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Hero's of Phandalon find Pinetree

12-3-2016 – Cade Tosscobble Esquire

The party started off looking at runes etched into a stone that they believed could be used for teleportation. Cade investigates the stone and makes no discovery on the nature of the runes, but for some reason one rune reminds him of Transcendor Manor back in Phandalon.

When Aldrik says “Transcendor Manor”, a rune lights up.

After multiple tries, stating and restating names of known locations, the party is unsuccessful in activating the teleportation ability of the stone.

Studying the runes more closely we can make out some of the following primitive shapes, a mountain, Transcendor Manor, and a town.
Using Smoosh’s knowledge of the surrounding area, we take a guess at “Dawnridge Mountains”, and the mountain rune lights up.

Trying out a few more local locales the party is successful in getting the Fallcrest rune, and the Hammerfast rune, and Harkonwold ruined to light.

Now the party starts to try different combinations to get the stone to teleport.

After additional research, the language of the stone looks very similar to giant, so Morgram being fluent in giants starts to try different locations in giant.
The successful formula seems to be {current location} {desired location} in giant.

The party’s first test is to Fallcrest, so after speaking, “Dawnforge Fallcrest” the party appears exhausted in a field off a road just south of Fallcrest.
Fallcrest is a small town built out of the ruins of a larger town, history of the larger town is unknown. A rough estimate of the population would be around two thousand people. The city stands among the Moon Hills at the Nentir Falls.

Party being exhausted from the teleport, finds a local Inn named the “Red Dragon” After some discussion with the Inn Keeper, the party finds out a few locations that may help them in their endeavors to get information on Pineridge. The Temple and the Exchange are recommended as locations that may help get more insight on Pineridge.

The party meets a Trader named Aethart at the exchange, the party is able to sell a sword for 900 gp, but was not able to find any information out about Pinecrest.

At the Temple of Pelor the party meets a Priest Jamas, we purchase three potions of healing, and 3 potions of greater healing, but unable to find any information about Pineridge.

The party rest that night at the Inn to recover from their exhaustion, and Morgram and Crumm get lucky that night, Morgram with a sleazy Inn whore, and Crumm with a slow-witted sheep.

The party does a quick inventory of all the locations available for them to teleport.

Dawnforge – Original location found in the mountains after leaving the goblin city.
Harkonwold – Unknown
Fallcrest – Present city.
Hammerfast – Dwarven city/forge – never visited
Transcendor Manor – “Home” in city of Phandalon.

The party returns to the teleportation stone outside Fallcrest and attempts to teleport to Harkonwold. The attempt is a failure as the party remains at their present location, but they are still affected by the attempt with exhaustion and Crumm pukes on his shoes.

Aldrik has an idea that we may only be able to visit cities that someone in the party has been to before.

The party makes a second attempt, and tries for Transcendor Manor, this time the party appears in complete darkness with only the sound of Crumm’s whimpers to be heard. The party finds themselves in the basement of Transcendor Manor to the reeking smell of rotting bodies, or from Crumm’s emptied bowels from his fear of darkness.

The party finds beds and sleeps for the first night in the manor do to the level of exhaustion of double transporting, after removing the rotting corpses from the rooms.

The party makes its way into town to follow-up on a few matters. Welby stops by his aunt’s house to warn her about the ungodly nature of Morgram’s junk. The rest of the party goes to the Town Hall to meetup with Sildar. Who is now the acting “mayor” of Phandalon.

Sildar informs the party that Sister Graele left Phandalon for parts unknown, and helps the party find the location of Pinecrest.

Sildar tells the party that the town has freed up the title of Manor for the party to purchase. The party purchases the manor for two hundred gold and gives
Sildar another five hundred gold to clean and fixes the roof.

The party goes to the Inn for a more comfortable night of sleep, but is informed that Droop is unwelcomed, so they drop him off at Welby and Cade’s aunts barn.

Welby decides to investigate Sister Graele’s house to discover information about where she might have gone, to find that she left for Dawnforge.

The next day the party decides to outfit Droop in the finest armor and weapons a goblin has ever worn.

The party goes the teleport stone in the basement of Transcendor Manor and teleport back to the Dawnforge Mountain from where they started.

The party continues on the original path that they were travelling to reach Pinecrest when they are ambushed by numerous gnolls and two giants! Most of the party is caught off guard by the surprise attack, Welby and Cade being seasoned adventures are able to read the signs and see the ambush just before the gnolls attack. Morgram pushes his way through the confusion and the chaos by using his rage to drive him to the closes enemy.

The party is immediately attacked by a rain of arrows from the gnoll archers, Crumm and Cade are hit by arrows. Welby detects gnolls off to the side of the party and moves behind some stone to confront them, but is unsuccessful with the quick melee. Morgram rages forward into the fray to find an enemy worthy to die by his axe, and drives his axe deep into the enemy.

Cade reaches out across the astral plane to pull energies from an ancient god that now slumbers in the ether to reform his body into that of a black dragon. Spreading his newly formed wings, Welby lifts himself up high into the air.

Cade is immediately hit with a large rock thrown from a nearby giant, and followed by multitude of arrows from surrounding gnolls, Cade is injured, but the new form is much more resilient to the damage.

Welby continues his battle with the gnolls among the rocks with slight success, this combat style on one on one is unfamiliar to Welby.

Smosh rushes over to support Welby, to draw attention away from Welby and allow him to find better attack angles against the gnolls.

Cade lines up and breaths a line of acid that covers one giant and a few gnolls. The damage injures the giant, but completely dissolves the gnolls.

Crumm runs along the edge of the ravine to attack two gnolls that have been shooting at Cade in his dragon form.

Aldrik summons a fireball and explodes it on both dragons and a host of gnolls, killing the previously injured giant and cooking two gnolls.

Welby with Smoosh’s help is now able to start finishing off the gnolls among the rocks.

Crumm moves into combat with the two gnolls across from cades and engages them in combat.

Cade almost close of losing the dragon form flies down to attack the last giant, he lands two claws, but was unable to kill it.

Cade takes another arrow hit from a gnoll, and reforms back into his Halfling form at the feet of the giant.

The giant rears back and clubs Cade with a might blow, but luckily in Cade’s original form he has barely been hurt and is able to endure.

Aldrik summons up the energy for another fireball, this time catch the last giant and a few more gnolls, the gnolls are killed immediately, but the giant remains.

Cade pulling out his Wand of Magic Missiles and fires all but one of his charges finally delivers the kill blow to the final giant.

Crumm kills one of the gnolls on the top of the ravine, and now only has the other one left to battle.

Welby and Smosh kill the last of the gnolls among the rocks, allows Welby to switch to his hand crossbow.

Aldrik moves up into the heart of the battle to get close enough to heal as many of the party members as he can.

AS the final minutes of the battle rages on, even Droop is able to land a killing blow on the gnoll ambushers.

After the battle the party finds many interesting items among the gnolls, a necklace with a serpent haired head of a lady,

Aldrik using the party Helm of Languages is able to decipher the note. It was orders to the gnoll leader Smosh to kill the party from the Black Spider.

The party decides to return the favor and scribble are own note,” We are coming for you!” and left it stabbed in Smosh’s chest.

The party continue down the path for two additional days and finds the small settlement of Pinetree. Where the tired party visits the Inn for a room and information on Van Pelts location.

The party is informed that the Van Pelt Mansion is just south of Pinetree, when you reach the marshes head toward the mountains.


Nicely done Ernie.

Hero's of Phandalon find Pinetree
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