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The Big Bads and the Dragonborn

Session 17


Present: Aaron, Ernie, Jason, Joe, Patrick (remote), and Robin
Not Present: B

The session gets started after Jason and Robin’s nap-nap time, a character creation, setting up Patrick to play remotely, the DM re-working some logistics regarding the adventure, and finally, some Jimmy John’s ordering shenanigans. Whew.

The party proceeds cautiously down the hallway, but unfortunately the front and middle ranks set off a pit trap. Crumm, Mogrann, and Welby deftly avoid falling in the pit. Cade is not so lucky and down the pit he goes, taking significant damage. Adrik is able to stop in time. Droop, in the back ranks with Adrik, does not offer any warnings of the possible danger.

The comrades help Cade up from the pit and continue down the passageway, entering into a large, mostly empty, room. The only item of interest is a defaced statue of the god Moradin. Welby, using his superior investigation techniques, astutely observes the statue was only recently vandalized.

Cade, angered by Droop’s seeming ignorance of the details of his supposed home, intimidates the small goblin with crazed eyes. Droop becomes very afraid but still does not offer up any new knowledge and pleadingly reiterates he knows nothing more. Crumm scrutinizes the poor creature, as he is being brow beaten by the mad halfling, and believes Droop to be telling the truth. The rest of the party, with the exception of Cade, agrees. The warlock remains skeptical.

The team continues navigating the area and locates a campsite containing six bugbears. The group launches an offensive. Crumm critically hits and kills a bugbear. Welby successfully connects on a sneak attack and kills another. Adrik is able to get off a fireball spell which severely damages several bugbears. Crumm and Welby are able to down two more opponents respectively. Cade calls upon other worldly energy in the form of an Eldritch Blast and disposes of a foe. Mogrann, in a barbarian fervor, delivers the killing blow to the two morningstar-wielding bugbear chief. The bugbear campsite is searched but contains no treasure, only filth.

At this point in the session, it is discovered the group’s hit point tally, being kept by Jason, is abnormally small. It is pointed at and ridiculed laughingly.

The party continues exploring the lair when they are ambushed by a group of six gnolls. Everyone is surprised except for the ever alert nimble Tosscobbles. One particular nasty gnoll is able to administer massive damage to Crumm (two critical hits). The gang dispatch the gnolls in grand fashion and then search the room. Again, no treasue, but Welby does discover a secret door. The halfling rogue checks for traps and locks. Finding neither, he opens the door to find a throne room containing a multitude of gnolls and orcs staring him down. Across the room, sitting on a throne, is a large gnoll warlord with a beaten half dead dragonborn lying at his feet. The gnoll leader stands and angrily says, “You intruders have infiltrated my lair. I demand your surrender or you will die.” Welby, looking unaffected by all the enemies in the room, holds up a finger, and replies, “Your demand is noted. Let me discuss your conditions, and our options, with my companions and I will get back to you post haste.” Welby then closes the door.

Welby relays to the party what he just experienced. Droop fearfully confirms, “yes, these are the big bads I told you about. And that is the leader, Dragor, the biggest bad!”

The band of adventurers quickly discuss a strategy and then move in place to implement their plan. Crumm opens the secret door and Adrik blasts a fireball into the throne room, killing five of the opposition immediately. Cade looks to place the Hunger of Hodar spell into the room, but the squad notices half of their adversaries are no longer there. Welby insights correctly they must be trying to attack the party’s flank or attack from behind.

At this point in the session, Patrick gives an extreme clown face close up in the Roll20 video chat. He is also making disgusting fart noises. He is fading fast.

Morgrann and Crumm enter the room and engage in melee combat with a huge orc wielding a greataxe while Adrik, Cade, and Welby provide effective ranged support. The orc captain trades blows back and forth with Mogrann and Crumm, but finally succumbs to a well-placed Eldritch Blast from Cade.

The gnoll warlord, seeing his troops being massacred before his eyes, gives one final threat that he will kill the dragonborn if the party does not stop their brutal onslaught. The crew does not even blink an eye, choosing to ignore Dragor’s idle threats, and continue their carnage.

After dealing with the orc captain, Mogrann hastily runs to the defeated dragonborn and pours a potion of healing down his throat. The paladin is revived! Cade then turns the dragonborn into a gaseous form so he can no longer be hurt. The adventurers hit Dragor with a few powerful shots. Dragor retaliates with a strike on Cade, who reacts with the Hellish Rebuke spell, dealing the killing blow to the gnoll warlord.

The other five monsters finally appear in a doorway behind the heroes, trying to flank the party as expected. Welby, in anticipation of such a tactic, had already smartly left the room and hid behind a column in the throne chamber.

Seeing the band of orcs and gnolls attack from behind, the Tosscobbles, weary of doing most of the killing so far, holler out to their fellow comrades, "get up there and get’cha a couple.” They take their own advice and each kill an orc. Cade also bags a gnoll. The halfling brothers were indeed a force to be reckoned with on this fine day. Mogrann finishes off a gnoll. A wild eyed Droop flies in and kills the last remaining orc with his pointed stick. Droop, seeming to have gained some confidence, goes around sticking the other dead enemies with his pointed stick. The group congratulates him on his fine kill and carries him on their shoulders for finally doing something of worth, even though it was too little too late. The small goblin is overwhelmed and full of joy at being accepted by this formidable powerful band of adventurers.

At this point in the session, it is noted Crumm took like 5 or 6 critical hits from these monsters and still survived like a champ.

The party collects a nice looking greataxe from the big orc. They also collect a necklace and 200 pieces of gold from Dragor.

The group makes introductions with the badly beaten dragonborn paladin. “Welby Tosscobble. Double s, double b, double fun.” His face reminds Welby of hamburger. They all think he is really tall. His name is Shamash and he vows to the Fellowship of Phandalin that he owes them a life debt for saving his life. He was tracking a green dragon, named Venomfang, through the mountains when a magical blizzard set upon him. He wound up in this lair due to his falling through the ground. The holy warrior is from Fallcrest and was making his way to Phandalin. He had heard tale of a mighty band of adventurers from Phandalin that had recently slain a green dragon in the abandoned town of Thundertree and he was on his way to investigate these heroic deeds. The Fellowship informs Shamash they are indeed the mighty band he is looking for and they indeed slew a green dragon named Venomfang. The dragonborn paladin happily nods his head at the astonishing news and says he is indebted yet again to the Fellowship of Phandalin. Dragonbornservant.

The party could use a short or long rest. They also need to ask Droop where his king is being kept captive and what is the REWARD for freeing the king and clearing the lair of the big bads.


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