide in the web. Cade is barely missed by a spider web shot at him. Welby, Cade and Crumm get attacked by a spider. Crumm avoids the attack, but Welby and Cade get bitten. They not only take damage, but they are poisoned.

Cade reacts with a hellish rebuke and burns the spider for 20 points of damage. Morgran(still under a spell) swings at Gundrin and misses. Gundrin, unsure of what is going on, disengages and leaves the room. Adrik continues to attack his web without any luck. Welby quaffs a healing potion in preparation of the next round of attacks from our enemies.

Spider hits Cade and knocks him out. Another spider hits Welby and drops him. The drow sends three bolts at Crumm and connects to the tune of some minor damage. Have things ever looked so bleak for our champions?

But, the tide starts to turn…. Crumm attacks a spider with Thunder smite and gives him a good smackin’… Morgran, thinking clearly now the rain has gone, enters a frenzied rage and kills the spider closest to him. Adrik, heals his fallen allies and brings Cade and Welby back to their feet. Welby whacks himself out of the web (hey his words not mine) Just as he sighs in relief, a spider slams him, knocking him back to the ground… the party does notice he at least has a smile on his face this time.

A spider webs Crumm, and another spider attacks Morgran but misses.

Crumm breaks out of the web. Cade hexes a nearby spider, casts witch bolt but misses. Morgran gives a spider a good slice, and Gundrin reenters the fray by critting a spider with his crossbow.

Adrik, once again showing what a team player he is, gathers the team in a circle, pivots amongst them, and brings an intense feeling of healing over them.

Welby misses on three attacks, wastes his inspiration and hides in embarrassment. It has definitely been a rough day for Welby.

Spider attacks Morgran and hits for 12 points of damage.

Side note: Party discusses that although Welby feels quite useless right now he has definitely contributed to the battle efforts. He has soaked up both hit points and healing.

Crumm attacks a nearby spider, fumbles embarrassingly and about hits Cade.

Cade casts magic missile and kills a spider.

Morgran hits a spider twice and cuts him in half. Gundrin misses with his crossbow and Adrik finally rips free from his web.. For some reason at this point…. B grabs Ernie sack.

Welby, after much self reflection on his inadequacies, responds by killing a spider. Crumm heals Nundro for five points .

Somehow in my notes I have no idea what happened to the drow and when it happened.**** all of a sudden I have Nundro being healed.

Welby pops out both Emerald eyes. (gems) Looking through all of the packs, we find potions of healing and clothes… 3 elf sizes, other three very large sets. Found 50 gp, 20 sp, 3 ornate packs…. in the packs we found Travelling spell books, cloaks (magic), Pearl(magic) and lanterns.

Party decides to take a short rest. Gundrin gives Nundro a potion of healing.

4 Magic Items
- Cloak of Elvinkind Welby
lantern of revealing Cade
Pearl of power Adrik
Gauntlets of ogre Power Morgran

Spell book

Cantrips: mage hand, ray of frost, shocking grasp

1st level: mage armor, maggic mirror, shield

2nd level: invisibility, suggestion

Nundro: youngest of three rockseekers, has been interrogated harshly, spared to get information

Investigate one final room and Wave echo cavern is complete.

Gundrin and Nundro are very appreciative of us helping them find the mines and saving their family. They will give of 10% of all mine profits.

Arrive in Phandaelin as a storm is brewing. We arrive at the Stone Hill Inn.

All level up to 5th level

New day: Headed to see Syldar.

Travel to Pine Tree Ridge and talk to Lady Van Pelt. She is looking for adventurers to rid the area of a necromancer.

Northeast-on Tribor Trail past the ruins on Conyberry- sets near a marsh.

Head out NE on the Tribor Trail

We follow trail to Agaths’s lair— lair is adorned with old elven shelves and chests. The air grows cold and a female elf appears…. She was once beautiful, but now she is old and ugly.

Request to know the location of Bogentles spellbook—- She tells us she traded it to the Necromancer TSERNOTA in the town of Iriaelor over 100 years ago. she says to start there and wishes us good luck. We will deliver this info to Sister Gariel. Before we head back we complete an long rest in an old inn in Conyberry.

Introduction to the Fearless Five!

Present Members:
Aaron – DM
Patrick – Adrik
Big J – Welby
B – Crumm
Ernie – Cade
Robin – Morgran

Before the session ever begin, there were a few eventful things that need to be noted:

Game play was slowed due to technical difficulties. I have a solution – No one participates via remote because for about 30 minutes we had to hear just how it had to be on B’s end, but after all is said and done — it was the DM that was clueless.

(I believe the party should gain valuable XP for waiting patiently)

Rob started the session off with a BANG as only Rob can! The party was left breathless and gagging!

After Aaron’s second cig in a short time span – Ernie noted that Adeline would have to ask at her wedding, “Daddy, why are you wearing an Iron Lung?”

NOW IT’S TIME TO PLAY THE GAME… (In my best Triple H Voice – Sorry Non-Wrestling Fans)

Started out with a recap of the previous session…

Session begins with the Fearless 5 face to face with a creature that resembles a Beholder. Upon entering the room, the crashing of waves can still be heard, but it was the voice in their heads that stopped them in their tracks. “Hello! YOU NEED TO LEAVE, YOU DON’T BELONG HERE!”

Morgran, never one to shy away from any confrontation, uses his boots of striding and springing to leap over the eery green flame towards the creature. Adrik, being the ultimate team player, casts Bless on Welby, Crumm, and Morgran. Crumm proceeds to miss with a hand axe and Welby misses with his crossbow. The Creature, not liking Morgran’s tactics, attacks and scratches him for 2 pts damage. With the help of Adrik’s Bless, Morgran is able to shake off the powerful ray; Crumm, however, wasn’t so lucky and turns and runs scared towards the door.

It needs to be noted that Ernie’s next turn took at least a solid 10 due to his lack of his action economy knowledge. Not capitalizing his turn, Cade’s witchbolt grazes the ugly beast for 3 pts. damage.

(After a terrible turn, we understand why Ernie was under duress. Searcy was obsessed with Ernie’s feet — this was a problem ALL NIGHT!)

Morgran swings his mighty great axe to the tune of 16 pts damage…Adrik follows suit with his hammer and pounds the beast for 9 pts damage. Crumm finally sends the Eye Tyrant to his death with 9 points from the battle axe. Crumm continues to chop and chop at the Tyrant as it lies motionless on the floor.

Cade uses his proficiency of arcana and discovers that the brazzier is the source of the magic in the cavern.

The party continues to search the room and discover the following:
+1 Breast plate with a golden dragon motief in design
+1 Mace (Light Bringer) – The head of the mace is made of brass. – does 1d6 to Undead

The party barricades the room and has an uneventful long rest.

After the long rest, the party takes full advantage of the eery green flame which has the ability to make non magical items +1 for a short duration.

Adrik, once again being the team player he is, casts light on Welby’s short sword (talking about his weapon)

  • The party was enlightened that Al Dente is translated to mean to the tooth!"
The party, continuing on in the cavern, travels across a steep escarpment and heads south down a set of stairs. Morgran listens to the door that leads west, but hears complete silence. He pulls the door outward. Inside, a room has been completely destroyed by some sort of destructive blast.

As the party enters the room, they are greeted by an ethereal figure that whispers:

“Your presence here is offensive to me
Your life forfeit
My treasure is mine alone
Not yours to plunder”

Not heeding to the ethereal’s advice, Welby hits once for 16 pts damage. Not playing very nice, the figure attacks Adrik for 16 pts damage, but Adrik makes the CON saving throw.

Morgran hits for 9 pts damage… Adrik, chooses to not cast a spell, and hits with Light Bringer for 6 pts damage.

Cade, with the newly acquired charges back on his pink wand, shoots 3 pink darts at the figure for 11 pts damage.

Gundren continues with the common theme he’s set - He does nothing…

Crumm hits for 8 pts damage… Welby, with his magical sword, slices at the ethereal figure for 17 points damage. From the force of Welby’s mighty blow, the Wraith fades way. The party finds a wooden pipe – laiden with platinum and a chest that contains:

1100 cp
160 sp
30 ep
3 diamonds (100gp a piece)
3 magical tomes
3 preserved history books

  • Thick covers with paper sewn into back cover
  • Writing – Side A – Overland Map
    – Side B – Other Map

The Fearless Five continue south

Glowing puff balls float in a plant filled room… Welby is poisoned for 9 pts damage causing him to have disadvantage on ability checks and attack rolls.

Crumm decides to lay hands on Welby, which Welby liked way too much, — he’s now cured of the poison.

Crumm lights his lantern and wings flapping is heard…

STIRGES attack!

Crumm feels being hit
Adrik is critically hit and has two Stirges attached to his neck
Morgran is hit by one and it’s attached to his neck
Welby smacked a stirges so hard that he killed it’s offspring
Morgran pulls one off and throws it to the ground… kills it!
Gundren, much to the parties liking, decides to get involved and kills one.

Not sure of why but Cade gives himself the reach around to get off…and couldn’t!

Adrik rips one from his neck, using his power, squishes it! Still leaving one attacked!

Crumm obliterates a stirges!

The stirges tired off the bullying decides to fight back! Morgran is critically bit! Welby, with his short sword, slices and dices another one! Another one bites the dust!

Adrik, still struggling with one attached to his neck, calls on Gundren to help.

“All you have to do is ask” screams Gundren as he drops another Stirges.

Adrik, very low on hit points, channels divinity using his holy symbol! Adrik starts feeling a little more refreshed.

After a couple misses by Crumm and Welby, Morgran’s might great axe chops up another one.

Gundren, starting to show a little life, kills his second Stirges — ending the battle!

Not taking just a brief second to catch their breath, the Fearless 5 continues through the cave. Realizing that the path west returns them to the part where they obliterated the Oozes, the party decides to investigate the door to the North.

Morgran listens intently… hears faint, crunching, and splintering sounds.

Morgran enters the room.
Inside the party encounters a corroded iron brazzier and 3 grey hunched figures gnawing on orc and dwarven bones.

Not wasting any valuable time, Crumm hit for 12 pts damage, Welby follows suit with a crossbow – causing 18 more points damage, and Morgran joins in the fun slashes at one with a great axe for 7 points damage.

The creatures, a little suprised, fight back. They hit Morgran twice for 9pts piercing and 7 pts slashing. After missing Crumm, another attacks Morgran again for 7 more points damage.

Adrik, becoming more comfortable with Light Bringer, brings the pain causing 10 points damage. Cade, flicks his wrist (Welby notices and likes), and 3 pink darts shoot from the wand — 9 points damage. Gundren, trying to help out, shoots and fumbles… Epic failure!

Crumm sets his weapon of fire, hits the creature, and ignites it (17 points damage).

Welby, perfectly executes the stick and move, connects on a crossbow for 14 points damage.

Morgran getting tired of this creature, unable to hold his temper, sets himself into rage and puts and end to one of the enemies life.

His friend, upset that he just watched his buddy die, attacks Crumm, but his resistance to slashing damage causes him only to be scraped! However, he fails a saving throw and becomes paralyzed.

Creature attacks Adrik twice…and misses!

Adrik, still using Light Bringer, misses for the first time with his new weapon!

Crumm finally regains his movement.

Welby, showing off his superior athleticism, springs from the bed to position himself to attack and hits twice, killing another. Welby is turning into a reliable killing machine!

Morgran attacks and hits, takes a chunk out of the only remaining enemy.

Creature attacks… and misses!

4 more creatures show up to help out…

Adrik, thriving in these situations, casts THUNDERWAVE, hitting all four creatures!
Adrik, proving once again he’s a team player, gives inspiration to Morgran.

Cade casts hex on a creature… Eldritch blast casted – 24 points damage.

Gundren misses with his crossbolt.

Crumm, becoming impressive, hits for 16 more.

Welby, not as impressive, scratches the creature for very minimal damage, the creature laughs in mockery!

Morgran attacks and hits for 11 (not sure Morgran has missed an attack roll this session) and uses the Inspiration he gained from Adrik to restore 9 hp to himself. Morgran drops his weapon and picks up his shield.

Creatures, with their plethora of attacks, miss everyone.

Adrik casts Guiding Bolt ending another…

Cade and his Witchbolt connect and he moves his Hex.

Gundren hits with a critical blow from his cross bolt.

Creature bits Morgran for 3 points damage.

Adrik missed once, but takes damage from a hit and a claw.

Adrik restores HP to the party with a prayer of healing.

Cade, attempting to become proficient with Withbolt, kills the hexed creature.

Adrik, better known as the Punching Bag of the Fearless Five gets hit. In the creatures last ditch effort, he hits Adrik twice for 16 points damage. Adrik immediately disengages and prepares to heal himself. Crumm takes a bite and a critical hit from a Ghoul. Adrik cures wounds on himself and restores 11 hit points. Crumm with his battle axe, ends the battle and finishes off the last Ghoul.

Party manages to get in a short rest restoring hit points and spells by using hit dice. The search resulted in nothing of any value.

Party moves on…

They investigate the south finding two doors on the east and the west. Party mulls it over and decides to head toward the west.

Welby searches and finds a great surprise, but not the one he was hoping to find. He finds bones fused together forming 9 skeletons.

Brawl ensues…

Welby, alerts the other party members, that they’re 9 skeletons.

Adrik causes harmless tremors causing the skeletons to dance.

Crumm kicks open the door. Skeletons attack 4x and miss.
Crumm attacks them for 8 pts damage.

Cade hexes a skeleton and tries Eldritch Blast — misses!

Morgran frenzies and first attack hits for 7 points damage and 15 points on his second attack. Morgran gets the killing started and scatters a group of bones.

Adrik, once again proving that he’s out for the best interest on his team, casts Bless on Morgran, Welby, and Crumm.

Gundren stands pat….again (common theme)

Morgran hits again (no surprise here) – with his War Hammer: Kills one skeleton and badly injures another.

Skeletons attack Morgran for 5

Adrik, waiting to see if any of the Fearless Five need assistance, stands pat!

Cade moves hex, attacks, and creates another pile of bones!

Morgran hits again (ho hummmmmm) – Kills another - 3 more remain!

Adrik not being able to do anything, causes harmless tremors!

Grundren misses again… Hey Gundren! Welcome to the Battle!

In not so surprising news, Morgran hits again and finishes the Skeletons! Nothing remains in the room but a large pile of bones.

Search reveals nothing!

Party moves across the hall and enters an old office!

Crumm and Morgran find a locked strong box…

Welby, showing his skills, pops the lock easily and reveals its contents:

Welby pops the lock

  • Opens the chest
    1. 600cp
    2. 180sp
    3. 90ep

Session ends with the Fearless Five in Office…

Wave Echo Cavern. Day 1-2 continued.
Bathed. Sliced, and Barbecued

I found the party journal covered in slime, mud, and what appears to be tomato sauce?! Having no clear record of the last week, I took it upon myself to document the events as I remember it. Upon reviewing the filthy document, I added a bit of holy oil and tossed the corrupt thing into the fire. The drawings of such a demented mind should not be exposed to the world. There is a least one, maybe two of this group who I may eventually have to put down. But for now, I use their darker natures to lead me to the deeper darkness.
My log starts in the maze of tunnels in or near Wave Echo Cave. We had just resolved our fight with the some type of jellys. We clear the immediate area and head north toward the sound of waves crashing on the rocks. As the tunnels are old and partially destroyed, I keep my senses trained for any dead-falls.

The tunnel opens up into a cavern with a dark, still pond. The smells of rotten fish and shellfish dominate the area. Cautious of water predators, Adrik lights some stones and tosses them into the murky depths with little result.

We finally found a way to trick the dirty Halfling warlock to take a bath. Now, he only smells of rotten mussels which anyone will tell you, is much better. But the little folk are a lucky lot. He comes out of the water with two rings and a magical stick!

We climb some carved steps at the far side of the cavern and find a landing with a door and more steps going up to the left. Welby reviews the door and feels it is unlocked and safe to open as he hears nothing beyond it. We prepare and open the door. Somehow, five large bugbears must have been making no noise!

Morgan moves in and slashes the closest in a fit of rage! Adrik looks about for anything that would show a “chief” among bugbears but has time to bless most the party.
The bugbears counter attack with two cutting into Morgan’s armor. Dwarf and bugbear blood now cover the floor. A javelin finds its make in Adriks shoulder. I block another’s attack with my shield. A dart of pink light sparks into one of the bugbears, a small crossbow bolt slams into another’s stomach. Welby jumps behind me as I move to help Morgan, but unable to get past the beast’s guard. Gundron takes a tentative swing but mainly staying out of the way.

Morgan is able to get some breathing space to dig deep and roars back into the fight. Adrik moves into melee as well but stumble back bleeding after a hit from the closest bugbear. Javelins and swords fly but we avoid further hits. Cade starts babbling and jumping around as if drunk or possessed (if possessed, I will have to put him down soon that I had planned….). Welby is able to finish off one of the beasts from the shadows.
Morgan finishes another but takes another massive hit across the chest. Adrik pours his healing energies into himself but takes another hit for his efforts. Another pink dart comes from Cade to no visible effect. Welby, still in the shadows, launches another shot into the bugbears. I connect with Hewer and send a bugbear flying. Thunder crackles. Morgan chops down and takes its arm and ending its life. Gundron takes another tentative swing and only Adrik’s mail saves him from a nasty slice. I start to wonder if Gundron has handled weapons before… We focus and quickly finish off the last two creatures. Not much in the way of treasure (15 cp, 13 ep, Potion of Vitality).

As we start to catch our breath and bind the wounds, Welby screams from the back. Twin bolts have pierced his shoulders. The cry snaps Cade out of his vacant trance and he pulls his brother into the room. More bugbears rush into the door that we used. Advik, steps over Welby and launches a spell into one bugbear. Welby is able to fire at the same one, dropping it. I rush to try to hold the door long enough for Morgan to quaff a healing draught. Gundron swings but at least did not hit one of us. With the narrow doorway, we focus our attacks and take no further damage as we finish them off.
With no sign of the hidden archers that attacked Welby, we fall back into the room and make it secure. We rest and bind our wounds.

We head out of the room thru the other door in the room. This one was barricaded from this side so they bugbears where trying to keep something out. We go down a hall with at least one branch but we by-pass if for the large room ahead. This appears to be the blast furnace where ore is smelted. In the center of the room, past the furnace, floats a skull surrounded by a green fog. It is aware of our presence and warns up to leave or die. Morgan roars into a rage and charges forward, jumping much high that I thought he should be able to. He clears the furnace and strikes the skull.

While, not the most tactical of choices, I do agree with the sentiment. Glowing skulls should not be tolerated, especially bossy ones. I just wish we had been more prepared for its response. A huge ball of fire by-passes Morgan but rips into the party. It hurt.
But that seem to be a trigger, as undead rose from the around the room to attack Morgan from all sides. We fight our way to him, destroying the undead and the floating skull in the process. Morgan still remained standing, although much bloodied. A green haze hung of the area and did not disappear. I fear that we have not seen the last of that skull….

We left the room out of the far exist past where the skull was. It is interesting to note that the tunnels are larger here. These were obviously designed with humans or elves in mind. We come into another open chamber with the ruins of some buildings visible. Cade is able a magical field in this area.

We decide to investigate one of the more intact structures. The door appears to be fused. With much effort, finally, Gundron is able to open it. And again, we need better plans here. We are now face to eye with a creature that reminds me of the beholder creatures that I have heard of.

The Code of Ernierabbi

Since I can’t decipher these notes, I’m going to type them as is!

Members Present:
Crumm – (via Google Hangouts)

Gundron – Dwarf – NPC

  • Escort Gundrun back to Phandalan then to Wave Echo Cave
  • Out of front gates of Cragmaw, turn south
  • Cade looks to the east and sees a group of goblinoids coming down the path from the side Cragmaw.
  • Goblinoids attack party
  • Crumm runs at goblinoids. Adrik tries guiding bolt, but his God forsaked him! Morgran runs at Goblinoids.

2 – wolves charge
4 – humanoids draw boys (I think he meant bows, but must have had little boys on his mind)

  • Wolves missed with their pack tactics

4 Humanoids

  • Cade, Adrik, and Cade get hit.
  • Cade hexes a goblinoid, but misses.

*Welby shoots, misses, and then hides.

*Crumm swings at wolves and hits.

  • Morgran swings and hits wolves.
  • Adrik hit with arrow from Goblinoid (Pretty picture accompanies this)
    *Cade kills goblinoid with power from his master!

*Welby maneuvers through ruins!

  • Crumm swings, misses on a 1 and hits Morgran in the arm
    *Adrik burns a wolf with, the righteous power of his God.
  • Morgran forgives Crumm and hits a wolf—- Killing it!

*Goblinoids shot at Cade and Adrik, hitting Adrik.

*Cade misses goblinoid

*Welby sneak attacks a hobgoblin and does 11 points.
*Disadvantage Crumm is able to hit the wolf and kill it!

*Adrik runs and hides and heals himself.
*Hobgoblins surrender – gives up Vera – remale drow

*Crumm kills one hobgoblin

*Vera was a black elf (another pretty picture)

*Crumm gets gutted by other hobgoblin

(Insert another picture)

*Adrik hits hobgoblin

  • Crumm finally finishes his psychotic killing spree
    *Party heads south toward Phandalen

*Run across a wagon with a broken wagon wheel (Insert another picture)

*Cade, Welby, and Morgran stay the night at Welby and Cade’s aunts. (Insert another picture)

I also believe Morgran had more fun at Cade and Welby’s aunts house than they did

Shopping in town

*Sister Garaele – young elf

*Crowd of people in the city

*Sildar has been injured

*Battle in town. Master Hall
– Corpse of Harbin Webster “mayor”
– Sildar came in and found a female standing over Harbin’s body. – “Dark Elf”

*Returned Sildar’s equipment

  • Welby sneaks something out of Harbin’s hand
    *Sherif (I think it has two F’s but Ernie doesn’t) – believes that the “person” will not return.

(Insert pretty picture)

Welby found a cloak clasp from Harbin’s hand.

(Insert picture)


*Sildar gives party their reward for clearing out Cragmaw Castle.
(Insert picture)
Mirna – Cottage in town
*Returned Mirna her necklace
*Went down to Miner (I guess that’s what he’s trying to write) Exchange to see Halla.

Adrik knows an obscure religious sect tied to the brooch – bringing an evil power into the prime material world.

(Insert a collage of pictures)
*Gundrun leads the party toward Echo Wave Cave
*15 Miles east of Phandalan beginning of the Sword Mountains.

Day 1 to Echo Cave is uneventful.

Entered Echo Wave Cave
*Dead Dwarve Cave
*Thardin – Gundaran’s brother
Multiple wounds weapons.
(insert pretty picture)

*Morgran and Adrik wrap up Thardin body.
*Morgran steal the boots off the dead dwarf.

Party successfully climbs down rope into pit, besides Welby, who falls and busts his ass.

Traveling Northeast in hallway.
(Insert a doodling of some kind)
The Party continues to venture north
*Adrik was attacked in the back of the party
*Cade attacks the slime with lightning
*It splits into multiple jellies.
*Welby attacks the jellies with arrows
*Crumm goes around corner and throws hand axe
*Adrik enhances his hammer and hits the jelly
*Welby shoots the slime with arrows and kills the original jelly.
*Welby runs around the corner to Crumm
*Crumm grabs Welby’s sword from his belt.
*Crumm uses Welby’s sword from his belt and stabs the Jelly.
*Morgran smashes another jelly with his war hammer.
*Jellies attack Crumm and miss
*Jellies try to attack Adrik and Morgran and hit Morgran twice.

  • Cade unsuccessfully tries to poison slime
    *Adrik blesses Morgran, Cade, and himself.
    *Welby fires his new, shiny hand crossbow.

*Crumm smashes through more jellies
*Jellies peter smack Morgran and Crumm.
*Cade kills jelly with outer planar power of death.
*Adrik summons the power of his God and heals the party.
*Welby fires more bolts and barely hits a jelly.
*Crumm continues his killing spree and barely scratches a jelly.
*Morgran goes into a blood driven rage and completely misses a jelly.
*Jelly smacks Morgran and Adrik
*Cade sends Alien energy into Jell.
*Adrik summons his Godly power to heal his damage.
*Welby sends bolts into jelly ending his existence
*Crumm pokes jelly with the pointy end.
*Morgran opens a can of whoop ass on a jelly and kills it.

  • Cade unleashes Mystic fury into jelly.
    *Adrik kills jelly and ends its existence.
    *Welby fires bolts and kills the last jelly.
Session 6 - To Don, or to Doff, That is the Question—

To Don, or to Doff, That is the Question—

Session 6

Party: Adrik, Cade, Crumm, Morgran, & Welby
Players (respectively): Patrick, Ernie, Brian, Robin, & Joe

After the dragon’s quick, crushing, and absolute defeat, Adrik uses his skill in medicines to perform minor healing on Cade. The halfling warlock suffered vicious bite and claw attacks from the dragon and had to call upon other-worldly means to keep himself from death’s door. He is now paying the consequences as he is badly hurt and needs extra recuperation and care.

As Adrik tends to Cade, the others in the party search the dragon’s lair for valuables and fortify a position in which to rest. When satisfied their location is defensible, Welby sets about to the grisly work of procuring teeth, claws, scales, bone, and pints of blood from the dead body of the conquered young adult green dragon, remembering his arrow striking true for the final death blow. Being a fence in Phandalin, he knows the value of these items and uses his knowledge gained from field dressing hunted animals to complete the task. Also, during this time, Crumm takes a liking towards, and lays claim to, the magical rusty battle axe Hew. He hands ownership of the shortsword Talon over to a thankful Welby.

The adventurers finish their uneventful long rest and begin to make their way back to the druid Reidoth’s home. They stop along the way to check out a building, unique because its structure is still mostly intact. Welby silently approaches and listens at the door, hearing a shuffling movement from the rooms beyond. Not wishing a confrontation at this time, the comrades decide to bypass this house without further investigation.

Continuing down the path, the party is ambushed by the same type of plant creatures they had encountered earlier. Everyone is surprised except for Welby. The masterful diminutive swordsman springs into action and quickly takes out two of the twig monstrosities before anyone else can blink an eye. Mayhem ensues. The battle axe Hew hums gleefully doing destructive damage as Crumm wields it with precision. Morgran scores a critical blow of his own to one of the creatures, laying it to waste. After the dust settles from the fight, eight foes have been struck down.

During the course of the battle, the group ends up back at the building they had previously avoided. Seeing this as a sign, they decide this time to see what is inside. The band rushes through the door and encounters four ash zombies. They defeat the walkers handily, with Welby delivering another critical strike from his shortsword Talon.

The gang finally returns to the nature keeper’s humble abode and informs him of their triumphant campaign, ridding Thundertree of all evil, corruption, and despair. They report victories over the great green dragon, which Reidoth calls Venomfang, foul plant creatures, terrifying ash zombies, and the formidable cultists that were giving the druid such trouble. Reidoth seems overjoyed the party purged the deserted town of such filth. He mentions that with the dragon and the other nefarious inhabitants removed, Thundertree now has a legitimate chance to rebuild and possibly flourish. Morgran perks up at this sentiment as this is his hometown and he would like nothing more than its re-emergence as a bustling thriving settlement. Being a man of his word, the tree-hugger supplies the team with a map detailing Cragmaw Castle’s location in the southern region of Neverwinter Wood. Cragmaw Castle has been claimed by, and is the alleged headquarters of, the Cragmaw goblin tribe, ruled by King Grol. This is the place Gundren Rockseeker, Mogran’s cousin, was supposedly taken. Upon departure, Reidoth promises to spread the word of the adventurers’ fantastic deeds and dominance over evil to the world.

The party takes leave of Thundertree and makes their way to Cragmaw Castle, skirting Neverwinter Wood a bit before entering into the forest. They estimate the trip will take three days, traveling approximately eighteen miles a day at a slow pace.

At dusk of the first day, the group breaks for camp with Welby taking the initial watch. No sooner does everyone else fall asleep when the rascally rogue hears various twigs snapping and notices shadows moving among the trees. Welby begins waking up his comrades as six orcs converge and attack. Crumm rises from his slumber, and as he shakes away the cobwebs, he takes notice these orcs are from the tribe he has been hunting for vengeance. The dwarf paladin becomes enraged. He grabs his now trusty battleaxe Hew, forgoes any armor or shielding, and quickly goes on the offensive. Welby makes his way around the small fire rousing his team members, calling out in jest, “wakey wakey, hands of snakey.” Low and behold, Cade did not heed his brother’s warning and was caught “roughing the suspect” which causes the lightfoot sage to be surprised and slow to react to the assault. All of the team, save the already armored Welby, decide to eschew their armor as it is time consuming. This decision causes the group to be more easily hit by the orcs’ crude weapons and Crumm suffers a severe blow during the confrontation as a result. Barely holding consciousness, the holy warrior “touches himself” and endues divine healing on his wounds. The tide turns when a raging, growling Mogran performs a miraculous running jump and comes down hard on an unlucky orc, cutting it in half. Still slightly embarrassed, Cade gathers himself in time to polish off the last remaining opponent with a well placed beam of crackling energy. After the battle, Adrik performs healing and first aid on Cade which ends the appreciative halfling warlock’s exhaustion and damage done to him by Venomfang. Crumm satisfyingly lops off the heads of all six orcs and mounts them on long sticks. He plants the severed heads firmly in the ground as a warning to other orcs that may be in the area.

The gang finishes their protracted rest and resumes travel at dawn. They trek throughout the day without interruption and find a suitable site to bed down for the night. Before going to sleep, there is much discussion on whether the party should doff their armor or sleep with it donned. Adrik declares he does not care about any exhaustion he may experience the next day and confidently makes his choice to keep his armor on while he sleeps. Everyone else reluctantly decides to do the same, at least for one night. The night watch goes peacefully through the rotation until Morgran’s turn. Towards the end of his shift, the dwarf savage thinks he hears voices off in the distance in an unknown language. He wakes the stealthy Welby up first to investigate, then begins to stir the others. Welby keeps to the shadows and silently makes his way towards the voices. He observes six humanoids with large noses and long teeth talking amongst themselves. Apparently he has never encountered or read about these monsters as he does not recognize their race. They seem to be scouting or on patrol as there are no signs of a campsite. Welby returns to the band with his survey of the situation and they quickly set about plans for an ambush. Welby, Cade, and Adrik hide around the perimeter of the camp as Mogran and Crumm engage in loud conversation by the small fire, waiting for the creatures to emerge. Mogran insists on speaking in the dialect of Giant even though Crumm has no idea what he is saying. The large-nosed humanoids never come. Welby goes to check on their where-a-bouts, but they are long gone when he arrives at the spot he saw them. After searching the area, he is not able to perceive any tracks of where they went. It is now daylight, however, so the companions break camp and continue on their journey.

Late afternoon on the third day, the party arrives at Cragmaw Castle, which has definitely seen grander days. They stop at the edge of the clearing and discern the ground floor is still intact, but most of the upper levels have long since collapsed. After a short discussion, Welby quaffs a potion of invisibility and begins a reconnaissance mission of the castle while the rest of the team hangs back in wait at the tree line. The halfling rogue creeps up to the structure and silently begins his exploration. Just inside the entrance, Welby causes a cave-in, but the thief’s cat-like reflexes allow him to escape any serious damage. Welby hides expecting the residents to come and investigate, but they do not. The group hears the ruckus and Mogran becomes concerned his little buddy may be in trouble. He starts to rush towards the fortress, but Crumm stops the dwarf barbarian with a firm hand on his shoulder. Crumm tells Mogran that Welby can handle himself and suggests they hold for a while longer or they will no longer enjoy the element of surprise. Mogran hesitantly agrees. Welby finishes the search of the castle foyer and the hallways within and then proceeds searching around the perimeter of the keep while still under the advantage of invisibility. The small scoundrel makes his way back to the party just as the effects of his magical potion begin to wear off. He informs the companions on what he was able to reconnoiter. He saw no signs of Gundren Rockseeker.

Welby’s reconnaissance of Cragmaw Castle:
- The foyer has two guard rooms with arrow slits pointed towards the front entrance. Welby peeked in the arrow slits of both rooms and came face to face with goblin guards each time. He went undetected though due to his invisibility.
- Welby was not able to hear any sounds from the four interior doors he listened to except for one room containing multiple voices and the clanging of cups and plates. He assumes this is a dining hall.
- Welby then makes his way outside and proceeds to explore clockwise around the perimeter of the castle. He notices arrow slits all around the complex at regular intervals but none are in use by the guards.
- An empty storage room
- An empty shrine
- A room with a bugbear
- A room with more of the unknown humanoids the party encountered in the forest
- A room containing a very large beast with owl-like features
- A dining room with a really fat goblin bossing around other goblins
- A path at the north section of the fortress leading to a camouflaged hide covered entrance
- A path at the south section of the fortress leading up a small set of stairs into the dining room


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