New Rules for gaining and spending Inspiration

The following rules replace the normal inspiration rules

Players can now bank up to 5 inspiration points

Inspiration points can be used in the following ways :
except where specifically noted a character may spend all banked inspiration pts.

  1. reroll 1/turn
  2. Can use inspiration on other players as a bonus action
  3. spend 1 inspiration to a HD during their turn as a bonus action
  4. Can spend 2 inspiration points to get an extra action 1/turn ( attack, spell, dash, move, etc )
  5. can spend inspiration to gain +1d4 on to hit or damage – players choice
    – to hit goes up every 5 levels and damage goes up as backstab – see table below
  6. gain advantage on skill checks
  7. Cast Spell at higher level for 2 inspiration pts
  8. Taunt – 2 inspiration pts.
    – all enemies will attack the taunting player until the beginning of the players next turn. applies to all enemies within a 30’ radius.
    – the enemy does not have to move toward the taunting player but must attack them. this may open the enemy to attacks of opportunity by other characters.
    – the taunting player receives the following benefits: +2 AC , advantage on rolls ( saves, checks, to hit )
1st lvl
3rd lvl
5th lvl
dice used 1d4 1d6 1d8
to hit
1-5 lvl
6-10 lvl
11-15 lvl
dice used 1d4 1d6 1d8

Characters can gain inspiration in the following ways :

  1. +1 for every crit
  2. +1 for good cinematic description
  3. +1 writing up notes
  4. +1 for performing a heroic act ( and/or being a team player / taking one for the team )
  5. +1 finishing ( fleshing out ) a scene presented by the DM
  6. +1 exceptional forum post
  7. +1 exceptional “out of the box” tactic/idea/scenario
  8. +1 beating an encounter in a non-standard / exceptional way


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