Critical hit - Critical Fumble

Critical Hits :

Crits follow the normal rules. eg. x2 damage dice.

in Addition

  • if a character crits they receive +1 Inspiration
  • if a monster crits, the character receives +1 level of exhaustion per crit
  • if a character or monster takes 3 or more crits in 1 encounter they are subject to a lingering injury.
  • if a character is brought to 0 hit points due to a crit, they receive 1 death failure.
  • Any character brought below 0 hit points that has received 2 or more crits in the encounter has disadvantage on death checks.

Fumbles :

On any fumble the character or creature has disadvantage on all dice rolls until the end of their next turn.
( eg. ability checks, skill checks, to hit rolls, saving throws, and anything else where disadvantage would apply )

Critical hit - Critical Fumble

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