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Session 1
The Beginning
Session 2
Session 3
Session 4
The Green Dragon Goes Down!!
First of Many!!!

After dispatching some mutated plants on the way into the The Ruins of Thundertree, we stumbled upon Reidoth’s current dwelling. Reidoth, a druid, was said to have answers concerning the whereabouts of some dwarves we have been looking for. Although he did not seem to have a lot of information concerning the last known location of said dwarves, he was able to provide us a plethora of information concerning the Ruins of Thundertree.

Thundertree is where I was born. My family was chased away by a volcanic eruption when I was very young. I have always wanted to return these Ruins to the thriving town it once was, but the green dragon has held all of us at bay for long enough. When I heard that the green dragon was roosted in the old tower, I was going to do my part to rid the world of this foul beast. I thank the the gods, that this band of adventurers I am running with was willing to help me on this personal quest. We knew the risks were large, but hoped the reward would be even grander.

Our first mission in these ruins was to help an old friend who had lost a family heirloom behind in Thundertree. Mirnah had told us where to find the necklace beset with a fine emerald pendant., all we had to do was find the building and hope that it hadn’t been claimed by the cultists, or even worse ash zombies. As we search the buildings carefully, Welby with his keen senses and eagle eye discovered the necklace right under the shelf where Mirnah had said it would be. With necklace secure it was time to head north to the tower and send this dragon packing.

As we were checking out the crumbling ruins that used to be the homes and shops of my people, I was surprised and clawed by a pair of zombies. I don’t know if it was the fear or the pain, but these attacks sent me into a rage. WIth the help of my companions we quickly dispatched the zombies. One thing we noticed was that when the zombies are hit for the first time they emit a puff of gas that is very deadly. We will be ready for them the next time.

As we continued to search the building, we came across one building that seemed to be better taken care of than most of the ruined buildings in Thundertree. I was taken by surprise when I knocked, and I actually heard someone, or something knock back. We used our strength to pull open the window, and that led to a conversation with what we assumed was the black masked cultists. Now I was well aware that Reidoth has said that he would handle these low lifes, but hey who am I to pass up an opportunity to help rid the world of filthy slime. When they rejected our hospitality by not inviting us in through the front door, we decided to improvise and go through the window. I sprang through first and surprised the cultists, laying one at my wake before they even knew what hit them. Adrith and Crumm quickly joined the battle and before you know it we had taken out all 6 of the cultists hidden away in this hideout. Cade and Welby provided fire power as well with spells and daggers. Our search of the building netted us 3 diamonds and a potion of flying. (According to Cade)

We continued to the north and were once again pestered by 6 twig blights (these appear to be mutated plants). The victory of several recent battles in our minds, the movements were becoming very coordinated and we were starting to anticipate each others moves. Morgran’s axe continued to slice through foes, and once Wleby decided to quit tossing daggers and enter the fray he was able to dispatch of the Boss Twig with a mighty killing blow.

We discovered a statue of Paelien, a noted hero that had killed several monsters in Neverwinter Wood. I wonder what they will carve for us once we slay this mighty dragon. I’ll get Cade, our self proclaimed artist, to get to work on that.

As we were searching what appeared to be the old Thundertree barracks, Welby came across 4 zombies. At first I thought the squeal I heard was the excitement of discovering a huge chest, but knew I was wrong when Welby came running passed me yelling something about more zombies. A combination of Morgran’s mighty axe and Adrik’s ability to paralyze the zombies with fear we were quickly able to finish off our foes and search the old barracks. Our search proved futile.

We’re off to kill the Dragon, the horrible dragon of green.

We spend several minutes scouting out the tower before entering. We know this battle, just like Dungeons and Dragons 5E, can quickly prove lethal. We want to have a strategy firmly in place, and all of us on the same page. After some deliberation, we decide that Welby will ascend to the top of the tower and scout out the situation. We have a strong feeling that we have caught the dragon sleeping. Welby climbs to the top and confirms our thoughts. he then gives us a thumbs up and Cade fries off a spell at the dragon to start the battle. Realizing how close I am to running this dragon off and helping reclaim my homeland sends me into a fit of frenzied rage. My first attack strikes true and I claim a huge chunk of the green dragon. Just enough to anger the large, winged beast.

He slashes his first claw through me, and misses Cade with another claw. He then roars his head back, opens his mighty jaws, and bites Cade almost in half. The bite is the most vicious attack I have ever witnessed, but Cade with nothing but intestinal fortitude shrugs off the bite and responds with a hellish rebuke as he laughs in the dragon’s face. While the dragon is looking on in disbelief at the small warlock still standing in front of him, Adrik takes the initiative and fires off a guided bolt at the green. Crumm immediately follows the bolt into melee range and scores a massive hit on the dragon. Welby, still perched on the top of the tower, lets arrows fly when opportunity presents. After Welby nearly misses with his first arrow, Cade swings his glass staff and pops the dragon right in the side. As I ready my next attack, I have lost all of my bearings. Nothing matters to me, but striking a deadly blow to this beast. I swing my mighty axe twice, and record to fine blows. The dragon is about to fall, I can feel it in my bones. As I complete my primal scream from the satisfaction of delivering a mighty blow, I see an arrow fly by me and finish off the might green Dragon. Welby has delivered the killing blow from high atop the tower. The dragon lays dead at our feet. That is the last thing I remember, as I collapse against the far wall in complete exhaustion. Cade, who was able to shrug off the massive dragon bite during the excitement of the battle, has fallen as well. he seems to have suffered a horrible internal injury. The rest of the crew searches the tower to the tune of 800 sp, 150 gp 4 silver goblets set with moon stones (60 gp each), 2 spell scrolls and a rusty old battle axe inscribed with the letters HEW. Cade thinks it will prove valuable against plant like creatures. We decided to rest here where we felt we would be protected. We feel we have struck evil a mighty blow on this day and deserve the rest.

Session 6 - To Don, or to Doff, That is the Question—

To Don, or to Doff, That is the Question—

Session 6

Party: Adrik, Cade, Crumm, Morgran, & Welby
Players (respectively): Patrick, Ernie, Brian, Robin, & Joe

After the dragon’s quick, crushing, and absolute defeat, Adrik uses his skill in medicines to perform minor healing on Cade. The halfling warlock suffered vicious bite and claw attacks from the dragon and had to call upon other-worldly means to keep himself from death’s door. He is now paying the consequences as he is badly hurt and needs extra recuperation and care.

As Adrik tends to Cade, the others in the party search the dragon’s lair for valuables and fortify a position in which to rest. When satisfied their location is defensible, Welby sets about to the grisly work of procuring teeth, claws, scales, bone, and pints of blood from the dead body of the conquered young adult green dragon, remembering his arrow striking true for the final death blow. Being a fence in Phandalin, he knows the value of these items and uses his knowledge gained from field dressing hunted animals to complete the task. Also, during this time, Crumm takes a liking towards, and lays claim to, the magical rusty battle axe Hew. He hands ownership of the shortsword Talon over to a thankful Welby.

The adventurers finish their uneventful long rest and begin to make their way back to the druid Reidoth’s home. They stop along the way to check out a building, unique because its structure is still mostly intact. Welby silently approaches and listens at the door, hearing a shuffling movement from the rooms beyond. Not wishing a confrontation at this time, the comrades decide to bypass this house without further investigation.

Continuing down the path, the party is ambushed by the same type of plant creatures they had encountered earlier. Everyone is surprised except for Welby. The masterful diminutive swordsman springs into action and quickly takes out two of the twig monstrosities before anyone else can blink an eye. Mayhem ensues. The battle axe Hew hums gleefully doing destructive damage as Crumm wields it with precision. Morgran scores a critical blow of his own to one of the creatures, laying it to waste. After the dust settles from the fight, eight foes have been struck down.

During the course of the battle, the group ends up back at the building they had previously avoided. Seeing this as a sign, they decide this time to see what is inside. The band rushes through the door and encounters four ash zombies. They defeat the walkers handily, with Welby delivering another critical strike from his shortsword Talon.

The gang finally returns to the nature keeper’s humble abode and informs him of their triumphant campaign, ridding Thundertree of all evil, corruption, and despair. They report victories over the great green dragon, which Reidoth calls Venomfang, foul plant creatures, terrifying ash zombies, and the formidable cultists that were giving the druid such trouble. Reidoth seems overjoyed the party purged the deserted town of such filth. He mentions that with the dragon and the other nefarious inhabitants removed, Thundertree now has a legitimate chance to rebuild and possibly flourish. Morgran perks up at this sentiment as this is his hometown and he would like nothing more than its re-emergence as a bustling thriving settlement. Being a man of his word, the tree-hugger supplies the team with a map detailing Cragmaw Castle’s location in the southern region of Neverwinter Wood. Cragmaw Castle has been claimed by, and is the alleged headquarters of, the Cragmaw goblin tribe, ruled by King Grol. This is the place Gundren Rockseeker, Mogran’s cousin, was supposedly taken. Upon departure, Reidoth promises to spread the word of the adventurers’ fantastic deeds and dominance over evil to the world.

The party takes leave of Thundertree and makes their way to Cragmaw Castle, skirting Neverwinter Wood a bit before entering into the forest. They estimate the trip will take three days, traveling approximately eighteen miles a day at a slow pace.

At dusk of the first day, the group breaks for camp with Welby taking the initial watch. No sooner does everyone else fall asleep when the rascally rogue hears various twigs snapping and notices shadows moving among the trees. Welby begins waking up his comrades as six orcs converge and attack. Crumm rises from his slumber, and as he shakes away the cobwebs, he takes notice these orcs are from the tribe he has been hunting for vengeance. The dwarf paladin becomes enraged. He grabs his now trusty battleaxe Hew, forgoes any armor or shielding, and quickly goes on the offensive. Welby makes his way around the small fire rousing his team members, calling out in jest, “wakey wakey, hands of snakey.” Low and behold, Cade did not heed his brother’s warning and was caught “roughing the suspect” which causes the lightfoot sage to be surprised and slow to react to the assault. All of the team, save the already armored Welby, decide to eschew their armor as it is time consuming. This decision causes the group to be more easily hit by the orcs’ crude weapons and Crumm suffers a severe blow during the confrontation as a result. Barely holding consciousness, the holy warrior “touches himself” and endues divine healing on his wounds. The tide turns when a raging, growling Mogran performs a miraculous running jump and comes down hard on an unlucky orc, cutting it in half. Still slightly embarrassed, Cade gathers himself in time to polish off the last remaining opponent with a well placed beam of crackling energy. After the battle, Adrik performs healing and first aid on Cade which ends the appreciative halfling warlock’s exhaustion and damage done to him by Venomfang. Crumm satisfyingly lops off the heads of all six orcs and mounts them on long sticks. He plants the severed heads firmly in the ground as a warning to other orcs that may be in the area.

The gang finishes their protracted rest and resumes travel at dawn. They trek throughout the day without interruption and find a suitable site to bed down for the night. Before going to sleep, there is much discussion on whether the party should doff their armor or sleep with it donned. Adrik declares he does not care about any exhaustion he may experience the next day and confidently makes his choice to keep his armor on while he sleeps. Everyone else reluctantly decides to do the same, at least for one night. The night watch goes peacefully through the rotation until Morgran’s turn. Towards the end of his shift, the dwarf savage thinks he hears voices off in the distance in an unknown language. He wakes the stealthy Welby up first to investigate, then begins to stir the others. Welby keeps to the shadows and silently makes his way towards the voices. He observes six humanoids with large noses and long teeth talking amongst themselves. Apparently he has never encountered or read about these monsters as he does not recognize their race. They seem to be scouting or on patrol as there are no signs of a campsite. Welby returns to the band with his survey of the situation and they quickly set about plans for an ambush. Welby, Cade, and Adrik hide around the perimeter of the camp as Mogran and Crumm engage in loud conversation by the small fire, waiting for the creatures to emerge. Mogran insists on speaking in the dialect of Giant even though Crumm has no idea what he is saying. The large-nosed humanoids never come. Welby goes to check on their where-a-bouts, but they are long gone when he arrives at the spot he saw them. After searching the area, he is not able to perceive any tracks of where they went. It is now daylight, however, so the companions break camp and continue on their journey.

Late afternoon on the third day, the party arrives at Cragmaw Castle, which has definitely seen grander days. They stop at the edge of the clearing and discern the ground floor is still intact, but most of the upper levels have long since collapsed. After a short discussion, Welby quaffs a potion of invisibility and begins a reconnaissance mission of the castle while the rest of the team hangs back in wait at the tree line. The halfling rogue creeps up to the structure and silently begins his exploration. Just inside the entrance, Welby causes a cave-in, but the thief’s cat-like reflexes allow him to escape any serious damage. Welby hides expecting the residents to come and investigate, but they do not. The group hears the ruckus and Mogran becomes concerned his little buddy may be in trouble. He starts to rush towards the fortress, but Crumm stops the dwarf barbarian with a firm hand on his shoulder. Crumm tells Mogran that Welby can handle himself and suggests they hold for a while longer or they will no longer enjoy the element of surprise. Mogran hesitantly agrees. Welby finishes the search of the castle foyer and the hallways within and then proceeds searching around the perimeter of the keep while still under the advantage of invisibility. The small scoundrel makes his way back to the party just as the effects of his magical potion begin to wear off. He informs the companions on what he was able to reconnoiter. He saw no signs of Gundren Rockseeker.

Welby’s reconnaissance of Cragmaw Castle:
- The foyer has two guard rooms with arrow slits pointed towards the front entrance. Welby peeked in the arrow slits of both rooms and came face to face with goblin guards each time. He went undetected though due to his invisibility.
- Welby was not able to hear any sounds from the four interior doors he listened to except for one room containing multiple voices and the clanging of cups and plates. He assumes this is a dining hall.
- Welby then makes his way outside and proceeds to explore clockwise around the perimeter of the castle. He notices arrow slits all around the complex at regular intervals but none are in use by the guards.
- An empty storage room
- An empty shrine
- A room with a bugbear
- A room with more of the unknown humanoids the party encountered in the forest
- A room containing a very large beast with owl-like features
- A dining room with a really fat goblin bossing around other goblins
- A path at the north section of the fortress leading to a camouflaged hide covered entrance
- A path at the south section of the fortress leading up a small set of stairs into the dining room

The Code of Ernierabbi

Since I can’t decipher these notes, I’m going to type them as is!

Members Present:
Crumm – (via Google Hangouts)

Gundron – Dwarf – NPC

  • Escort Gundrun back to Phandalan then to Wave Echo Cave
  • Out of front gates of Cragmaw, turn south
  • Cade looks to the east and sees a group of goblinoids coming down the path from the side Cragmaw.
  • Goblinoids attack party
  • Crumm runs at goblinoids. Adrik tries guiding bolt, but his God forsaked him! Morgran runs at Goblinoids.

2 – wolves charge
4 – humanoids draw boys (I think he meant bows, but must have had little boys on his mind)

  • Wolves missed with their pack tactics

4 Humanoids

  • Cade, Adrik, and Cade get hit.
  • Cade hexes a goblinoid, but misses.

*Welby shoots, misses, and then hides.

*Crumm swings at wolves and hits.

  • Morgran swings and hits wolves.
  • Adrik hit with arrow from Goblinoid (Pretty picture accompanies this)
    *Cade kills goblinoid with power from his master!

*Welby maneuvers through ruins!

  • Crumm swings, misses on a 1 and hits Morgran in the arm
    *Adrik burns a wolf with, the righteous power of his God.
  • Morgran forgives Crumm and hits a wolf—- Killing it!

*Goblinoids shot at Cade and Adrik, hitting Adrik.

*Cade misses goblinoid

*Welby sneak attacks a hobgoblin and does 11 points.
*Disadvantage Crumm is able to hit the wolf and kill it!

*Adrik runs and hides and heals himself.
*Hobgoblins surrender – gives up Vera – remale drow

*Crumm kills one hobgoblin

*Vera was a black elf (another pretty picture)

*Crumm gets gutted by other hobgoblin

(Insert another picture)

*Adrik hits hobgoblin

  • Crumm finally finishes his psychotic killing spree
    *Party heads south toward Phandalen

*Run across a wagon with a broken wagon wheel (Insert another picture)

*Cade, Welby, and Morgran stay the night at Welby and Cade’s aunts. (Insert another picture)

I also believe Morgran had more fun at Cade and Welby’s aunts house than they did

Shopping in town

*Sister Garaele – young elf

*Crowd of people in the city

*Sildar has been injured

*Battle in town. Master Hall
– Corpse of Harbin Webster “mayor”
– Sildar came in and found a female standing over Harbin’s body. – “Dark Elf”

*Returned Sildar’s equipment

  • Welby sneaks something out of Harbin’s hand
    *Sherif (I think it has two F’s but Ernie doesn’t) – believes that the “person” will not return.

(Insert pretty picture)

Welby found a cloak clasp from Harbin’s hand.

(Insert picture)


*Sildar gives party their reward for clearing out Cragmaw Castle.
(Insert picture)
Mirna – Cottage in town
*Returned Mirna her necklace
*Went down to Miner (I guess that’s what he’s trying to write) Exchange to see Halla.

Adrik knows an obscure religious sect tied to the brooch – bringing an evil power into the prime material world.

(Insert a collage of pictures)
*Gundrun leads the party toward Echo Wave Cave
*15 Miles east of Phandalan beginning of the Sword Mountains.

Day 1 to Echo Cave is uneventful.

Entered Echo Wave Cave
*Dead Dwarve Cave
*Thardin – Gundaran’s brother
Multiple wounds weapons.
(insert pretty picture)

*Morgran and Adrik wrap up Thardin body.
*Morgran steal the boots off the dead dwarf.

Party successfully climbs down rope into pit, besides Welby, who falls and busts his ass.

Traveling Northeast in hallway.
(Insert a doodling of some kind)
The Party continues to venture north
*Adrik was attacked in the back of the party
*Cade attacks the slime with lightning
*It splits into multiple jellies.
*Welby attacks the jellies with arrows
*Crumm goes around corner and throws hand axe
*Adrik enhances his hammer and hits the jelly
*Welby shoots the slime with arrows and kills the original jelly.
*Welby runs around the corner to Crumm
*Crumm grabs Welby’s sword from his belt.
*Crumm uses Welby’s sword from his belt and stabs the Jelly.
*Morgran smashes another jelly with his war hammer.
*Jellies attack Crumm and miss
*Jellies try to attack Adrik and Morgran and hit Morgran twice.

  • Cade unsuccessfully tries to poison slime
    *Adrik blesses Morgran, Cade, and himself.
    *Welby fires his new, shiny hand crossbow.

*Crumm smashes through more jellies
*Jellies peter smack Morgran and Crumm.
*Cade kills jelly with outer planar power of death.
*Adrik summons the power of his God and heals the party.
*Welby fires more bolts and barely hits a jelly.
*Crumm continues his killing spree and barely scratches a jelly.
*Morgran goes into a blood driven rage and completely misses a jelly.
*Jelly smacks Morgran and Adrik
*Cade sends Alien energy into Jell.
*Adrik summons his Godly power to heal his damage.
*Welby sends bolts into jelly ending his existence
*Crumm pokes jelly with the pointy end.
*Morgran opens a can of whoop ass on a jelly and kills it.

  • Cade unleashes Mystic fury into jelly.
    *Adrik kills jelly and ends its existence.
    *Welby fires bolts and kills the last jelly.
Wave Echo Cavern. Day 1-2 continued.
Bathed. Sliced, and Barbecued

I found the party journal covered in slime, mud, and what appears to be tomato sauce?! Having no clear record of the last week, I took it upon myself to document the events as I remember it. Upon reviewing the filthy document, I added a bit of holy oil and tossed the corrupt thing into the fire. The drawings of such a demented mind should not be exposed to the world. There is a least one, maybe two of this group who I may eventually have to put down. But for now, I use their darker natures to lead me to the deeper darkness.
My log starts in the maze of tunnels in or near Wave Echo Cave. We had just resolved our fight with the some type of jellys. We clear the immediate area and head north toward the sound of waves crashing on the rocks. As the tunnels are old and partially destroyed, I keep my senses trained for any dead-falls.

The tunnel opens up into a cavern with a dark, still pond. The smells of rotten fish and shellfish dominate the area. Cautious of water predators, Adrik lights some stones and tosses them into the murky depths with little result.

We finally found a way to trick the dirty Halfling warlock to take a bath. Now, he only smells of rotten mussels which anyone will tell you, is much better. But the little folk are a lucky lot. He comes out of the water with two rings and a magical stick!

We climb some carved steps at the far side of the cavern and find a landing with a door and more steps going up to the left. Welby reviews the door and feels it is unlocked and safe to open as he hears nothing beyond it. We prepare and open the door. Somehow, five large bugbears must have been making no noise!

Morgan moves in and slashes the closest in a fit of rage! Adrik looks about for anything that would show a “chief” among bugbears but has time to bless most the party.
The bugbears counter attack with two cutting into Morgan’s armor. Dwarf and bugbear blood now cover the floor. A javelin finds its make in Adriks shoulder. I block another’s attack with my shield. A dart of pink light sparks into one of the bugbears, a small crossbow bolt slams into another’s stomach. Welby jumps behind me as I move to help Morgan, but unable to get past the beast’s guard. Gundron takes a tentative swing but mainly staying out of the way.

Morgan is able to get some breathing space to dig deep and roars back into the fight. Adrik moves into melee as well but stumble back bleeding after a hit from the closest bugbear. Javelins and swords fly but we avoid further hits. Cade starts babbling and jumping around as if drunk or possessed (if possessed, I will have to put him down soon that I had planned….). Welby is able to finish off one of the beasts from the shadows.
Morgan finishes another but takes another massive hit across the chest. Adrik pours his healing energies into himself but takes another hit for his efforts. Another pink dart comes from Cade to no visible effect. Welby, still in the shadows, launches another shot into the bugbears. I connect with Hewer and send a bugbear flying. Thunder crackles. Morgan chops down and takes its arm and ending its life. Gundron takes another tentative swing and only Adrik’s mail saves him from a nasty slice. I start to wonder if Gundron has handled weapons before… We focus and quickly finish off the last two creatures. Not much in the way of treasure (15 cp, 13 ep, Potion of Vitality).

As we start to catch our breath and bind the wounds, Welby screams from the back. Twin bolts have pierced his shoulders. The cry snaps Cade out of his vacant trance and he pulls his brother into the room. More bugbears rush into the door that we used. Advik, steps over Welby and launches a spell into one bugbear. Welby is able to fire at the same one, dropping it. I rush to try to hold the door long enough for Morgan to quaff a healing draught. Gundron swings but at least did not hit one of us. With the narrow doorway, we focus our attacks and take no further damage as we finish them off.
With no sign of the hidden archers that attacked Welby, we fall back into the room and make it secure. We rest and bind our wounds.

We head out of the room thru the other door in the room. This one was barricaded from this side so they bugbears where trying to keep something out. We go down a hall with at least one branch but we by-pass if for the large room ahead. This appears to be the blast furnace where ore is smelted. In the center of the room, past the furnace, floats a skull surrounded by a green fog. It is aware of our presence and warns up to leave or die. Morgan roars into a rage and charges forward, jumping much high that I thought he should be able to. He clears the furnace and strikes the skull.

While, not the most tactical of choices, I do agree with the sentiment. Glowing skulls should not be tolerated, especially bossy ones. I just wish we had been more prepared for its response. A huge ball of fire by-passes Morgan but rips into the party. It hurt.
But that seem to be a trigger, as undead rose from the around the room to attack Morgan from all sides. We fight our way to him, destroying the undead and the floating skull in the process. Morgan still remained standing, although much bloodied. A green haze hung of the area and did not disappear. I fear that we have not seen the last of that skull….

We left the room out of the far exist past where the skull was. It is interesting to note that the tunnels are larger here. These were obviously designed with humans or elves in mind. We come into another open chamber with the ruins of some buildings visible. Cade is able a magical field in this area.

We decide to investigate one of the more intact structures. The door appears to be fused. With much effort, finally, Gundron is able to open it. And again, we need better plans here. We are now face to eye with a creature that reminds me of the beholder creatures that I have heard of.

Introduction to the Fearless Five!

Present Members:
Aaron – DM
Patrick – Adrik
Big J – Welby
B – Crumm
Ernie – Cade
Robin – Morgran

Before the session ever begin, there were a few eventful things that need to be noted:

Game play was slowed due to technical difficulties. I have a solution – No one participates via remote because for about 30 minutes we had to hear just how it had to be on B’s end, but after all is said and done — it was the DM that was clueless.

(I believe the party should gain valuable XP for waiting patiently)

Rob started the session off with a BANG as only Rob can! The party was left breathless and gagging!

After Aaron’s second cig in a short time span – Ernie noted that Adeline would have to ask at her wedding, “Daddy, why are you wearing an Iron Lung?”

NOW IT’S TIME TO PLAY THE GAME… (In my best Triple H Voice – Sorry Non-Wrestling Fans)

Started out with a recap of the previous session…

Session begins with the Fearless 5 face to face with a creature that resembles a Beholder. Upon entering the room, the crashing of waves can still be heard, but it was the voice in their heads that stopped them in their tracks. “Hello! YOU NEED TO LEAVE, YOU DON’T BELONG HERE!”

Morgran, never one to shy away from any confrontation, uses his boots of striding and springing to leap over the eery green flame towards the creature. Adrik, being the ultimate team player, casts Bless on Welby, Crumm, and Morgran. Crumm proceeds to miss with a hand axe and Welby misses with his crossbow. The Creature, not liking Morgran’s tactics, attacks and scratches him for 2 pts damage. With the help of Adrik’s Bless, Morgran is able to shake off the powerful ray; Crumm, however, wasn’t so lucky and turns and runs scared towards the door.

It needs to be noted that Ernie’s next turn took at least a solid 10 due to his lack of his action economy knowledge. Not capitalizing his turn, Cade’s witchbolt grazes the ugly beast for 3 pts. damage.

(After a terrible turn, we understand why Ernie was under duress. Searcy was obsessed with Ernie’s feet — this was a problem ALL NIGHT!)

Morgran swings his mighty great axe to the tune of 16 pts damage…Adrik follows suit with his hammer and pounds the beast for 9 pts damage. Crumm finally sends the Eye Tyrant to his death with 9 points from the battle axe. Crumm continues to chop and chop at the Tyrant as it lies motionless on the floor.

Cade uses his proficiency of arcana and discovers that the brazzier is the source of the magic in the cavern.

The party continues to search the room and discover the following:
+1 Breast plate with a golden dragon motief in design
+1 Mace (Light Bringer) – The head of the mace is made of brass. – does 1d6 to Undead

The party barricades the room and has an uneventful long rest.

After the long rest, the party takes full advantage of the eery green flame which has the ability to make non magical items +1 for a short duration.

Adrik, once again being the team player he is, casts light on Welby’s short sword (talking about his weapon)

  • The party was enlightened that Al Dente is translated to mean to the tooth!"
The party, continuing on in the cavern, travels across a steep escarpment and heads south down a set of stairs. Morgran listens to the door that leads west, but hears complete silence. He pulls the door outward. Inside, a room has been completely destroyed by some sort of destructive blast.

As the party enters the room, they are greeted by an ethereal figure that whispers:

“Your presence here is offensive to me
Your life forfeit
My treasure is mine alone
Not yours to plunder”

Not heeding to the ethereal’s advice, Welby hits once for 16 pts damage. Not playing very nice, the figure attacks Adrik for 16 pts damage, but Adrik makes the CON saving throw.

Morgran hits for 9 pts damage… Adrik, chooses to not cast a spell, and hits with Light Bringer for 6 pts damage.

Cade, with the newly acquired charges back on his pink wand, shoots 3 pink darts at the figure for 11 pts damage.

Gundren continues with the common theme he’s set - He does nothing…

Crumm hits for 8 pts damage… Welby, with his magical sword, slices at the ethereal figure for 17 points damage. From the force of Welby’s mighty blow, the Wraith fades way. The party finds a wooden pipe – laiden with platinum and a chest that contains:

1100 cp
160 sp
30 ep
3 diamonds (100gp a piece)
3 magical tomes
3 preserved history books

  • Thick covers with paper sewn into back cover
  • Writing – Side A – Overland Map
    – Side B – Other Map

The Fearless Five continue south

Glowing puff balls float in a plant filled room… Welby is poisoned for 9 pts damage causing him to have disadvantage on ability checks and attack rolls.

Crumm decides to lay hands on Welby, which Welby liked way too much, — he’s now cured of the poison.

Crumm lights his lantern and wings flapping is heard…

STIRGES attack!

Crumm feels being hit
Adrik is critically hit and has two Stirges attached to his neck
Morgran is hit by one and it’s attached to his neck
Welby smacked a stirges so hard that he killed it’s offspring
Morgran pulls one off and throws it to the ground… kills it!
Gundren, much to the parties liking, decides to get involved and kills one.

Not sure of why but Cade gives himself the reach around to get off…and couldn’t!

Adrik rips one from his neck, using his power, squishes it! Still leaving one attacked!

Crumm obliterates a stirges!

The stirges tired off the bullying decides to fight back! Morgran is critically bit! Welby, with his short sword, slices and dices another one! Another one bites the dust!

Adrik, still struggling with one attached to his neck, calls on Gundren to help.

“All you have to do is ask” screams Gundren as he drops another Stirges.

Adrik, very low on hit points, channels divinity using his holy symbol! Adrik starts feeling a little more refreshed.

After a couple misses by Crumm and Welby, Morgran’s might great axe chops up another one.

Gundren, starting to show a little life, kills his second Stirges — ending the battle!

Not taking just a brief second to catch their breath, the Fearless 5 continues through the cave. Realizing that the path west returns them to the part where they obliterated the Oozes, the party decides to investigate the door to the North.

Morgran listens intently… hears faint, crunching, and splintering sounds.

Morgran enters the room.
Inside the party encounters a corroded iron brazzier and 3 grey hunched figures gnawing on orc and dwarven bones.

Not wasting any valuable time, Crumm hit for 12 pts damage, Welby follows suit with a crossbow – causing 18 more points damage, and Morgran joins in the fun slashes at one with a great axe for 7 points damage.

The creatures, a little suprised, fight back. They hit Morgran twice for 9pts piercing and 7 pts slashing. After missing Crumm, another attacks Morgran again for 7 more points damage.

Adrik, becoming more comfortable with Light Bringer, brings the pain causing 10 points damage. Cade, flicks his wrist (Welby notices and likes), and 3 pink darts shoot from the wand — 9 points damage. Gundren, trying to help out, shoots and fumbles… Epic failure!

Crumm sets his weapon of fire, hits the creature, and ignites it (17 points damage).

Welby, perfectly executes the stick and move, connects on a crossbow for 14 points damage.

Morgran getting tired of this creature, unable to hold his temper, sets himself into rage and puts and end to one of the enemies life.

His friend, upset that he just watched his buddy die, attacks Crumm, but his resistance to slashing damage causes him only to be scraped! However, he fails a saving throw and becomes paralyzed.

Creature attacks Adrik twice…and misses!

Adrik, still using Light Bringer, misses for the first time with his new weapon!

Crumm finally regains his movement.

Welby, showing off his superior athleticism, springs from the bed to position himself to attack and hits twice, killing another. Welby is turning into a reliable killing machine!

Morgran attacks and hits, takes a chunk out of the only remaining enemy.

Creature attacks… and misses!

4 more creatures show up to help out…

Adrik, thriving in these situations, casts THUNDERWAVE, hitting all four creatures!
Adrik, proving once again he’s a team player, gives inspiration to Morgran.

Cade casts hex on a creature… Eldritch blast casted – 24 points damage.

Gundren misses with his crossbolt.

Crumm, becoming impressive, hits for 16 more.

Welby, not as impressive, scratches the creature for very minimal damage, the creature laughs in mockery!

Morgran attacks and hits for 11 (not sure Morgran has missed an attack roll this session) and uses the Inspiration he gained from Adrik to restore 9 hp to himself. Morgran drops his weapon and picks up his shield.

Creatures, with their plethora of attacks, miss everyone.

Adrik casts Guiding Bolt ending another…

Cade and his Witchbolt connect and he moves his Hex.

Gundren hits with a critical blow from his cross bolt.

Creature bits Morgran for 3 points damage.

Adrik missed once, but takes damage from a hit and a claw.

Adrik restores HP to the party with a prayer of healing.

Cade, attempting to become proficient with Withbolt, kills the hexed creature.

Adrik, better known as the Punching Bag of the Fearless Five gets hit. In the creatures last ditch effort, he hits Adrik twice for 16 points damage. Adrik immediately disengages and prepares to heal himself. Crumm takes a bite and a critical hit from a Ghoul. Adrik cures wounds on himself and restores 11 hit points. Crumm with his battle axe, ends the battle and finishes off the last Ghoul.

Party manages to get in a short rest restoring hit points and spells by using hit dice. The search resulted in nothing of any value.

Party moves on…

They investigate the south finding two doors on the east and the west. Party mulls it over and decides to head toward the west.

Welby searches and finds a great surprise, but not the one he was hoping to find. He finds bones fused together forming 9 skeletons.

Brawl ensues…

Welby, alerts the other party members, that they’re 9 skeletons.

Adrik causes harmless tremors causing the skeletons to dance.

Crumm kicks open the door. Skeletons attack 4x and miss.
Crumm attacks them for 8 pts damage.

Cade hexes a skeleton and tries Eldritch Blast — misses!

Morgran frenzies and first attack hits for 7 points damage and 15 points on his second attack. Morgran gets the killing started and scatters a group of bones.

Adrik, once again proving that he’s out for the best interest on his team, casts Bless on Morgran, Welby, and Crumm.

Gundren stands pat….again (common theme)

Morgran hits again (no surprise here) – with his War Hammer: Kills one skeleton and badly injures another.

Skeletons attack Morgran for 5

Adrik, waiting to see if any of the Fearless Five need assistance, stands pat!

Cade moves hex, attacks, and creates another pile of bones!

Morgran hits again (ho hummmmmm) – Kills another - 3 more remain!

Adrik not being able to do anything, causes harmless tremors!

Grundren misses again… Hey Gundren! Welcome to the Battle!

In not so surprising news, Morgran hits again and finishes the Skeletons! Nothing remains in the room but a large pile of bones.

Search reveals nothing!

Party moves across the hall and enters an old office!

Crumm and Morgran find a locked strong box…

Welby, showing his skills, pops the lock easily and reveals its contents:

Welby pops the lock

  • Opens the chest
    1. 600cp
    2. 180sp
    3. 90ep

Session ends with the Fearless Five in Office…


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