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Fellowship of Phandaelin is born


August 27, 2016
The Fellowship of Phandaelin is coined. From now on Aaron we will only answer to this. Please adjust your DM’ing accordingly to give us the respect we have earned and deserved.
As we came through the light we landed on even ground.
We then to a second to discuss that the hags and the female drow both had ties to the snake head cult.

Back to play: We enter into a grove of trees with a rock face and Groop is sure we need to go towards the rock face through a glade. As we approach we start to hear grumbling. We soon find out that the noises were the trees coming to life, and we are quickly under attack. The FoP is up for the challenge.
Cade springs into a defensive stance on his turn, Morgran lands two strikes with his great axe and badly injures one of the trees.
With “Hue” growing strongly, Crumms slices a tree for two hits to injure another tree.
Welby, using the fire and hide tactic he has become famous for, pops his head out, scores a hit with a crossbow and bolt and ducks back into cover.
Adrik casts sacred flame on one of the injured tress and adds to its damaged condition.
The trees begin to fight back. Two trees attack Morgran and one hits and the other misses. Two tress attack Crumm and they both whoop up on him doing some nice damage to the paladin.
Now that the FoP has had time to formulate a better strategy, the battle starts to swing in their favor. Cade blasts one of the trees attacking Crumm and hits once .
Morgran kills the tree on him and moves forwards and slashes the other tree he can get to on his move.
Crumm, still dazed from being rooted by two trees, chugs down a potion of healing to rejuvenate him for the rest of the battle.
Welby pops out of hiding long enough to score another hit with his crossbow.
Adrik, misses everything with his attack, but he is able to heal Adrick, which was his main focus anyway.
The trees continue to battle. One slaps Crumm around, and he deflects the second tress attack with his shield. A tree attacks Morgran, but he is able to dodge out of harms way.
Cade continues his magical barrage to the tune of 2 blasts.
Morgran does what he does best and kills another tree before striding off to assist Crumm.
Welby appears out of nowhere once again to pelt the tree with another bolt and the Adrik finishes off on of the remaining trees with his sacred flame.
The last tree standing smacks Crumm with its longest branch and drops him. The tree can be heard singing gleefully, “It’s raining men” to celebrate his take down of Crumm.
Cade now focusing (hex) on the remaining tree delivers a blast.
Morgran hits the tree with a solid hit after moving into melee with it.
Crumm saves against dying
Welby trips on a tree root as he tries to bob and shoot and fumbles his cross bow.
Adrik, the ultimate multi tasker, flames the tree and heals Crumm to save him from dying.
Tree, still full of joy, swings at Morgran and misses.
Cade, gushing with excitement over the possibility of a rare kill, fumbles his first blast, but recovers to kill the last tree with his second one.
The FoP , fresh off another victory, continue following Droop. Droop triggers a secret door in a rock wall and we go through the crack.
We enter into a chamber, and Droop quickly warns us to be quiet. The crew, sans Cade, who is in la la land, quickly realizes why Droop was begging for silence when they notice the large swarm of bats overhead.
Adrik sees the swarm of bats, but his lumbering is anything but quiet. The swarm quickly attacks. Cade starts off the battle with a blast at the swarm. Crumm rushes into the battle and scores with one of his two attacks.
We interrupt your regularly scheduled program to bring you this historic breaking news:
Now back to our regularly scheduled program:
Welby scores a solid hit, disengages and moves out of the fray.
Morgran wades into battle, lands two vicious blows and kills one of the swarms.
Adrik attacks and hits the swarm of bats.
The swarms attack. They fly in and miss Adrick, Crumm and Morgran.
Cade hits with both of his blasts, Crumm delivers to mighty blows, Welby liking the feeling of his sword snking into an enemy , moves back into melee and scores two hits, one causing critical injuries and killing a swarm.
Morgran scores two more devastating blows and kills off another swarm.
Adrick, stays hot with his mace and scores a hit.
Swarm attacks Crumm and misses.
Cade fires a spell at the last swarm and blasts it right out of the sky, killing it.
Droop continues leading the group, taking us to a ledge with a small 5 ft drop. Droop drops down first, and we follow our fearless guide. Welby pulls out his gem of seeing to provide a light source for the ones who can’t see in the dark.

The group continues through a door and once they enter it, our fearless guide turns cowardly and wants to hide in the back.

We try to sneak past the entrance to the front of the cave, but Crumm is anything but stealthy. We continue on east away from the entrance and find a locked door. Welby, using his skills, unlocks the door. Crumm moves forward to open it and…….wait for it……… a little longer…… and finally he gets hit with an axe trap.

As the axe slams into the wall, we notice that the guttural voices that we were hearing stop suddenly. Morgran immediately charges and sees figures up ahead.

Mrogran enters a familiar battle rage, strikes an orc twice and kills him. The orcs blood spraying on him seems to just enrage him even more.

An orc attacks Morgran with a great axe and he misses. Another orc attacks Cade with a spear, and Cade casts entropic ward to stave off the attack.

Two orcs misses Morgran, and one hits Cade with a great axe.

Morgran fueled by the violence around him kills another orc. It is becoming very obvious that Mrogran is in his happy place.

Adrik blasts off a well-aimed fireball and torches all of the enemies.

Crumm takes advantage of the wounded orcs around him and kills two orcs on his attack.

Gnolls enter the battle. One shoots two arrows at Crumm and hits with both. Another gnoll fires two arrows at Morgran, but misses.

The orc war chief cries out to rally his troops, sensing the tide has turned against them. The reputation of the FoP precedes them. He then strikes Crumm with a spear.

Welby back at a distance he is more comfortable with fires a bolt and kills an orc.

Cade locks onto the orc war chief and starts frying him with the connection

An another orc, trying to defend his chief, misses Cade.

Morgran, rushes in to face off against the orc chief. He stops on the way to smack an orc out of his way, and then continues on to the chief who he hits with his great axe.

Adrik readies his spell, stubs his toe, cusses loudly and fires three scorching rays straight up into the air, hitting absolutely nothing.

Crumm kills the orc in front of him, charges at a gnoll and hits him with his second attack.

Gnoll misses Crum with both a swing and a bite. Another gnoll swings his weapon at Morgran and misses, but hits with a bite.
Orc war chief hits Morgran with one of his two attacks.

As the battle continues, 2 more gnolls and orcs close in from the back side.

Welby, being very astute, hits the front gnoll that is closing in.

Cade, still frying the orc war chief, finishes him off.

2 orcs attack Adrick and they both miss. The FoP is on fire.

Morgran kills a gnoll with his first hit and injures another badly with his second hit.

Adrick steps up and fire shoots from his hands as he burns the two orcs in front of him.

Crumm kills the gnoll he is battling with.

Both gnolls miss Adrick with arrows.

Welby kills an orc and hides ( In the latest rankings, Welby has just moved ahead of Osama Bin laden In the world Hide and seek rankings. He still trails Nessy, the lochness monster and Big Foot.)

Cade blasts an orc and kills it.

Morgran seeing enemies on the ledge, leap frogs Crumm, using his head as the extra push he needs to make it onto the ledge. Crumm is not pleased with his performance.

Adrik misses with his crossbow

Crumms finally makes it up the ledge, misty steps to an enemy, attacks and scores a hit.

Gnoll misses Morgran, the other gnoll hits Crumm. Welby and Cade get into a defensive stance and watchthe warriors work.

Morgran hits the gnoll, Adrik hits with a bolt, and Crumm finishes him off leaving one gnoll standing.

Gnoll bites Crumm. Welby and Cade begin to dance with each other. These damn Tosscobbles with do anything to avoid a fight.

Morgran scores to massive hits on the last gnoll and Adrik strikes the finishing blow ending the battle with the FoP victorious once again.

We see doors and they aren’t locked.

To be continued….


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