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Goblin Charity continues

Goblin Charity :

As I step around the room and over severed body parts, I wonder what has come to this “fellowship”…working for a goblin, to save a goblin king…. At least I get to kill other scum. And accidents can always happen to a goblin or three….

Mogrann moves into an adjacent room behind an opened pivoting wall. Inside was a statue of a dwarf noble holding a longsword and a set of chainmail of an unknown metal. Our resident thief moves to acquire the loot, but Droop jumps in front of him and warns him of great danger. He takes care but sees not traps but claims something “sucked” his soul. He called in his crazed brother to investigate and “tactically” runs to the corner. Cade mumbled gibberish and raised a stink but only answered vaguely about some spirit/magic crap.
Brave Morgrann loses patience with the lot and easily picks up the mail and sword. All the halflings and goblin are stunned but Morgrann merely moves the next room like a true drawf.

The next room revealed an old chest. Welby quickly moves to look for treasures but botches the lock. Again, the dwarven method is used and out of the rubble many coins are scooped.
The next corridor appear normal but an incredibly well hidden/crafted trap is triggered (not placing blame)…. The party takes minor scratches from the darts. Again, we stumble in traps that our “friend” goblin said nothing and this is a trap someone had modified. I am thinking he wants us to perish; easier to loot the dead. Could he be in league with the thief? Now easily seeing the trigger that Crumm discovered, we avoid the rest of traps.

Welby unlocks the connecting door and investigates the next corridor. Course, he finds a pendulum trap the old fashion way and narrowly escapes. This keeps up, we are going to have to train Droop as our backup thief.

In the next rooms, we find the rest of the goblin tribe. I always wondered how many goblins you could smash into a small room. Looks like about 45. The rooms seem to have been some sort of magical silence on them. After freeing (against my better judgement) the mob, we are still unable to find the king.
We move into an old area of the mines via a hidden door that Cade spots. Cade mumbles to himself as walks into a cave chamber. At the far end, half hidden amongst rubble and stalagmites, he spots a chest that seems to have fallen apart. Welby investigates and proceeds to annoy a fuckin next of rust monsters! Welby stabs on with his shortsword and maneuvers out of the room.

Up come the casters. A godly fireball and vile energy blasts pummel the creatures. Morgrann jumps in crushes one of the damned creatures with is hands while shrugging of their hits. Crumm jumps to his friends aid but is unable to completely close the gap. He throws his axes into the back of one, killing it. Welby shots and finishes off the last smoldering one (it may have already been dead but no matter). We have up a host of gems from the remains of the chest and move on. Still think Welby owes me two good hand axes…

The next chamber has a regular size ceiling, for a dwarf mine. The tall one, Shamash, is quite bent over here. Size matters.
Another chest is seen and we move into the chamber. Welby’s rushes forward and is not at all supervised when he stirred up swarm up swarm of pecker gnats. He swings at one swarm and runs off to the other side of the cave. Course, he fell for the pecker gnat’s trap. Up popped three or four more swarms. Cade lets fly vile bolts into the swarms. Crumm and Morgrann swing wildly into the masses of insects. They swarm Crumm and Morgrann but do little damage.

Welby has learned to fear the pecker gnats. Barely left standing, he stumbles out of the pecker gnat trap, dispersing a cloud of well feed bugs as he goes. Other swarms are dispersed but in come the pecker gnats for another strike. They viciously get past Crumm’s armor and inflict some nasty bites.
Adrik and Shamash unless fire to burn away the pecker gnats. Welby opens the chest to find rotten clothes but in the bottom, he finds a breastplate made of an unknown metal and a cheap necklace with a ring attached.

The next chamber had piles of snakes. Anyone else sensing a vermin theme here? We quickly kill the things and search the room but nothing other than dead snakes.
With this section completely explored, we consult our crude map and back track to check the last know area near the front entrance. We come to a new door which Morgrann keen dwarven senses feels is not right. Welby fails to find anything and ignores the dwarf wisdom. He easily unlocks the door and goes in. Stumbling, he is barely avoids the barrage of poison darts.

Moving on, we go past the pit room and into the room with the ledge where the bodies of our victims have started to smell a bit. Up the wall to ledge we go. Welby scouts ahead and finds a storage room with a body in the middle of it. We have found the goblin “king” who is now mostly dead. Being exhausted of healing magic, Morgrann poors a precious healing potion into the creature to restore it.

After much translating via Droop (and maybe editing), the king relates his tale to use of a dark elf female who was meeting with the big nasties when we showed up. She was the one who stabbing him and left him here when we got close. Adrik spots a torn piece of silk cloth with what could be a partial symbol of the snake lady.
The king is returned to his tribe and a celebration ensues with us and Droop as guest of honor.

We learn that the “nasties” had moved into the region recently and were working with (if not for) the dark elf lady. We learned that this is really too early for this type of continued snowstorm. We learned that the flaming elk lady is a legendary figure as are the stones she spoke of. Usually a bad omen to see her. The stones seem to be traveling great distances via magic. We learned that there might be goblin/halfling hybrids running around in a few months.

The next day we gather our things to leave and Droop states he is going with us to learn of the world for his king. We pickup our horses and let Shamash lead the way has he knows this area better (and he is big enough to break a trail in the snow). It is during the first night’s watch, Crumm finds a circle rune stone that is large enough to stand on. With some prompting, Droop does do but nothing happens. Is this one of the stones the Elk lady spoke of?


Nicely done!

We need to tell the goblin king if we hear of his clan performing evil acts on the country side, we will return to exterminate him like we did the “big bads”. And I am sure Droop told us in the beginning the goblin king would reward us handsomely for his freedom, and we didn’t get shit from him.

Goblin Charity continues
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