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The Tiring Journey

To start the night Jason got screwed by the entire party with a welcome back gift of keeping notes. What a way to treat a friend!!!!

Menu: 1lb, 1.5” thick hamburgers, hot dogs, and chips.

Manhood Challenge: 2 and 2 – To stay off the “Puss Wall” you must eat 2 burgers and 2 dogs! Robin, Joe, B, and Jason have stayed wall free!!!

The group woke from a long rest to start off on their journey. After speaking with Tra’Elki the journey begun. Tra’Elki told the group to follow Ace, The White Wolf, and that he would be there when the time is right.

The group noticed that the deeper they traveled into the swamp the longer it took them to travel. The first day and night was uneventful yet the group feels as if they were up half the night. The deeper into the marsh the more the group felt uneasy and sense of hostility.

While enjoying their lunch Adrick noticed that their guide, Ace, was nowhere to be found. The group searched the area for him, but they were unsuccessful in finding him.

Once lunch was over the group started off again and Shamash felt sluggish as if he was starting to suffer from exhaustion.

The group continued to travel in the correct direction while looking for Ace. At one point Morgran climbed a tree to get a better view but still nothing. While they traveled Crumm’s mind became clouded from the mental stress of the journey. At dusk the group decided to bed down. Another uneventful night of little rest. Crumm and Welby join Shamash with dancing on the edge of exhaustion even after their night’s rest.

As the team began to gather their gear in the morning Cade notices paw prints around the fire. He spoke with everyone to see if anyone noticed Ace through the night as they kept their watch. No one did.

As the group continued to travel SE they would still find no signs of Ace. After lunch as they walked through some brush they come up on 5 Swarms of Beetles and 3 Shambling Mounds. Shamash matched up against one of the Shambling Mounds and was engulfed. The team joined forces and quickly got him released. Adrick reaches into his bag of tricks and casts Wall of Fire which separates part of the enemy from the group to buy them some time. 4 of the swarms were a little too close and suffered singed wings.

On the other side of the battle swamp Morgran takes out a Shambling Mound before it has an opportunity to cause too much damage. As the battle continues the Swarms of Beetles are swatted around and the Shambling Mounds are leveled. Crumm stands toe to toe with the enemy and destroys 1 Shambling mound and 2 Swarms of Beetles. Cade does his part and gives a final blow to a Shambling Mound, and Shamash, after wiping himself off from the slobber of the Shambling Mound that engulfed him swings his axe and takes out the last Swarm of Beetles.

Once the group removed the “bodies” of the dead from the area they decided to set up camp for the night. All is going well until Shamash and Cade were on their watch and noticed movement coming from all directions. Shamash woke the team and they prepared for battle. Coming in from the W were 4 large Crocs, from the N, S, E a Shambling Mound.

Cade polymorphs into a T-Rex and heads N to attack a Shambling Mound. Adrik and Droop charge towards the Crocs. Adrik let’s a Fireball loose and puts a hurting on all 4 of the Crocs killing 2 while Droop moves in and takes out the other 2.

Crumm attacks a Shambling Mound but was engulfed. Morgran noticed that Crumm was swallowed whole and ran over to take out the Shambling Mound. Once Crumm is able to speak he cries out: “ I hate plants….Salads are EVIL!”

The rest of the group takes out a Shambling mound while Cade (T-Rex) made light work of the last one.

Once again the team started to rest. Once they were completely rested they see Ace standing next to a cobble road. The group followed Ace down the cobble road to find the Manor that they had been searching for!


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