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The Tosscobble Gang Visits The Old Mill

Session 21

The Tosscobble Gang Visits The Old Mill
Session 21

- Marco’s Pizza is ordered and delivered. Jax runs outside and around the corner of the house as Joe tries to pay the pizza delivery man.
- 7:30-ish start time

The powerful adventurers make their way through a dark thick forest towards the Necromancer’s location when they are attacked by a large group of shambling mounds. After a few minutes of furious fighting, the party emerges victorious. They make preparations and begin a short rest with Cade evoking his “one with the shadows” spell. All does not go as planned, however, as halfway through their quick respite, the comrades are once again attacked by another wave of shambling mounds (four to be exact). Welby successfully hides behind his large dragonborn friend, Shamash. The halfling’s cover does not last long, though, as the paladin is soon engulfed by one of the shambling mounds. Welby looks around startled. “Hey, where did my hiding spot go?” he asks feeling instantly exposed.

- Joe notices the note keeping journal is smeared with a substance the color of poo. Ernie had the journal last.
- 7:50 PM. The beginning of frequent remote technology woes. Patrick loses his Roll20 connection.
- Aaron is heard at the top of the stairs trying to coax his dog not to run away so it can be carried downstairs.
- 8:10 PM. Patrick loses Roll20 connection again.
- Someone is heard saying out loud, “Look how big it is!”

The battle continues with Crumm and Cade being engulfed by the plant creatures as well. Adrik releases his burning hands evocation as Welby critically wounds a shambling mound, returning it to the earth from where it came. Being in melee with one of the plant monstrosities, and seeing Crumm in danger, Droop disregards his own life and launches a javelin at the shambling mound that engulfed Crumm. The goblin warrior kills the foe, releasing Crumm and thus saving the holy fighter’s life once again. The encounter lasts a few more rounds with the resourceful group handily finishing off the rest of the opponents.

- 8:35 PM. Patrick loses Roll20 connection again. A pause is put on the game as the decision is reached to switch to the more stable Discord for voice chat.
- Aaron disputes Welby’s sneak attack roll because there are too many of Robin’s dice in the rolling box and the DM cannot tell what is what.
- The rolling table cannot be kept level and it is disturbing Robin.
- Robin puts the party in a shitty marching formation on the map.

The band continues on the forest path deeper into the woods when Welby and Cade (just the Tosscobbles, once again) notice a white figure flanking the party dashing in and out of the trees. The halfling brothers discern it to be a very large white wolf. It finally comes into full view and seems to want the team to follow it. The crew follows the quick agile canine for a couple miles to a clearing which holds a small farm house surrounded by a field containing a bunch of pumpkins.

The wolf trots toward the farm house and the party is soon greeted by an aging lady with blonde, turning white, curly hair. “Oh yes big brother, I know. I see them too,” she says looking to her left and then back the group. A ghostly man in leather armor appears beside the white wolf. “Hello, I am Charles and this is my sister.” Introductions are made and Crumm makes mention the adventurers are after the Necromancer. When the lady hears this, she begins to cry and runs into her house. “I am sorry for my sister,” Charles says. “She is still in love with the Necromancer.”

Charles explains the Necromancer was his best friend but he started to turn to a dark side. Twenty years ago, the Necromancer tried to take over the world. Charles went to talk some sense into the Necromancer and the dark mage killed him in a rage. “Now I run with Ace here,” he says pointing to the great white wolf. “The convergence is coming up again soon and I fear the Necromancer will try to rule the land once again.” Charles discusses that he knows who Lady Van Pelt is. They used to be close friends, but he feels she has lost her way as well. After a little more conversation, Charles offers, “Ace will take you to someone who may be able to help you defeat the Necromancer for I am no longer able to fight.”

- Party hits 8th level. Yahoo!
- Ernie gets called out doing a weird throat dance which included various burps and farts.

The magnificent white wolf leads the gang through a shorter less traveled way for about an hour until they come upon a large tree with a face. The face suddenly animates. “So, Ace, who have you brought today?” it says looking over the team. The adventurers notice a lynching rope hanging from the tree. Dialogue is exchanged. The squad learns the old tree’s name is Tra’Elki and if they could help get its powers back, then it could help them defeat the Necromancer. To recover Tra’Elki’s powers, the band must defeat an abomination called The Devourer that lairs in the Old Mill not far from here. The monster was magically created using a limb from Tra’Elki and holds most of Tra’Elki’s power. To help in this quest, there is a magical club, located somewhere in the lair, made by an elf from the thigh bone of a black dragon. The club’s name is El’kayr and it can help defeat the abomination.

- At this point, someone says “Ernie chose to swallow”. B retorts, “He usually does. Ernie is a loud swallower.”

The party follows Ace to the Old Mill. They observe the water wheel is still turning and hear the buzzing sound of a saw. The comrades enter the mill building and see the still operational saw, which occupies most of the otherwise empty room. They head down the steps into a chamber with corpses and other remains strewn across the floor. The bodies look to have been killed and mostly eaten. The group is about to push onward to a tunnel leading south but Welby has a strange feeling the area should first be explored more thoroughly. The team begins a grid search of the room and Mogrann finds a curious thigh bone which is larger than any of the skeletons scattered around. Upon further inspection, the party has indeed discovered the magical club El’kayr. Shamash takes possession of the great bone club, stowing away his shield. Adrik brings out his trusty mace, Lightbringer, for some light and they take the tunnel leading south.

The next room contains a large pit full of plants and corpses in various stages of decay. The mighty crew starts to search the room when they are ambushed by two twig horrors. The plant monstrosities cast conjuration spells on the group, entangling Cade and Welby. A large plant horror also enters the fray and attacks. This must be The Devourer. Cade polymorphs into a frost giant and breaks his entangle enchantment. Droop takes out a twig horror that was harassing his buddy Crumm, which in turn also releases Welby from his bondage. The team continues its coordinated assault on the remaining twig horror and The Devourer. Welby finishes off the twig horror. Cade, masquerading as a frost giant, soaks up a great deal of The Devourer’s damaging attacks. Adrik casts wall of fire and fireball, seriously hurting the boss enemy. A raging Morgrann delivers the final deadly blow. The party searches the area, finding nothing of value or interest.

- Patrick loses connection a few more times, falls asleep twice, and then finally just drops off for the night due to storms in his area.

The gang makes back to Tra’Elki and finds the venerable tree can move again. It is very appreciative and complementary of the team as it flexes its branches after such a long time of immobility. Tra’Elki sends Ace back to inform Charles the party has proved very resourceful and powerful indeed. Tra’Elki and Charles have had their differences but Tra’Elki should never have let Charles confront the Necromancer alone. Feeling rejuvenated once again, the formidable living tree begins to ready itself for the battle to come against the Necromancer. To kill him once and for all.

- The party gets a LONG REST in the clearing as Tra’Elki watches over them.
- Another session with ZERO TREASURE.


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